Shaman Healer PvP BiS Gear, Trinkets, and Switch Items

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This page lists the best healing gear you can currently get in WoW Classic for your Restoration Shaman. Also very important, we list the best switch items you can use, including Engineering trinkets.

For our more information about Shaman talents for PvP as well as consumables, please refer to our Classic Shaman PvP Guide. For the general best in slot (BiS) list for Healing Shamans, please refer to our Classic Shaman Healer BiS Gear Guide.


PvP Best in Slot List for Healing Shamans

This is the gear we recommend for PvP encounters such as World PvP and Battlegrounds. In PvP you need less Spell Hit from you gear to maximize your odds at hitting enemies: only 3% are needed (or nothing, assuming you have maximized Nature's Guidance Icon Nature's Guidance). Make sure you do not go above your Spell Hit cap with your gear, to avoid wasting stats!

While the list below is a rather optimized one, feel free to use any high Stamina and Intellect / Healing Power / Critical Strike (for Ancestral Healing Icon Ancestral Healing) / Armor pieces you find, as they will serve you well while climbing through the ranks.

The Shaman PvP sets have a blue-quality version and an epic-quality version, and while they have high amounts of Stamina, they lack pure +Healing and often have useless stats like Strength. If you can, aim to get the epic PvP set legs and boots, which have good stats and enable the 20 Stamina bonus, but the rest of the pieces are mostly not worth using.

Our best in slot list will be focused on non-situational items that always have value based on their stats alone. If you are looking for the best situational items you can use / switch to, check the Switch Items section further below!

You can also find out about the recommended PvE DPS Gear for Healing Shamans in the link below.

Slot Item Source
  • Earthshatter Headpiece Icon Earthshatter Headpiece
  • Stormcaller's Diadem Icon Stormcaller's Diadem
  • Deviate Growth Cap Icon Deviate Growth Cap
  • Creeping Vine Helm Icon Creeping Vine Helm
  • Warlord's Mail Helm Icon Warlord's Mail Helm
  • Earthfury Helmet Icon Earthfury Helmet
  • Helmet of Ten Storms Icon Helmet of Ten Storms
  • Helm of the Lifegiver Icon Helm of the Lifegiver
  • Amulet of the Fallen God Icon Amulet of the Fallen God
  • Necklace of Necropsy Icon Necklace of Necropsy
  • Angelista's Charm Icon Angelista's Charm
  • Jin'do's Evil Eye Icon Jin'do's Evil Eye
  • Choker of the Fire Lord Icon Choker of the Fire Lord
  • Wavefront Necklace Icon Wavefront Necklace
  • Animated Chain Necklace Icon Animated Chain Necklace
  • Pendant of the Fallen Dragon Icon Pendant of the Fallen Dragon
  • Tooth of Gnarr Icon Tooth of Gnarr
  • Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn Icon Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn
  • Earthshatter Spaulders Icon Earthshatter Spaulders
  • Pauldrons of Elemental Fury Icon Pauldrons of Elemental Fury
  • Stormcaller's Pauldrons Icon Stormcaller's Pauldrons
  • Mantle of the Desert's Fury Icon Mantle of the Desert's Fury
  • Wild Growth Spaulders Icon Wild Growth Spaulders
  • Abyssal Mail Pauldrons Icon Abyssal Mail Pauldrons of Restoration
  • Earthfury Epaulets Icon Earthfury Epaulets
  • Epaulets of Ten Storms Icon Epaulets of Ten Storms
  • Warlord's Mail Spaulders Icon Warlord's Mail Spaulders
  • Cloak of Clarity Icon Cloak of Clarity
  • Hide of the Wild Icon Hide of the Wild
  • Shroud of Pure Thought Icon Shroud of Pure Thought
  • Drape of Benediction Icon Drape of Benediction
  • Earthshatter Tunic Icon Earthshatter Tunic
  • Stormcaller's Hauberk Icon Stormcaller's Hauberk
  • Robes of the Guardian Saint Icon Robes of the Guardian Saint
  • Warlord's Mail Armor Icon Warlord's Mail Armor
  • Earthfury Vestments Icon Earthfury Vestments
  • Robes of the Exalted Icon Robes of the Exalted
  • Breastplate of Ten Storms Icon Breastplate of Ten Storms
  • Red Dragonscale Breastplate Icon Red Dragonscale Breastplate
  • Mindsurge Robe Icon Mindsurge Robe
  • Earthshatter Wristguards Icon Earthshatter Wristguards
  • Bracelets of Royal Redemption Icon Bracelets of Royal Redemption
  • Loomguard Armbraces Icon Loomguard Armbraces
  • Burrower Bracers Icon Burrower Bracers
  • Zandalar Augur's Bracers Icon Zandalar Augur's Bracers
  • Abyssal Mail Armguards Icon Abyssal Mail Armguards of Restoration
  • Loomguard Armbraces Icon Loomguard Armbraces
  • Earthfury Bracers Icon Earthfury Bracers
  • Earthshatter Handguards Icon Earthshatter Handguards
  • Wasphide Gauntlets Icon Wasphide Gauntlets
  • Gauntlets of Kalimdor Icon Gauntlets of Kalimdor
  • Gauntlets of Ten Storms Icon Gauntlets of Ten Storms
  • Harmonious Gauntlets Icon Harmonious Gauntlets
  • Earthfury Gauntlets Icon Earthfury Gauntlets
  • Blood Guard's Mail Vices Icon Blood Guard's Mail Vices
  • General's Mail Gauntlets Icon General's Mail Gauntlets
  • Earthshatter Girdle Icon Earthshatter Girdle
  • Grasp of the Old God Icon Grasp of the Old God
  • Regenerating Belt of Vek'nilash Icon Regenerating Belt of Vek'nilash
  • Belt of Ten Storms Icon Belt of Ten Storms
  • Corehound Belt Icon Corehound Belt
  • Earthfury Belt Icon Earthfury Belt
  • Flayed Doomguard Belt Icon Flayed Doomguard Belt
  • Barrage Girdle Icon Barrage Girdle
  • Earthshatter Legguards Icon Earthshatter Legguards
  • General's Mail Leggings Icon General's Mail Leggings
  • Stormcaller's Leggings Icon Stormcaller's Leggings
  • Scaled Leggings of Qiraji Fury Icon Scaled Leggings of Qiraji Fury
  • Leggings of the Demented Mind Icon Leggings of the Demented Mind
  • Legplates of Ten Storms Icon Legplates of Ten Storms
  • Legionnaire's Mail Legguards Icon Legionnaire's Mail Legguards
  • Earthfury Legguards Icon Earthfury Legguards
  • Earthshatter Boots Icon Earthshatter Boots
  • General's Mail Boots Icon General's Mail Boots
  • Boots of Pure Thought Icon Boots of Pure Thought
  • Stormcaller's Footguards Icon Stormcaller's Footguards
  • Greaves of Ten Storms Icon Greaves of Ten Storms
  • Earthfury Boots Icon Earthfury Boots
  • Boots of the Full Moon Icon Boots of the Full Moon
  • Waterspout Boots Icon Waterspout Boots
  • Ring of the Earthshatterer Icon Ring of the Earthshatterer
  • Band of Unanswered Prayers Icon Band of Unanswered Prayers
  • Pure Elementium Band Icon Pure Elementium Band
  • Cauterizing Band Icon Cauterizing Band
  • Ring of the Martyr Icon Ring of the Martyr
  • Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight Icon Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight
  • Ring of Blackrock Icon Ring of Blackrock
  • Fordring's Seal Icon Fordring's Seal
  • Ring of Entropy Icon Ring of Entropy
  • Dragonslayer's Signet Icon Dragonslayer's Signet
  • Band of Sulfuras Icon Band of Sulfuras
  • Seal of the Archmagus Icon Seal of the Archmagus
  • Lorekeeper's Ring Icon Lorekeeper's Ring
  • Eye of the Dead Icon Eye of the Dead
  • Rejuvenating Gem Icon Rejuvenating Gem
  • Hibernation Crystal Icon Hibernation Crystal
  • Scarab Brooch Icon Scarab Brooch
  • Draconic Infused Emblem Icon Draconic Infused Emblem
  • Zandalarian Hero Charm Icon Zandalarian Hero Charm
  • Natural Alignment Crystal Icon Natural Alignment Crystal
  • Briarwood Reed Icon Briarwood Reed
  • Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas Icon Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas
  • Second Wind Icon Second Wind
  • Shard of the Scale Icon Shard of the Scale
  • Mindtap Talisman Icon Mindtap Talisman
  • Hammer of the Twisting Nether Icon Hammer of the Twisting Nether
  • Scepter of the False Prophet Icon Scepter of the False Prophet
  • The Widow's Embrace Icon The Widow's Embrace
  • High Warlord's Battle Mace Icon High Warlord's Battle Mace
  • Lok'amir il Romathis Icon Lok'amir il Romathis
  • Claw of Chromaggus Icon Claw of Chromaggus
  • Fang of the Mystics Icon Fang of the Mystics
  • Aurastone Hammer Icon Aurastone Hammer
  • Mindfang Icon Mindfang
  • Sorcerous Dagger Icon Sorcerous Dagger
  • Witchblade Icon Witchblade
  • Shield of Condemnation Icon Shield of Condemnation
  • Death's Bargain Icon Death's Bargain
  • Wormscale Blocker Icon Wormscale Blocker
  • Red Dragonscale Protector Icon Red Dragonscale Protector
  • Blessed Qiraji Bulwark Icon Blessed Qiraji Bulwark
  • High Warlord's Shield Wall Icon High Warlord's Shield Wall
  • Force Reactive Disk Icon Force Reactive Disk
  • Malistar's Defender Icon Malistar's Defender
  • Skullflame Shield Icon Skullflame Shield
  • Sacred Protector Icon Sacred Protector
  • Totem of Life Icon Totem of Life
  • Totem of Rebirth Icon Totem of Rebirth

Shaman PvP Switch On Use Items

Switch Items are items that you do not normally wear since they do not give very good stats, but offer an on-use effect that is very good for certain scenarios. So, you switch to them for their effect.

  • Defiler's Talisman Icon Defiler's Talisman (or its Alliance counterpart, Talisman of Arathor Icon Talisman of Arathor) can be used to grant you a powerful personal absorb effect for 15 seconds. It can be obtained through Arathi Basin Friendly reputation.
  • Skull of Impending Doom Icon Skull of Impending Doom is one of the most powerful item switches you can have. This can be used to break many different CC abilities such as Polymorph Icon Polymorph, Freezing Trap Icon Freezing Trap, Sap Icon Sap, Seduce, and many more. It also has a niche use by helping you suicide which causes no item durability loss which can save you outside of PvP situations. In Battlegrounds this is only truly useful in Warsong Gulch since it is a battleground with a flag mechanic. This can be used to catch a flag carrier or run a flag since movement speed as a flag carrier is incredibly important (if you are attempting to use this in a battleground it is a good idea to have a healer put a HoT on you to negate the DoT effect ESPECIALLY if you are using it as a flag carrier). This is a reward from the level 40 quest Forbidden Knowledge in the Badlands.
  • Furbolg Medicine Pouch Icon Furbolg Medicine Pouch is sold by Gorn One Eye when you reach Honored status with Timbermaw Hold. This is a great item that you can swap during combat to provide you with a significant 1000 heal over 10 seconds. For comparison's sake, Heavy Runecloth Bandage Icon Heavy Runecloth Bandage heals you for 2000 over 8 seconds, but requires you to channel it, and you cannot take any sort of damage in the channel duration.
  • Tidal Charm Icon Tidal Charm is one of the strongest PvP trinkets in the game. It is very annoying to farm for so do not be discouraged if it takes you a while to obtain one. Tidal Charm has an estimated 30-yard range, making it very strong for stopping mounted people in world PvP. This trinket has a cooldown of 15 minutes though so make sure to use it wisely. Tidal Charm is a drop from Prince Nazjak in Arathi Highlands.
  • Nifty Stopwatch Icon Nifty Stopwatch provides a 40% run speed increase for 10 seconds when used, which can be invaluable for escaping or running someone down in PvP. This is a reward from the quest This Is Going to Be Hard in the Badlands.
  • Barov Peasant Caller Icon Barov Peasant Caller is a reward from a questline in Scholomance that summons 3 servants to deal damage for you. The duration is unclear but seems to be very short. This trinket is incredible against casters since the 3 servants attacking will continually push back the cast time of enemy casters' spells. These peasants can also break a Rogue's Vanish if the Rogue attempts to vanish while the servants are fixated on them. They also do a good amount of damage putting extra pressure on your target. All in all, this is a very easy trinket to obtain that has many good uses in PvP. This item is a reward from The Last Barov in Western Plaguelands.
  • Glimmering Mithril Insignia Icon Glimmering Mithril Insignia does not break fear, it prevents you from being feared. So, you must use it before being feared. This trinket is fantastic for engaging either a Shadow Priest or Warlock to negate their major CC mechanic. Using this in conjunction with your Insignia trinket to break fear to prevent a chain fear is a great combination that allows you to easily pressure Shadow Priests and Warlocks.
  • Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire Icon Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire is a more difficult trinket to obtain due to being an Onyxia drop from Onyxia's Lair. The trinket does not have very great stats on it, but just like Barov Peasant Caller Icon Barov Peasant Caller it will attack Rogues through Vanish making it very strong in mirror matchups to prevent your target from getting a restealth. The skeleton does do a significant amount of damage (between 100 and 200 usually) and can critically hit, this allows you to pressure any class with it from just the damage that it does. This item is dropped from Onyxia in Onyxia's Lair.
  • Arena Grand Master Icon Arena Grand Master is difficult to acquire, but has an excellent on-use effect that gives you a roughly 1000 shield for 20 seconds. To get it, you must open the chest at the center of the Gurabashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale 12 separate times to get 12 of Arena Master Icon Arena Masters. You turn in those Arena Master trinkets to Short John Mithril in the back of the arena for the reward.
  • Insignia of the Horde Icon Insignia of the Horde is very easy to obtain, simply requiring you to be Honor Rank 2 and then to purchase one in your major city. This trinket is required in PvP since it breaks fears and stuns and is the only active way to break one of these effects while they are already on you. The only other way would be to use an item such as Skull of Impending Doom Icon Skull of Impending Doom before being feared or stunned but being able to break free from these effects is more powerful in our opinion.

Engineering Trinkets for Classic Shamans

Engineering is considered to be an almost required profession in PvP due to the exceptional trinkets and other on-use items that you can use in various situations. The strongest of those trinkets are listed below. For more information on Engineering, check out our Engineering profession guide linked below.

  • Arcanite Dragonling Icon Arcanite Dragonling is an interesting trinket since the level of the Dragonling is your Engineering skill divided by 5 meaning as a Level 39 twink you can potentially have a Level 60 Dragonling (even higher if you are a gnome). This trinket has an absurd cooldown time of 1 hour so be very careful when using it. The Dragonling attacks normally but has a fire breath attack that deals much more damage (between 250-350 a hit) however this is pretty rare and only usually happens once during the uptime. If you are using Fire attacks (such as a Fire Mage or Destruction Warlock would) then this trinket's Fire Breath ability puts a debuff on the target that makes Fire spells against the target deal extra damage. This item is an Engineering item that requires 300 Engineering.
  • Gnomish Battle Chicken Icon Gnomish Battle Chicken is similar to the Arcanite Dragonling Icon Arcanite Dragonling. The level of the summoned chicken is your Engineering skill divided by 5, meaning that this is very powerful for twink brackets and gnomes. The Battle Chicken occasionally squawks which gives 5% more attack speed for 4 minutes. This trinket, just like the Arcanite Dragonling, can see Rogues in stealth. If you use both the Battle Chicken and Arcanite Dragonling, it is recommended to alternate them, given that they both have very long cooldowns. This item is an Engineering that requires Gnomish Engineering and 230 Engineering to make.
  • Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector Icon Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector reflects any shadow spell cast on you for 5 seconds when used. The plans to craft this drop from Crimson Inquisitors in Stratholme.
  • Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector Icon Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector reflects any frost spell cast on you for 5 seconds when used. The plans to craft this are sold by Xizzer Fizzbolt in Winterspring.
  • Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector Icon Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector reflects any fire spell cast on you for 5 seconds when used. The plans to craft this drop from Solakar Flamewreath in Upper Blackrock Spire.
  • Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector Icon Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector will root your target in a net for 10 seconds, which will not be broken by damage. However, it occasionally backfires and will net you instead. The plans can be learned from Gnomish Engineering trainers.
  • Goblin Mortar Icon Goblin Mortar will do some fire damage and stun all targets in a small radius for 5 seconds. The plans can be learned from Goblin Engineering trainers.
  • Gnomish Cloaking Device Icon Gnomish Cloaking Device will make you invisible for 10 seconds. The plans drop from Mekgineer Thermaplugg in Gnomeregan.
  • Gnomish Death Ray Icon Gnomish Death Ray can be channeled for a few seconds, draining your health some, to deal a huge burst of damage to your opponent at the end of the channel. The plans can be learned from Gnomish Engineering trainers.
  • Goblin Rocket Helmet Icon Goblin Rocket Helmet allows you to rapidly charge and disable an enemy for 30 seconds, which is a huge amount of time in most PvP situations. Although this disabling effect will only hold if the enemy is not attacked during this period, you can sneak attacks in before / while using it without it breaking and it is of great usefulness when against multiple enemies.
  • Gnomish Mind Control Cap Icon Gnomish Mind Control Cap is similar to the Rocket Helmet in that it, usually, instantly takes an enemy out of the fight for a long period of time. However, instead of simply stunning the enemy, it converts him into your minion for 20 seconds!
  • Gnomish Rocket Boots Icon Gnomish Rocket Boots and Goblin Rocket Boots Icon Goblin Rocket Boots serve similar purposes: to make you run much faster for a short period of time. The main difference between them is that, when they fail, Gnomish boots make you run around as if you were Feared for a bit, while Goblin boots occasionally (30% unless you cancel the effect early, which makes it less likely) explode, causing you to have to make more of them to keep using their effect.

Shaman PvP Guide

We hope this guide was helpful for your PvP exploits! Feel free to check out the general PvP Talent and Consumables guide as well in the link down below.



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