Classic Druid Leveling Guide 1-60

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General Information

Welcome to our Classic leveling guide for Druids. Here, you will learn how to efficiently level your Druid all the way to Level 60.

1. Foreword

Druids are exceptionally fast levelers, only slightly falling behind Hunters in speed. However, Druids also require much more work and finesse to play at peak efficiency. With multiple forms, healing spells, utility spells, and damaging spells, Druids have the largest toolkit out of any class, allowing you to adapt to any situation. Feral is the best Druid leveling spec, and allows Druids to use different animal forms, such as Cat Form Icon Cat Form and Bear Form Icon Bear Form, to use Energy and Rage to deal heavy melee damage while letting their Mana regenerate, allowing them to make heavier use of natural Mana regeneration than any other Mana user. This natural efficiency is what gives Druids their leveling speed, allowing them to heal quickly, pull new mobs, and keep regenerating Mana, with very little downtime required.

2. Leveling in a Group as a Druid

Contrary to popular belief, leveling in a group can be extremely efficient, even better than solo leveling in some cases. While Druids are one of the faster solo leveling classes, they also perform very well with a partner or with a group.

3. Druid Abilities

Druids have the most abilities out of any class due to having four possible roles. This means that the majority of the abilities you could learn are not going to be useful to you, since they are not for your role. Gold is extremely important in Classic WoW, especially early on, so it is important that you do not waste gold leveling up spells that will not be useful to you as you level.

3.1. Recommended Skills to Upgrade as a Druid

Moonfire Icon Moonfire and Wrath Icon Wrath are used to level from 1-10, with Moonfire being a particularly powerful tool to quickly hit enemies in contested areas.

Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots and Hibernate Icon Hibernate are powerful crowd control abilities that will help you when dealing with multiple enemies, as well as in PvP.

Rejuvenation Icon Rejuvenation, Regrowth Icon Regrowth, and Healing Touch Icon Healing Touch are all great healing abilities to top yourself off between pulls.

The rest of your abilities mainly focus on doing damage in Cat Form Icon Cat Form and Bear Form Icon Bear Form. While your Cat Form abilities will do more damage, you are much more of a tank in Bear Form, so do not hesitate to switch between forms depending on what you are doing.

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Level: 1

4. Talents for Leveling as a Druid

Feral is the best leveling specialization for Druids,so this talent build will be Feral based. However, lots of the talent points are personal preference, so do not be afraid to make changes. While it is possible to level as Balance or Restoration, it is not recommended, and your leveling speed will be slower due to lower damage, higher Mana usage, and more downtime to eat and drink. Perhaps most importantly, you also lose the bonus movement speed that you get as a Feral Druid from Feline Swiftness Icon Feline Swiftness.

This leveling build is especially nice because it is the end game Feral PvE build you would use in a raid or dungeon, so you will not ever need to change your talents if you follow the guide exactly.

Druid Talents Level 10 to 19 Druid Talents Level 20 to 29 Druid Talents Level 30 to 39 Druid Talents Level 40 to 49 Druid Talents Level 50 to 60
  1. Ferocity Icon Ferocity;
  2. Feral Aggression Icon Feral Aggression.

Ferocity Icon Ferocity reduces the cost of your core rotational abilities, meaning you can use them more frequently. The 5 points after that are much more open, but Feral Aggression Icon Feral Aggression is nice since it is an investment into more damage once you get Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite later on, saving you the gold from having to change your talents. The increased effect on Demoralizing Roar Icon Demoralizing Roar is also quite nice for when dealing with groups of enemies while in Bear Form Icon Bear Form.

  1. Feline Swiftness Icon Feline Swiftness;
  2. Furor Icon Furor;
  3. Feral Charge Icon Feral Charge;
  4. Sharpened Claws Icon Sharpened Claws.

Feline Swiftness Icon Feline Swiftness is perhaps the single most important talent you will take while leveling. You can finish this off at Level 21, giving you 9 levels of 30% increased movement speed before picking up Travel Form Icon Travel Form, and 19 levels before getting your first mount. The next few points are slightly more controversial, but Furor Icon Furor is recommended because it gives you 40 free Energy whenever you swap into Cat Form Icon Cat Form, which essentially gives you a free cast of Claw Icon Claw when switching into Cat Form. This also makes swapping in and out of Cat Form to use your Mana much less punishing, since you will get some Energy for it. Feral Charge Icon Feral Charge is a great utility ability to interrupt and root, and combined with Furor, you can instantly swap into Bear Form Icon Bear Form and use your charge without delay. Sharpened Claws Icon Sharpened Claws is a nice damage increase.

  1. Sharpened Claws Icon Sharpened Claws;
  2. Blood Frenzy Icon Blood Frenzy;
  3. Predatory Strikes Icon Predatory Strikes;
  4. Faerie Fire (Feral) Icon Faerie Fire (Feral);
  5. Savage Fury Icon Savage Fury;
  6. Improved Shred Icon Improved Shred.

Most of the talent choices here are straight damage increases, but Faerie Fire (Feral) Icon Faerie Fire (Feral) is especially noteworthy. You can cast it in your forms, making it a great way to pull enemies from range without having to swap out to cast other spells. The armor reduction is also incredibly powerful, and this should absolutely be used on every target you attack. Improved Shred Icon Improved Shred is potentially worth putting 2 points into earlier, but it depends on if you are leveling solo or with a group. While solo, you will not be able to use Shred much, if at all, but you should be able to use it quite frequently in a group, especially if someone else is tanking.

  1. Heart of the Wild Icon Heart of the Wild;
  2. Leader of the Pack Icon Leader of the Pack;
  3. Nature's Grasp Icon Nature's Grasp;
  4. Improved Nature's Grasp Icon Improved Nature's Grasp.

After finishing off the Feral tree, you want to go into the Balance tree. Nature's Grasp Icon Nature's Grasp is an extremely powerful disengage tool both in PvE and PvP, to the point where some people like to pick it up much earlier, even potentially at Level 10. This mainly comes down to how much you think you might be PvPing, since it is such a powerful tool against other melee.

  1. Natural Weapons Icon Natural Weapons;
  2. Omen of Clarity Icon Omen of Clarity;
  3. Improved Shred Icon Improved Shred;
  4. Natural Shapeshifter Icon Natural Shapeshifter.

Omen of Clarity Icon Omen of Clarity is the main reason we put points into the Balance tree, and is a great tool for saving Energy. It is important to keep this up at all times when fighting. You can finish off the last few points in whatever order you would like after taking Omen.

5. Weapons for Druids

Druids are the least gear dependent class in the game. The same holds especially true for weapons. Weapons are not important upgrades for Feral Druids. This is because your damage in Cat Form Icon Cat Form and Bear Form Icon Bear Form is normalized based on your attack power, not based on your weapon damage. Weapon DPS has no effect whatsoever on your damage as a Feral Druid. Thus, you should choose weapons solely based on their additional stats, such as Agility, Strength, and Stamina.

5.1. Weapon Trainers

In Classic WoW, you do not automatically know how to use all possible weapons. To learn how to use a new type of weapon, you will need to visit a weapon master. Weapon masters can be found in the major cities, each offering training in different weapon types. The full list is below.

Weapon Master location Weapon Skills available
Darnassus (around 57,46) Daggers, Fist Weapons, Staves
Ironforge (around 62,89) Fist Weapons, Daggers, Maces
Stormwind (around 57,57) Daggers, Staves
Orgrimmar (around 81,19) Staves, Daggers, Fist Weapons
Thunder Bluff (41,62) Staves, Maces
Undercity (57,32) Daggers

6. Leveling Strategy as a Druid

As a Druid, your goal is to spend Mana in bursts before swapping into either Bear Form Icon Bear Form or Cat Form Icon Cat Form to finish enemies off. While in a form, your Mana will continue to regenerate, allowing you to swap out once enemies are dead and use it to heal, buff, or cast Moonfire Icon Moonfire or Wrath Icon Wrath to pull new enemies from range.

6.1. Basic Leveling Rotation for Druids

  1. Moonfire Icon Moonfire;
  2. Wrath Icon Wrath until your run out of Mana;
  3. Melee.
  4. Moonfire Icon Moonfire only if you have the Mana and are already out of form;
  5. Bear Form Icon Bear Form;
  6. Enrage Icon Enrage;
  7. Maul Icon Maul until the target dies.
  8. Cat Form Icon Cat Form;
  9. Ravage Icon Ravage;
  10. Faerie Fire (Feral) Icon Faerie Fire (Feral);
  11. Rake Icon Rake;
  12. Claw Icon Claw;
  13. Rip Icon Rip at 5 combo points.
  14. Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite at 5 combo points.

6.2. Basic Leveling Strategy

For Levels 1 through 10, you will be mainly focused on using Moonfire Icon Moonfire, Wrath Icon Wrath, and melee attacks. Keep in mind the 5 second rule, where your Mana only starts regenerating after not casting for 5 seconds. This means you should always try to front load your spells and finish enemies off with melee attacks.

Once you hit Level 10, you get Bear Form Icon Bear Form, which is your largest power spike that you will experience on your journey to 60. Once you have Bear Form, you now have a way to deal damage without using Mana. This is important because it allows you to front load your Mana to either do damage or heal yourself before switching into Bear Form to finish enemies off. You will be naturally resilient enough in Bear Form to tank multiple enemies, so do not be scared about pulling 2-3 enemies at a time, but any more and you will run into problems.

At Level 20, you get Cat Form Icon Cat Form, which is the form you will spend most of your time in up to 60. You will want to focus on using Claw Icon Claw and Rake Icon Rake to generate combo points before using Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite to finish enemies off. Prowl Icon Prowl is also a powerful tool and should be utilized whenever possible to sneak past enemies you do not want to fight.

Even past Level 20, do not be afraid to use Bear Form Icon Bear Form sometimes whenever you feel like you might need to take less damage. While Bear Form is less damage than Cat Form Icon Cat Form, you take way less damage and will be at a lower risk of dying. In general, try to go Bear Form if you are dealing with multiple enemies at once, but use Cat Form for when you are only attacking one target. You can also make use of your crowd control abilities like Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots and Hibernate Icon Hibernate if too many enemies are being pulled to limit the number you need to deal with.

6.3. Stat Priority

Choosing what gear to wear is usually pretty straightforward since upgrades will be obvious most of the time. However, when given the choice, you are going to want to try to get Agility and Strength for more damage. Your basic priority will be:

  1. Agility;
  2. Strength;
  3. Stamina;
  4. Intellect;
  5. Spirit.

While Agility and Strength give you more damage, Stamina and Intellect give you more health and Mana respectively, allowing you more resources to use before you need to eat or drink. Spirit is the least useful, since it only increases your out of combat regeneration, which should be a small portion of your time as a Druid.

6.4. Other Tips

  • Teleport: Moonglade Icon Teleport: Moonglade - get used to using this ability whenever you need to train, vendor, or repair your gear. If you set your hearthstone to the inn closest to where you are currently questing, then you can teleport to Moonglade to take care of whatever you need before hearthing back to wherever you are questing.
  • Once you get your mount at Level 40, do not underestimate how valuable Travel Form Icon Travel Form and Cat Form Icon Cat Form can be when moving. Specifically, you need to be moving for more than 20 seconds for it to be worth using your mount and not just casting Travel Form, since it is an instant cast.
  • If you plan to do dungeons at all, keep a set of Intellect/Spirit gear in your bags. With some good pieces, you can heal through most dungeons while still having Feral talents, which could help you get into a dungeon group, since healers are harder to come by while leveling.
  • Only use Swipe Icon Swipe when you are attacking 3+ targets, which should only be happening if you are leveling in a group as more of a tank.

7. Class Quests

Druids have two important class quests that can be completed while leveling. Once you are the required level, you can pick these up from any Druid trainer.

7.1. Bear Form

The first quest is the most important of the two, and is to learn Bear Form Icon Bear Form. It is extremely important to do this quest immediately upon reaching Level 10, due to how important Bear Form is for leveling. The steps to follow are listed below.

7.1.1. Night Elf

  1. Pick up the quest from any Druid trainer at Level 10.
  2. Go to Darnassus to talk with Mathrengyl. It is recommended to set your hearthstone here.
  3. Use Teleport: Moonglade Icon Teleport: Moonglade and talk with Dendrite Starblaze.
  4. Go west and talk with the Great Bear Spirit.
  5. Go back to Darnassus (either flying or with your hearthstone) and talk to Mathrengyl again.
  6. Travel to Auberdine to fight Lunaclaw.
  7. Go to the cave east of Auberdine to find the Moonkin Stone to summon Lunaclaw.
  8. Once you defeat Lunaclaw, go back to Darnassus to Mathrengyl.

7.1.2. Tauren

  1. Pick up the quest from any Druid trainer at Level 10.
  2. Go to Thunder Bluff to talk with Turak Runetotem. It is recommended to set your hearthstone here.
  3. Use Teleport: Moonglade Icon Teleport: Moonglade and talk with Dendrite Starblaze.
  4. Go west and talk with the Great Bear Spirit.
  5. Go back to Thunder Bluff (either flying or with your hearthstone) and talk to Turak Runetotem again.
  6. Travel to the passage between Mulgore and The Barrens to fight Lunaclaw.
  7. Follow the path from Mulgore to the Barrens, and you will find the Moonkin Stone to summon Lunaclaw on the right of the path in the Barrens, behind a building.
  8. Once you defeat Lunaclaw, go back to Thunder Bluff to Turak Runetotem.

7.2. Aquatic Form

Unlike Bear Form Icon Bear Form, Aquatic Form Icon Aquatic Form is not required for leveling. In fact, the quests to get it are long and require lots of travel. If you are leveling at launch, this will slow you down tremendously, and is not worth doing. In that case, it is recommended to wait until Level 60 to get it. However, if you want to get it while leveling, you can. Be aware that the quest takes multiple hours to complete due to the massive amount of traveling you need to do, so consider waiting until you at least have Travel Form Icon Travel Form or a mount.

  1. At Level 16 or later, pick up the quest from the Druid trainer Mathrengyl in Darnassus. For Horde players, go to Turak Runetotem in Thunder Bluff.
  2. Use Teleport: Moonglade Icon Teleport: Moonglade to teleport to Moonglade and speak with Dendrite Starblaze.
  3. Swim to the bottom of the lake in Moonglade to retreive the quest item, a Shrine Bauble.
  4. Go west to use the Bauble in front of Keeper Remulos at the Shrine of Remulos.
  5. Speak with Tajarii nearby to get the next quest. This quest wants you to find two halves of an amulet.
  6. To get the first half, travel to the far north of Darkshore in the sea, at map coordinates (49,11). Swim down between two boulders to find a strange lockbox, where you will find the first half of the amulet inside.
  7. For the second half, travel west of Westfall into the sea, to map coordinates (18,33). Once there, swim straight down for awhile well into fatigue. On the edge of an underwater cliff, you will find another strange lockbox with the other half of the amulet.
  8. Return to Moonglade and combine the halves into a pendant at the Shrine of Remulos.
  9. Bring the pendant back to Dendrite Starblaze to the east.
  10. Return to Matherngyl in Darnassus. For horde players, return to Turak Runetotem in Thunder Bluff.

8. Professions While Leveling

If your goal is to hit Level 60 as fast as possible, it is not recommended to pick up professions while leveling. However, some professions are very useful for either leveling or at Level 60, and can be worth the time investment while leveling. First Aid is a must have profession at max level due to the no Mana cost healing it provides, and learning it early on can be useful while leveling. Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning all are great choices for making gold towards your first mount, and can also be useful for helping to level other important professions later on, such as taking Mining to help level Engineering.

If you are going Restoration at Level 60, it might be advisable to take professions that you can level without needing to kill enemies, such as Herbalism and Alchemy.

9. Changelog

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