Razorgore the Untamed Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot (Updated for the Season of Mastery)

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Razorgore the Untamed is the first boss you will encounter in Blackwing Lair, and can be found right inside the entrance. Razorgore is one of the harder bosses in the raid, and is a notorious pug killer for having a high coordination requirement.

After you kill him, you will find the next boss, Vaelastrasz the Corrupt in the following room.

New to the Season of Mastery version of this encounter is an extra egg containing a unique enemy with its own set of abilities that you will have to fight at the same time as everything else.


Razorgore Summary by Role



  • You will want at least 2 full tanks with several more DPS Warriors who are able to off-tank on each add spawn point.
  • One of your full tanks should be using the orb to control Razorgore.
  • Once Razorgore is attackable, make sure to hold the boss in the center with room for the DPS to use the line of sight available from the pillars at the edge of the room.
  • In the Season of Mastery, have a tank ready to pick up the Unstable Chromatic Drake which will spawn from the large egg located in the center of the room when about half of Razorgore's eggs have been broken.


  • Try to stay close to the center of the room in Phase 1 to be in range of everyone.
  • Do not forget about the tank who is controlling Razorgore!
  • In Phase 2, try to play near the LoS pillars so you do not need to move as much.


  • Ranged should stay in the middle while melee can spread to the spawn points in the corners of the room.
  • In Phase 2, make sure you let the tanks generate plenty of threat on Razorgore before attacking.
  • Know which pillar you will go to for when you need to use LoS.

General Tips for Razorgore

  • Spread out your melee to take care of the smaller adds as they come out in Phase 1.
  • Have your ranged DPS and healers more grouped in the center so they can help each point as needed. Specifically, they should rotate when the larger dragonkin adds spawn and need to be killed.
  • Have a good LoS spot ready for Phase 2, and make sure to let your tanks get plenty of threat before starting on Razorgore.
  • Razorgore is one of the more challenging fights in Blackwing Lair, so do not be afraid to use consumables and world buffs to make the fight that much easier.

Strategy for Razorgore

Razorgore is one of the harder fights in Blackwing Lair, and is a notorious pug-killer due to the high levels of coordination required. Make sure your raid has a well thought out plan going in. In the Season of Mastery version of this encounter there is now a large egg located in the center of the room that will spawn a Unstable Chromatic Drake. This mob must be tanked away from the group and will require all members of the raid to be aware of the various ground effects it will spawn.

Razorgore is a two phase fight, where the first phase involves using the Orb of Domination on top of the stone platform to have a player mind control Razorgore. That player will then need to run around the room, using Razorgore's abilities to destroy the many dragon eggs around the room. This phase will end when all of the eggs have been destroyed.

You will want to have a tank control Razorgore, since the person controlling Razorgore will be his first target once the mind control link is broken. While the tank is running Razorgore around and destroying his eggs, the rest of the raid will need to protect Razorgore as swarms of orcs and dragonkin will come to attack Razorgore to stop him from killing the eggs. If Razorgore is killed before all of the eggs are destroyed, he will then enrage, instantly wiping your group. You will want to spread out your melee DPS and tanks to the corners of the room, placing them at each spawn point where adds can come into the room. You should have no problems killing the waves of adds, with ranged DPS and healers more towards the center of the room, rotating as needed to help the groups of melee. Ranged specifically should be on the lookout for the larger dragonkin adds that spawn, as they require more focused DPS. As a general order, always prioritize the dragonkin, then the mages, and then the melee adds.

Season of Mastery-only: After half of the eggs are broken a Unstable Chromatic Drake will spawn from the large egg located in the center of the room. A tank should pick this up and pull it toward a predesignated corner of the room. Ideally you will be able to assign additional members of your raid to this corner so they can continue to deal with the waves of adds spawning as well as do some damage to the Unstable Chromatic Drake. The Drake deals a fair amount of melee damage but most of its damage is avoidable; as with most dragons it is important to make sure no one is in front of the Drake except for the person tanking it.

The Unstable Chromatic Drake has five abilities to be aware of. The first of these abilities is a randomly-targeted spell that will shoot a trail of fire from the Drake to a player in the room. This will deal damage to the player targeted and spawn a fire line which will deal damage to anyone standing in it. Second, the Drake will randomly target a player and spawn a dark shadowy puddle beneath them dealing a massive amount of Shadow damage to anyone who stands in it. Third is a small cloud of green smoke that will spawn directly beneath the Drake and slowly start moving throughout the room. Anyone who is hit by this green smoke will be put to sleep for a short period. Fourth, the Drake will spawn areas of frozen ground in random areas of the room, slowing and dealing damage to any player inside of the area. Finally the last ability that the Drake possesses is the ability to spawn a small golden cloud. Standing inside of this highlighted area will increase player's casting, ranged, and melee Haste by 100% so taking advantage of these zones can be extremely beneficial.

After a few minutes of killing adds and using Razorgore to destroy his eggs, the room should be almost clear. When there are one or two eggs left, the entire raid should run to the same corner of the room where there are pillars that you can LoS behind. The tank controlling Razorgore should then destroy the last few eggs, which will cause the mind control link from the orb to break, and Razorgore will run to attack the tank that was controlling him. This tank should jump down and hold Razorgore towards the middle, but within range of the pillars that the group is hiding behind. Once your tank has built sufficient threat, the raid can begin to attack. From this point on, there are only two main mechanics to watch out for: threat and Fireball Volley IconFireball Volley. Razorgore will occasionally use a high damage Fireball Volley, which will shoot a Fireball at every person in line of sight. Before he casts this, everyone in the raid besides the tanks should run out of LoS behind one of the pillars, dodging the cast. If the raid can not lose people to the Fireball Volley while also watching their threat, Razorgore should not pose a problem.


Important Abilities

  • Fireball Volley IconFireball Volley is Razorgore's Fireball Volley that will shoot a Fireball at every person in his line of sight. You can dodge this cast by not being in LoS of him when it goes off.

Loot from Razorgore the Untamed


Tier 2 Loot

Razorgore drops the Wrists for every class' Tier 2 set.

Item Slot Class
Bindings of Transcendence Icon Bindings of Transcendence Wrist Priest
Bloodfang Bracers Icon Bloodfang Bracers Wrist Rogue
Bracelets of Wrath Icon Bracelets of Wrath Wrist Warrior
Bracers of Ten Storms Icon Bracers of Ten Storms Wrist Shaman
Dragonstalker's Bracers Icon Dragonstalker's Bracers Wrist Hunter
Judgement Bindings Icon Judgement Bindings Wrist Paladin
Nemesis Bracers Icon Nemesis Bracers Wrist Warlock
Netherwind Bindings Icon Netherwind Bindings Wrist Mage
Stormrage Bracers Icon Stormrage Bracers Wrist Druid

Non-Tier Loot

Item Slot
Arcane Infused Gem Icon Arcane Infused Gem Trinket (Hunter-only)
Gloves of Rapid Evolution Icon Gloves of Rapid Evolution Hands
Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal Icon Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal Shoulder
Spineshatter Icon Spineshatter One-Handed Mace
The Black Book Icon The Black Book Trinket (Warlock-only)
The Untamed Blade Icon The Untamed Blade Two-Handed Sword

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  • 07 Feb. 2022: Updated for Season of Mastery Phase 3.
  • 10 Feb. 2020: Guide added.
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