D.Va Synergies and Matchups

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On this page, we list the good and bad matchups for D.Va. More specifically, we list the heroes that D.Va synergizes well with, the heroes that counter D.Va, and those that D.Va is strong against.

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D.Va's Synergies


Winston & D.Va

Winston The power couple of many seasons of competitive Overwatch, Winston and D.Va are the foundations of the dive team composition. Using D.Va without Winston is typically met with unfavorable results. No other tank can match D.Va's mobility and playstyle, which is why Winston is almost a must for team compositions involving D.Va.


Genji & D.Va

Genji When acting alone, D.Va can have a hard time securing kills on enemies who are stronger than Zenyatta or Ana. However, when D.Va and Genji are used together, the pair make an incredibly strong team. Genji can clean up D.Va's attacks, helping her finish off enemies who can take some damage. D.Va's Defense Matrix and sheer size gives Genji plenty of room to maneuver around. If you think shooting Genji is difficult, imagine trying to do it when D.Va's mech is in your face. When paired with a masterful Genji, D.Va becomes the cyber-ninja's babysitter as he deals unstoppable damage. When Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix is paired with Dragonblade Icon Dragonblade, there is little the enemy team can do to stop the assault.


Mercy & D.Va

Mercy Mercy and D.Va's kits are practically made for one another. If D.Va flies in to assault the enemy, Mercy can follow her path and heal her by using Guardian Angel Icon Guardian Angel and Caduceus Staff Icon Caduceus Staff. If D.Va needs extra Damage Per Second, Mercy can use her Caduceus Staff Icon Caduceus Staff to boost D.Va's damage abilities. If D.Va is killed, Mercy can Resurrect Icon Resurrect her and D.Va's Call Mech Icon Call Mech will be ready on resurrection. When Resurrect is in play, D.Va can essentially go through three mech's with no downtime. D.Va's mech can get destroyed, but she can use Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct to gain it back on explosion. If D.Va's mech is destroyed again and she is killed, Mercy can Resurrect her and she will be able to Call Mech yet again. In this process, D.Va can go through three mechs before finally being killed. This is extremely frustrating for the enemy team as D.Va is seemingly unstoppable when this series of events occurs.


D.Va Counters


Roadhog & D.Va

Roadhog D.Va is a strong player against Roadhog when he focuses other heroes due to her ability to Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix his Chain Hook Icon Chain Hook combo. However, when Roadhog focuses D.Va, there is little D.Va can do to stop him. D.Va is an easy Chain Hook target due to her large frame. Once she is pulled in, Roadhog's Scrap Gun Icon Scrap Gun can chunk D.Va's health pool. Typically, D.Va will have to run away from Roadhog by using her Boosters Icon Boosters. However, if a team is coordinated, one enemy focus-firing a Chain Hooked D.Va is typically enough to take her out of mech. At this point, D.Va is little more than a nuisance if she stays alive while the rest of her team is killed. Making him a stronger counter, Roadhog can survive D.Va's Self-Destruct if he times his Take A Breather Icon Take A Breather accordingly, and should never die in a duel against D.Va.


Zarya & D.Va

Zarya Zarya is not only a counter to D.Va, but is typically able to farm Energy Icon Energy off of D.Va's attacks. D.Va makes it clear when she is going to attack someone as she typically uses Boosters Icon Boosters to engage, and Zarya can anticipate the attack and use her Projected Barrier Icon Projected Barrier to keep her ally alive while boosting her own damage output. When D.Va uses Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct, Zarya can use Particle Barrier Icon Particle Barrier to shield herself and Projected Barrier to shield teammate from the explosion, gaining 80 energy from the ultimate. A charged Zarya is a scary adversary to face, and D.Va's abilities typically feed Zarya's shields. Additionally, Zarya's Particle Cannon Icon Particle Cannon primary fire will travel through D.Va's Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix, making her defenses useless against the damage of a highly-charged particle cannon.


Brigitte & D.Va

Brigitte Brigitte is a strong opponent to D.Va's kit. D.Va must get close to enemies to make an impact in the game. However, Brigitte is best when enemies attempt to jump her. Brigitte can use her Whip Shot Icon Whip Shot to stop D.Va from advancing with her Boosters Icon Boosters. Additionally, Brigitte can slow D.Va's advance with Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash and hide behind her Barrier Shield Icon Barrier Shield when D.Va uses Micro Missiles Icon Micro Missiles and Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct. Her armor and Inspire Icon Inspire help her Self-Sustain against D.Va in duel scenarios. All in all, Brigitte is a great support against D.Va.


D.Va Is Strong Against


Zenyatta & D.Va

Zenyatta Zenyatta has a difficult time defending himself against an array of high-mobility characters, but D.Va is one that should always win fights against Zenyatta. His low mobility mixed with his lack of Crowd Control abilities allows D.Va to use Boosters Icon Boosters to fly to his position with little in the way of recourse. D.Va can use her Micro Missiles Icon Micro Missiles and Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix to deal unanswerable damage to Zenyatta, and if he tries to get away, D.Va can use her boosters to once again catch him out. His character model is arguably the easiest of the supports to shoot at, which makes Fusion Cannons Icon Fusion Cannons a powerful attack. Additionally, Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct can be used to bait out Zenyatta's Transcendence Icon Transcendence, forcing him to use the ultimate at an inopportune time.


Widowmaker & D.Va

Widowmaker D.Va has a strong kit against Widowmaker due to her low-Cooldown Boosters Icon Boosters and her Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix. D.Va can use her Boosters to chase Widowmaker anywhere on the map. As D.Va is flying towards Widowmaker, she can protect herself from headshots with Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix. Widowmaker is only a viable hero when she can get a pick on the enemy team, however, since D.Va can constantly harass Widowmaker, she can force her to be a useless hero for the enemy team. However, D.Va should be careful not to chase Widowmaker for too long if that exposes her team to the enemy.

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