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I can no longer say I'm new just not great at building decks. Those on this site have helped me greatly as well as the arena guides. In any case I'm going to have saved enough dust to craft a legendary soon. I dusted all the cards that went the way of the wild and was able to craft Sylvanas and ysera. Other notable legendaries I've been lucky enough to open are happy rag Tyrion and the shaman wind lord aliakbar or whatever. Because of that I focused on shaman for a while but since I'm not great with Aggro I can't really hit top ranks with it. Priest was my other focus but by the time I got ysera it seems like dragon priest is no longer as strong as it may have once been. I've found I'm best with control and midrange decks. The highest I've made it on the ladder is rank 8 with the midrange shaman deck on this site and dragon priest.  Generally I hover somewhere between 12-15. I was trying to decide between Nzgoth or the twin Cthun guy to have the final piece for a priest Cthun deck and to get closer to Cthun Druid and warrior but some googling tells me maybe I should go with ragnaros. I'd also like to experiment with Nzgoth because of my Sylvanas and Tyrion and also the hunter bug death rattle rare I got that automatically triggers a death rattle. I've got all the adventures so I also have those cards available.  I'm missing critical epic cards to effectively play warrior and rogue and I'm not very good with rogue although I do have bloodmage. I do like playing Mage as well but haven't had a ton of experience with it or paladin but since opening Tyrion would really like to give paladin more love. Any suggestions? I'd really like to get a strong ladder deck going. 

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If you want a good ladder deck, stick to Midrange Shaman. It's not always easy to navigate but deck is definetly among the top contenders. If you have experience with it, just keep getting better and better.

The only actually good Nzoth deck is Paladin, and Warrior has been spotted too, and they cost a ton, because of all the supportive epics and top end that also should feature Cairne Bloodhoof, that you apparently don't have. These decks are good but take skill to win and what's most importantly a lot of time to play. I suggest you avoid them for undefined time.

Avoid C'thun decks - they are real fun and real underperformance. Especially Priest. The only somewhat decent Cthun deck is Warrior OTK variant from Korea/Kolento,  that's like around the bottom of tier 2.

The whole thing about Legendaries in Hearthstone now is that there aren't exactly that much of "safe investments" because a lot of decks run a lot of Legendaries that are pretty much exclusive for them (like Druid with Fandral StaghelmCenariusMalygos and Yogg-Saron, Hope's End) and you can't get away just by doing it like "ok, I'm crafting Yogg as my only legendary, and it will pull double duty because I'll run him in Tempo Mage, because contemporary decks usually function because they don't just have that 1 good card, they have a lot of them. Yes, there choices that overlap, like Onyxia or Ragnaros the Firelord, but they are not that essential to their decks, just powerful options that people play because everything else sucks.

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12 minutes ago, Keizoku said:

Get Grommash Hellscream. He and Sylvanas Windrunner are the two key cards of many warrior decks, which mostly are midrange and control.

It should be mentioned that current Warrior dynamics does not exactly favor these cards. The most popular Warrior deck - the Dragon Warrior - has been ruthlessly cutting Slam in favor or more Grindy cards, which reduces the amount of activators for Grom, leaving him at his best 8-mana Kor'kron Elite impression. These fools are abandoning the true way of SMOrc, and even an old-school Dragon Control Warrior is not unheard of.

Patron Warrior makes Grom shine, but this is not the best deck for the format, although it has its niche. Same goes for OTK Worgen that however does not play Grom at all.

Sylvanas is good in Control shells because of her synergy with Brawl, but she is way too slow for more offensively streamlined midrange Warrior. And how good is the actual Control Warrior? I can't tell you exactly, but in this context, it's a very expensive deck that has a lot of support from other legendaries, and both Sylvanas and Grom are just favorably positioned options. The classical control usually gets ahead(when it gets ahead) so far you can beat people to death with any nonsense you find suitable, anyways.


@internallydeluded In short words, you need to pick a deck you want to play and get to it. That's it. We can't tell you what you want, and it will come down to your personal preference anyways.

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I had considered getting grommash to get into warrior more but I do t have brawl or slam shield slam? The epic one. so I feel like i need a lot more dust before getting to a really competitive warrior deck if I go that route. 

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Might be worth trying one of the Druid decks. I'm not sure what your actual collection looks like though. Beast and C'thun Druid is quite cheap I believe.

I used Druid to hit Legend last season and will most likely this season too, it feels strong and you can pick it up quite easily.

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I did open up fandral but haven't had much success with the beast token set up. I did pretty well with the beast midrange last season however with menagerie warden and curator. I think that got me to rank 8 on ladder actually but once the resurrect priests came out I couldn't keep up anymore. That's another reason I was leaning towards the twin emperor for crafting because I have the cards for Druid and priest cthuns besides that and if I can get my hands on brawls slams and one more of those armor buff Cthun knight guys I could have a good warrior Cthun deck as well. But I'm getting a lot of negativity about Cthun being very competitive. And I do usually fend pretty well against them if I get the right cards with my mid range and play it aggressively. I'm still leaning towards ragnaros or Nzgoth as my next legendary too

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@internallydeludedC'Thun is a great minion and is competitive. It is fine when you have low amount of dust, which allows you to play a strong deck right from the beginning. When you get more dust, crafting neutral cards for C'Thun, like Twin Emperor Vek'lor, or generally good neutral cards, like Azure Drake or Sylvanas Windrunner. At high amounts of dust you can afford to have the best decks for each class and that's when C'Thun loses the power of dust efficiency. It will be competitive, but you will be able to find decks that are more powerful, but as I said previously, that might be too expensive. 
Crafting Twin Emperor Vek'lor is perfectly fine, especially when you haven't decided on your dream deck and/or class. Additionally, you will be getting a card for about 4 decks that are fine for ladder. 
Ragnaros the Firelord is a fine card for a plenty of decks, but is not the top card in any of them. 
As has been said previously by Paracel, N'Zoth, the Corruptor requires a variety of expensive cards, such as Cairne Bloodhoof or Sylvanas Windrunner.
Grommash Hellscream is one of the best legendaries, together with Tirion Fordring, but requires you to have either large amounts of epics and legendaries for control warrior, or 5 wings of Blackrock.

@BlainieI play only C'Thun decks on my NA account. The account has not touched a constructed deck that does not contain C'Thun and I have little bit over 600 games with it. Nice memory though!

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