Classic Guide to Warriors' Best Macros

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Welcome to our Macros guide for Warriors where you will find out what the best macros are for your Warrior in WoW Classic. You can complement the information on this page with our Warrior Addons Guide.



While this is not an exhaustive list of all possible / useful macros, we will be exemplifying almost all macro functionalities below. Use these templates as an example and replace their spells with the ones you feel will be most useful to you, personally.


Classic Warrior Macro Templates


StartAttack Macro

  • #showtooltip Rend
  • /cast Rend
  • /startattack

Using attack skills such as Rend Icon Rend does not start your auto attacks in WoW Classic, and as such, you should aim to use a macro such as the one above to easily engage enemies. If you want to use it with other skills, just copy the code and replace Rend with the skill you wish to attack with.


Button Reduction Macro

  • #showtooltip Charge
  • /cast Charge
  • /cast Rend
  • /startattack

This macro is similar to the first one, but it tries to cast two spells instead of one. The logic here is that Charge Icon Charge is not usable during combat or when in proximity of the target, while Rend Icon Rend works in mostly the opposite way. Thus, even though you can only cast one spell with a macro at a time, this combination will Charge if you are outside of combat and far enough away from the target, and Rend otherwise, making for a great double press opener on early enemies.


Stance Dance Macro

  • #showtooltip Shield Wall
  • /startattack
  • /cast Defensive Stance
  • /cast Shield Wall

Many Warrior skills in WoW Classic are stance-bound and, thus, require you to be in the correct stance to be used. By creating this sort of macro for those spells, you can ensure you are in the correct stance to use them.


Stance Dance plus Weapon Swap Macro

  • #showtooltip Shield Wall
  • /startattack
  • /equip Carpenter's Mallet
  • /equip Worn Large Shield
  • /cast Defensive Stance
  • /cast Shield Wall

You might have noticed that the previous macro had a rather large flaw: Shield Wall Icon Shield Wall requires a shield to be equipped in order to be used. But, in many of the situations where you want to quickly swap to Defensive Stance Icon Defensive Stance and activate it, you are not already wearing a shield. Thus, you should include "/equip" lines on your macro to ensure you always equip the right tools for the skill or stance you want to cast.


Mouseover Macro

  • #showtooltip Taunt
  • /cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead] Taunt; Taunt

This macro allows you to Taunt Icon Taunt your mouseover target, or your current target if the mouseover target is not valid.


Crowd Control into Bandage Macro

  • #showtooltip Intimidating Shout
  • /cast Intimidating Shout
  • /cast Heavy Runecloth Bandage

The logic behind this macro is that the first press will use a skill that disables opponents, while the second press (due to the first skill being on cooldown) will immediately start a bandage for self-healing.


Rare Targeting and Tagging Macro

  • /target Silithid Harvester
  • /cast Hamstring
  • /startattack

When there are a lot of players waiting for a spawn, this macro will help you try and get the tag as quickly as possible. Remember to use Bloodrage Icon Bloodrage as close to the respawn as possible, in order to have Rage for Hamstring Icon Hamstring, otherwise you will probably lose the tag war to Earth Shock Icon Earth Shock and similar spells.


Death Macro

  • /click HelpFrameCharacterStuckStuck
  • /run RepopMe()

Sometimes, dying can be the fastest way to reach your next destination, as it will teleport you to the nearest graveyard. This macro allows you to kill yourself on demand, which will come in handy, especially if you are following a detailed leveling guide, where dying is often the next step in your path, especially at low levels where graveyard resurrection penalties are minor.


Classic Warrior Addons

Macros are very important in making your character play as smoothly as possible, but so do addons, for which reason we recommend that you also read our Warrior Addons page.



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