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Hi guys! 

I have been playing HS for quite some time (1,5 yrs +/- I think) and I decided to make videos. I am not somehow good and I think that I should have hit legend if I am playing actively for some time but I have not.  Here comes the idea behind my videos. I want to hear an opinion from you to my plays, what I should mulligan or what I should not. You think about it, so do I and we can both move forward... and that is the spirit behind my channel. I just want to get better and that is (at least for me) one of the ways to improve it, because two heads > one head, right? I just want to hit legend and I feel like I often win just cuz I draw too good or the opponent draws too bad. Enough saying, I will post some videos =)



For example RenoLock gameplay where is a lot of decision where I was not sure. Definetely check this out!

I will be posting more in the future

See you for now guys :)


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Ok, I don't have that much time to check out all your videos right now, only this one. Be warned, I'm a tough crowd to please. Constructive criticism at its worst best.

Straight up to bad things:

  • I have no idea what deck are you playing. "Stancifka Reno" is not as explainative as you think, if you don't follow Overmind Twitter accounts. I don't. The only thing I got when I saw Cifka's name was archived footage from Pro Tour Return to Ravnica, 2012, playing in my head, when he gloriously defeated everyone and forced a card ban following the PT. Good times. People who netdeck and watch such videos usually don't know where to find that exact deck, too. It takes a minute to show it on video and we are good. Or at least put it down in description.
  • You are way too quiet and don't speak clear. I get it, English is hard and you can only get better with practice, so start practicing. By speaking loud and clear.
  • Get a Deck Tracker. It gives you a sizeable advantage and is just a good quality of life feature. You're a glorious PC master race, after all.

The actual game sucked, pretty much. because your opponent drew pure gas. You had a window of opportunity when you Hellfired him and he was on three cards, but then you was just so focused on deploying Reno you shot yourself in the leg, essentially. And pitching Sunfury after Jaraxxus was lethal misplay, you could have raced him by taunting up stuff. You had Defender of Argus around, as well. Bad RNG? The line is not to play Soulfire there so it can't happen, ever.

More expansion on Reno deployment. 

Short answer is that you didn't have a real plan there, Tapped way too much, and started winning way too late. 

Long answer is going to be, well, a pretty long one. 

A side personal note is that I am very fond of Homework in gaming. It's a running joke among my friends that I memorize game wiki and top tier guides for everything before I start playing, and this is partially true - because that information is golden. Granted, I was never really that good at real, mechanical games, but upon joining Icy-Veins back in the day, I learned how to do my Homework and actually improve. In Hearthstone, Homework is even more important, and I'll show you why, because you made a good example of what happens when you don't do it. No offense. But you lost that one ;)

So, your Homework step number one was to acquaint yourself with the deck, before even playing. I don't mean YouTube videos, I mean look at the decklist, know what is actually in there, get down a plan for common matchups or archetypes. You could do it in the beginning of your video, looking at the decklist (which you promptly didn't).

What you should have probably ended up with is the realization that it's a fair Control deck in your hands that is rather slow, very high on value but rather bad on reaction, especially premier removal.

Enter your opponent, Jade Druid. What Jade Druid does is getting ahead on mana, deploying stuff and killing you with it - y'know, generic Druid thing. A catch here is that his dudes are better than your kill spells, and he has a lot of them. Ergo, a) you should not play a long game against Druid, b) and try to utilize your good beaters, because premier removal in Druid decks is rather scarce. 

What action of yours against this plan? That's right, excessive Life Tapping. Not spending mana on plays = not getting ahead on board = dragging the game into late phase = losing. 

I mean, what were you thinking at that time? Usually, when people have no idea what they are playing, they just slam the green shiny stuff on their table. That would have been a correct line - MCTech can't find value? I'd take that 3/3, thanks, because that's what I win with! And so on.

Getting card advantage in that scenario was counterproductive, because it meant nothing for the matchup. It was a game of board, not resources. There is a merit of additional card selection coming from these fresh cards, but then again, if you had no plan, you weren't digging for anything that could bail you out. And there wasn't much, to be honest. But You could have known it in advance if you'd figured it out, thus never taking that line and thus winning. 

You see how much Homework can snowball things. So I'd recommend you do it ;) I apologize in advance if you find what I wrote offensive or rude, but without acknowledging problems there could be no solution. 

Here is further reading on the subject. Your loss is heavily attributed to what I'm going to link :

Michael J. Flores. "Who's The Beatdown"(1999). An eternal classic on strategy that sums up what happened with you in one sentence. Every Hearthstone player worth his salt should know it by heart, that's a fact.

Zvi Mowshovitz. "Who’s The Beatdown II: Multitasking". A much later follow-up by one of the Magic's greatest. It finishes up the idea of "Who is the Beatdown?"

These are arguably two most influential Magic strategy articles of all time. Sun Tzu level shit. Try your best to digest and apply it. Most of you guys will probably have no idea what the hell is Psychatog, Counterslivers, Cursed Scroll or Suicide Black, but Art of War has a whole goddamn chapter on how expensive chariot maintanance is. That never made sense to me, too. 

TL;DR You Reno, They Druid? SMOrc!

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Wow I did not expect such a long response, but I am absolutely thankful for the things you come up with! 

Yep I am showing the deck list before the recording nowadays in the newer videos, so thats something that we dont have to discuss anymore.

Speaking part - yep I am trying to be louder, definitely something to take care about

I have a deck tracker already, Im just not capturing it ... should I? thats the question :D

I feel like I had to jarraxus asap and yep, playing soulfire into possible discarding key cards is not good.. I guess I was just kinda desperate :( 

The homework thing sounds really interesting I have never thought it that way ... I have been watching a lot of Lifecoach streams recently and he is doing similar kind of stuff (guess even the same) so this is like first time I have met with it.

The control and beatdown definition looks very interesting.. I have been thinking about it, like not really much but I did realize that there matchups where are you either in position of the control or the aggresive deck, but I would say I never put it all together. I have read both articles, although I did not understand everything cuz I have never played magic but I guess I took the raw thought (not sure if it is the right use of words, but it works in my mother language lolz.).

I get it.. I should be able to tell my gameplan to every possible matchup before I go into regular game.. I was never really sure how to defeat the jade druis with reno decks, so thats probably why it went that wrong.

Last thing I want to say is that I am not offended at all. I appreciate your concern / time you basically invested to / for me so I could get somehow better. Thank you very much! I am surprised and glad :)

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