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This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to play a Warrior in a PvP environment in WoW Classic, with a focus on Battlegrounds but also including World PvP and Dueling. The guide will cover everything from talent choices, gameplay and rotation, and useful racial bonuses.


Notable PvP Warrior Talents


Arms Tree

Warriors looking to do well in PvP usually invest deeply into Arms for Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike. While this is the icing on the cake, Arms has a lot of nice talents for PvP to pick up along the way:

Tactical Mastery Icon Tactical Mastery is required for stance swapping to work. Without points in it, you would struggle to retain any Rage when stance swapping to Defensive Stance Icon Defensive Stance for Disarm Icon Disarm and back to Berserker Stance Icon Berserker Stance, for example.

Anger Management Icon Anger Management generates 1 Rage every 3 seconds, which is not clear at all from reading its tooltip. This makes it a fairly good Rage generating talent that works even while you are crowd-controlled (as long as you keep yourself in combat) and, combined with Bloodrage Icon Bloodrage, enables you to jump into a fight with a decent amount of Rage already.

Improved Overpower Icon Improved Overpower makes your Overpower Icon Overpower skill critical strike much more often, and since it cannot be dodged, it will go right through a Rogue's Evasion Icon Evasion.

Deep Wounds Icon Deep Wounds causes opponents to bleed for 12 seconds when you deal a critical strike. This can be used along with Rend Icon Rend to keep Rogues or Druids from re-entering stealth.

Impale Icon Impale is a major (burst) damage contributor for Warriors, and should always be taken.

Improved Hamstring Icon Improved Hamstring allows you to sometimes root your target for 5 seconds. This can be very useful, both to prevent an injured target from escaping and to allow you to deal damage while taking none, by weaving in and out of melee range against other melee enemies.

Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike is the PvP Warrior's number one ability. It deals massive damage (especially with a slow two-hand weapon, which you should be using) and leaves a 50% healing debuff on the target for 10 seconds. This debuff makes healing against any group with a Warrior much weaker and allows for kills to happen.


Fury Tree

While Cruelty Icon Cruelty is a staple of all kinds of Warriors, it is especially powerful in PvP, as burst damage is the name of the game.

Piercing Howl Icon Piercing Howl provides a reliable source of soft crowd control and can be used to catch up to enemies who are out of Hamstring Icon Hamstring range, or to take enemy Rogues or Druids out of stealth and slow them in a single button press.

Blood Craze Icon Blood Craze allows you to regenerate a decent chunk of health after being hit with a critical strike, which is very likely in PvP scenarios.

Enrage Icon Enrage improves your damage significantly after being hit with a critical strike, which, as we have discussed above, is very likely to happen while PvPing.


Protection Tree

While Iron Will Icon Iron Will could be useful in PvP, having to spend 5 useless talent points to get there prevents the Protection from being of much use.


Talent Builds for PvP Warrior

PvP Warriors are built to land the largest hits possible whenever they connect, due to Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike's damage-range dependent mechanics and to minimize the damage loss when being crowd controlled.


PvP Warrior Talent Build

Warrior PvP Talent Build

For this build, you want to use the highest damage range two-handed weapon you can find. That will ensure high burst damage from Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike, Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind, Execute Icon Execute,and Heroic Strike Icon Heroic Strike, all of which you should dump on the target as soon as possible, whenever you can reach melee range.

Since it will probably take you a while to land all of those attacks, you should almost always begin by using Hamstring Icon Hamstring on the target, after using Charge Icon Charge or Intercept Icon Intercept to close the distance. That will ensure that they stay long enough in your melee range for you to finish the job.

Due to the strict talent tree required to get Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike alongside Enrage Icon Enrage, your preference points consist of maximizing Two-Handed Weapon Specialization Icon Two-Handed Weapon Specialization at the expense of some points in Improved Overpower Icon Improved Overpower and / or Improved Hamstring Icon Improved Hamstring, and maximizing Improved Battle Shout Icon Improved Battle Shout at the expense of Blood Craze Icon Blood Craze (do not drop Piercing Howl Icon Piercing Howl for PvP).


PvP Warrior Consumables

Consumables are an important part of PvP in Classic. While using as many as possible will quickly get you to 0 gold, you should always have some on you for the fights you cannot afford to lose. We made a list of the most important consumables to have as a Warrior in PvP (look here for a complete list of consumables):



The potions listed below have a 2-minute shared cooldown.

Noggenfogger Elixir Icon Noggenfogger Elixir is also a popular consumable used for PvP. When you drink it, it will do one of three things: make you smaller, turn you into a skeleton, or cast a slow fall spell on you. The shrink effect can be useful to make it harder for players to see and target you, and the slow fall can allow you to jump off high places and not die, while attackers will not be able to follow.

A special remark must be made for Free Action Potion Icon Free Action Potion. This potion is absolutely top-tier for Warriors, making you immune to most crowd control effects for a whooping 30 seconds! Use it when engaging into enemy players and enjoy the carnage that ensues.



After using a bandage, you cannot do so again on yourself for 1 minute.


Other Consumables

These consumables have a 1-minute shared cooldown.

Most of these are very annoying to farm, so use them only in the case of an emergency.



Engineering is a great profession in WoW Classic, as it creates a lot of useful consumables and trinkets. Some of those are especially strong in PvP, but most of them have a 1-minute shared cooldown, unless otherwise specified:



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