Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40) Trash Guide

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The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj trash is almost as infamous as its bosses, especially the packs before C'Thun himself.

In this guide, we will talk about the hard trash packs in the raid and offer explanations on their abilities and ways to deal with them while minimizing deaths.


Trash Guide for the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj


Trash before The Prophet Skeram

There are a lot of extremely dangerous trash packs in this raid, which will require nearly as much focus as bosses themselves to complete flawlessly.

Right after you enter the raid, you will be facing packs of four Anubisath Sentinels:

Anubisath Sentinel pack

These have different random abilities, which you can see with a Mage's Detect Magic Icon Detect Magic, that are picked from the following list:

  1. Reflect Shadow / Frost
  2. Reflect Arcane / Fire
  3. Mending (strong heal over time)
  4. Knockback and immunity to taunt
  5. Mortal Strike (-50% healing on target)
  6. Thorns (~500 damage reflected per melee hit)
  7. AoE Mana Burn
  8. Thunderclap (big damage on nearby players)
  9. Shadowbolt Volley (huge damage on whole raid)

We ordered the list by least dangerous to most dangerous ability. This is important to understand because when you kill one of them, the rest are healed and gain the killed sentinel's ability! This means you should kill the enemies with least dangerous abilities first, in order to avoid having multiple enemies with dangerous abilities active, especially the Shadowbolt Volley and Thunderclap, which can quickly wipe your group, otherwise.

The Obsidian Eradicators who patrol this zone can be easily zerged down.


Trash before Princess Huhuran

After Fankriss The Unyielding, you will find Qiraji Lashers, which are dangerous mobs that, like Battleguard Sartura Royal Guards, whirlwind and knockback random people in your group. Make sure to pull these packs in the previous room, as otherwise you will be almost certain to pull multiple packs and wipe to out of control whirlwinds.

Qiraji Lasher pack

Trash before The Twin Emperors

After Princess Huhuran, you will find the Anubisath Defenders. These mobs can have multiple nasty abilities, such as school spell reflection, add summoning and thunderclaps, but the three main abilities you need to be aware of are:

  • Meteor, which causes huge damage to a player, split amongst all nearby players.
  • Plague, which makes a player radiate nature damage to nearby allies.
  • Explode, which is cast at low health and will kill any nearby players upon completion.

Against Meteor, you want to have your group stacked, as any small groups of players hit by it will die instantly. However, any player with Plague must separate themselves from the group to avoid raid damage. Finally, make sure you save your best damage abilities for when they start casting Explode, as failing to kill them before the cast finishes can result in a lot of deaths.

You need to kill all of the Anubisath Defenders before engaging The Twin Emperors, or they will teleport into the room and wipe your group as soon as you pull!

Anubisath Defender

Trash before C'Thun

Welcome to hell. While most groups will probably corpse run past these mobs, they can be a valuable source of idols and scarabs, which are needed for tier set turn-ins. There are also a ton of chests in the areas they patrol.

This being said, there is an incredible amount of trash before C'Thun, in large packs and with very nasty abilities.

Qiraji Slayers are like Sartura Royal Guards, whirlwinding and knocking players back, but they also self-buff for more damage, silence nearby players, and buff the attack power of the remaining mobs once killed. Keep them away from your casters at all costs!

They will be fought alongside Qiraji Champions, who have a frontal cleave attack, enrage when all of their allies die and fear nearby players. Use anti-fear tools and keep them well away from your group.

Finally, you will also get Qiraji Mindslayers on some packs. These mind control players in your group, and Mana Burn / Mind Blast / Mind Flay for a lot of spell damage. Their abilities are dangerous, but do not require special positioning.

Qiraji Slayers / Champion / Mindslayers pack

In order to clear these packs, pull them well back into the Twin Emperors room, in order to avoid ninja pulling patrols, and tank the Champion and Slayers well away from the raid.

Focus down the Mindslayers first, followed by the Champion and finally the Slayers. This should allow all tanks to establish solid aggro while avoiding most of the on-death ability triggers.

Finally, you will find the Anubisath Warder packs. Warders can fear, root, silence and spam a powerful fire nova, so keep them at maximum range and let the ranged DPS take them down. The Obsidian Nullifiers present in these packs can be safely brought near the raid for melee players to kill, but beware of their frontal cleave.

Anubisath Warder pack

Loot from Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Trash Mobs

Item Slot
Gloves of the Redeemed Prophecy Icon Gloves of the Redeemed Prophecy Gloves (Paladin only)
Ritssyn's Ring of Chaos Icon Ritssyn's Ring of Chaos Finger
Gloves of the Immortal Icon Gloves of the Immortal Hands
Garb of Royal Ascension Icon Garb of Royal Ascension Chest
Anubisath Warhammer Icon Anubisath Warhammer One-Handed Mace
Neretzek, The Blood Drinker Icon Neretzek, The Blood Drinker Two-Handed Axe
Shard of the Fallen Star Icon Shard of the Fallen Star Trinket


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