Warrior Tank Nature Resistance Gear

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On this page, you will find the best Nature Resistance gear for your Warrior Tank in WoW Classic. For more gearing advice, please refer to our Warrior Tank Gearing and Best in Slot guide.


Nature Resistance Gear for Warrior Tanks

While doing AQ40, you may benefit from using some Nature Resistance (NR) gear, especially for Viscidus. The pieces we list below are the ones that grant significant Nature Resistance and do not drop from raids.

Because NR gear has low or no other stats in general, using it on Princess Huhuran is generally discouraged for tanks, who will be contending with her strong melee attacks. You can avoid being hit by the poison volleys by attacking Huhuran from maximum melee range while the soakers go deep into her hitbox.

Whenever you loot raid gear with Nature Resistance on it, make sure to use it, as that gear has significant NR and other stats, usually Stamina.

Slot Item Source
Rings Random greens of Nature Resistance World Drop BoE
Trinkets Heart of Noxxion Icon Heart of Noxxion Noxxion in Maraudon Orange
Shield Husk of Nerub'enkan Icon Husk of Nerub'enkan Nerub'enkan in (side-entrance) Stratholme

Finally, do not forget you can also complement your Nature Resistance gear with consumables such as Greater Nature Protection Potion Icon Greater Nature Protection Potion, the Enchant Cloak - Greater Nature Resistance Icon Enchant Cloak - Greater Nature Resistance cloak enchant and the Nature Mantle of the Dawn Icon Nature Mantle of the Dawn (or chromatic) shoulder enchant.

You can find more Warrior Tank BiS lists in our dedicated gear hub below.



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