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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play D.Va on each map, as well as a general ranking of D.Va's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for D.Va


Junkertown & D.Va

Junkertown is a fairly open map where D.Va's Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct can really shine. The first and last checkpoints of Junkertown are practically made for D.Va, as the scenery includes thin portions of high ground. D.Va can use her Boosters Icon Boosters to either secure the high ground and attack enemies from above, or she can use her Boosters to knock enemies off of high ground to keep them from engaging allies from an elevated position. The blind corners and open spaces allow D.Va to send her Self-Destruct over buildings onto unprepared enemies. All in all, D.Va is one of the strongest picks on Junkertown.


Dorado & D.Va

Another one of the escort maps, D.Va thrives on Dorado for many of the same reasons that she thrives on Junkertown. Large open spaces where Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct can catch enemies off-guard, small strips of high ground where D.Va's Boosters Icon Boosters can be utilized, and the medium size of Dorado that allows D.Va to stick close to her team all give her an edge over other tanks on this map. On Dorado, D.Va can fit in with a classic dive team composition and she can roll with the payload while allies utilize either Reinhardt or Orisa. On this map, D.Va's Self-Destruct plays best at the end of the second checkpoint, and anywhere within the third portion of the map.


Worst Map for D.Va


D.Va & Nepal

This was a tough decision to make, but we think we figured it out. Nepal is one of the control maps, a place where both teams are fighting over the same point. Although D.Va does well in close quarters combat, much of Nepal demands that teams function as a unit rather than splitting off from one another. D.Va has a hard time going against a team that hunkers down and commits to staying on top of each other. The natural choke points of Nepal necessitates that tanks shield more damage than D.Va can block, which means that players will often switch to characters like Reinhardt and Zarya. While D.Va is not bad against these heroes, she certainly does not excel against them either. For these reasons, Nepal seems to be D.Va's worst map.

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