Classic Priest Healer Spell Summary

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On this page, we present you with all spells and procs that you need to understand as a Priest Healer in WoW Classic.

If you were looking for TBC Classic content, please refer to our TBC Classic Holy Priest spells.



This page will tell you all about the important spells that you have access to as a Priest, explaining how they work, and how you might want to use them. Please note that some spells are only available when chosen in the talent tree - they will be indicated as such if they are.


Core Rotational DPS Abilities for Priest

Mind Blast Icon Mind Blast is a powerful spell with a 1.5 second cast time, though it has a very high threat modifier attached to it. You need to be careful with your usage of Mind Blast to prevent stealing aggro from your tank.

Shadow Word: Pain Icon Shadow Word: Pain is a DoT which does a good amount of damage. If you are playing as a Shadow Priest, you usually want to keep this up at all times because it is fairly Mana efficient, except in raids if it causes problems with the number of debuff slots.

Smite Icon Smite is your primary damage dealing spell.

Holy Fire Icon Holy Fire has a very long cast time, after which it deals direct damage, followed by a DoT over 10 seconds. This spell is good to start combat off with, but typically should not be used too much outside of that. As a Shadow Priest, you ignore this ability altogether.


Healing Spells for Priest

Lesser Heal Icon Lesser Heal is the first healing spell you get access to, but is not really used later on as you get the last rank of it at Level 10.

Heal Icon Heal should replace Lesser Heal Icon Lesser Heal on your bars as soon as you hit Level 16, and it serves as your big heal, with a long cast time.

Flash Heal Icon Flash Heal serves as your fast healing spell if you need healing right now, but is generally less efficient than your slower heal spells in terms of throughput.

Greater Heal Icon Greater Heal is the final version of the 'big but slow heal' you get as a Priest, and generally should replace Heal Icon Heal on your bars when you learn it at Level 40, outside of downranking uses.

Renew Icon Renew puts a healing over time effect on your target and is fairly efficient at doing so. This is useful to keep you or your targets healthy if the damage going out is not particularly bursty.

Power Word: Shield Icon Power Word: Shield applies a shield to your target which absorbs damage and stops any damage from interrupting your spellcasting. Your target is affected by Weakened Soul IconWeakened Soul once shielded, which prevents you from shielding that same target again for 15 seconds. Interesting to note is that you can cast this while in Shadowform Icon Shadowform because it is classified as a Discipline spell and not a Holy spell.

Prayer of Healing Icon Prayer of Healing is an AoE healing spell that heals people in your party within 30 yards of you when cast. Prayer of Healing is incredibly efficient at AoE healing, but it generates a fairly large amount of threat, so be careful when using it if you do not have Fade Icon Fade ready!


Buff Spells for Healing Priest

Power Word: Fortitude Icon Power Word: Fortitude is a buff which increases the Stamina of your target. This is a great spell which should ideally be kept up on everyone in your group at all times. At Level 48, you first learn Prayer of Fortitude Icon Prayer of Fortitude, which has the same strength as Power Word: Fortitude, but affects the entire party of your target at the cost of 1 Holy Candle Icon Holy Candle.

Shadow Protection Icon Shadow Protection increases the Shadow resistance of your target. This is incredibly useful whenever any Shadow damage is going out and so should be kept up on everyone in your group whenever that is the case. At Level 56, you learn Prayer of Shadow Protection Icon Prayer of Shadow Protection, which has the same strength as Shadow Protection, but affects the entire party of your target at the cost of 1 Sacred Candle Icon Sacred Candle.

Divine Spirit Icon Divine Spirit increases the Spirit of your target. Spirit increases the Mana regeneration of players, which makes this very useful to keep up on everyone in your group. At Level 60, you learn Prayer of Spirit Icon Prayer of Spirit, which has the same strength as Divine Spirit, but affects the entire party of your target at the cost of 1 Sacred Candle Icon Sacred Candle. Note that this spell can only be obtained through picking this talent in the Discipline tree.

Inner Fire Icon Inner Fire is a personal buff which increases your armor. It has 20 stacks that are expended whenever you take melee or ranged damage hits. Keep this up all the time, as it makes you quite a bit tankier as a cloth wearer.


Cooldowns for Healing Priest

Power Infusion Icon Power Infusion increases the spell damage and healing of your target by 20% on a 3-minute cooldown. It is a big damage cooldown, but make sure that the person you are casting this on knows it is happening so they can stack their cooldowns with it. Note that this spell can only be obtained through picking this talent in the Discipline tree.

Inner Focus Icon Inner Focus reduces the Mana cost of the next spell you cast by 100% and, if it can critically strike, increases the chance that it will deal a critical strike by 25%. It has a 3-minute cooldown and is a pretty good button for both DPS or healing purposes, depending on what you need more. Note that this spell can only be obtained through picking this talent in the Discipline tree.


Utility Spells for Healing Priest

Fade Icon Fade causes your threat level to be significantly reduced, making it a useful button to press at the start of a pull to help your tank get threat easier, or use it whenever you have already pulled aggro off of your tank.

Cure Disease Icon Cure Disease removes a disease from a friendly target. At Level 32, it should be replaced by Abolish Disease Icon Abolish Disease on your bars, which does the same thing, except it also keeps trying to dispel a disease from your target every 5 seconds for 20 seconds.

Dispel Magic Icon Dispel Magic allows you to dispel harmful debuffs from friendly targets, or to dispel beneficial buffs from enemy targets.

Mind Soothe Icon Mind Soothe reduces the range at which mobs will aggro you or your group members. This makes it easier to sneak past certain individual mobs or mob packs if you so desire.

Mana Burn Icon Mana Burn drains Mana from an enemy target and deals damage to them based on the Mana drained. This spell is incredibly useful for PvP, as it allows you to significantly increase the rate at which your target goes out of Mana.


Crowd Control Spells for Healing Priest

Mind Control Icon Mind Control allows you to control a humanoid target (including players!) for up to a minute. This is especially useful for PvP purposes and can be fun/useful to use in PvE as well.

Psychic Scream Icon Psychic Scream causes you to fear targets around you for 8 seconds on a 30-second cooldown. Psychic Scream is a fantastic tool for PvP primarily and should be used to get targets out of a fight or to help create distance.

Shackle Undead Icon Shackle Undead allows you to crowd control Undead enemies, which makes them unable to cast, move or attack. Any damage breaks this effect.



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