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This thread is for comments about our Legendary Token Druid Standard Deck.

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3 hours ago, Guest TomCat said:

Would Pantry Spider be something to consider here? Since I do not have Onyxia and a second Ancient of War...

Your best bet for replacing Onyxia are the cards that positiv has listed above. If you're looking for another late game threat, you could possibly use Arch-Thief Rafaam.

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To add more possible card swaps, I have been somewhat successfully experimenting with Bloodmage Thalnos and Feral Rage as they are great cards against aggro and are okay against control. Arcane Giant is a card that is quite popular in yogg tokens, and I think it could be useful in this deck as well.

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20 hours ago, positiv2 said:

To add more possible card swaps, I have been somewhat successfully experimenting with Bloodmage Thalnos and Feral Rage as they are great cards against aggro and are okay against control. Arcane Giant is a card that is quite popular in yogg tokens, and I think it could be useful in this deck as well.

I already added Bloodmage Thalnos for more removal power, I like the idea of including Arcane Giant, going to try it and see how it works out.

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On 14 September 2016 at 5:27 PM, positiv2 said:

To add more possible card swaps, I have been somewhat successfully experimenting with Bloodmage Thalnos and Feral Rage as they are great cards against aggro and are okay against control. Arcane Giant is a card that is quite popular in yogg tokens, and I think it could be useful in this deck as well.

Dude, like, I moved away from this tech for a week already! ;)

Short answer sounds like Moonglade Portal. Long answer will take, well, some more space, and I'll explain my thoughts there. 

You see, I think we have discussed that Bloodmage Thalnos is a fine card in Druid decks. Buffing your removal, filling the curve, etc,etc. And Feral Rage is also a fine piece of utility - 4 damage kills a lot, that's why we actually run Thalnos in first place, plus armor on the side. 

Now, what I feel deck's problems are is that it struggles against contemporary high-pressure early game. Your spells (tons of spells) can't kill everything, you don't have good premier pieces for unexpected fatties and (in a very historically accurate Tinker fashion) sometimes you draw the wrong half of your deck and get trampled over. And you need to win that space to durdle around with your Wild Growthes, Nourishes and then slam whatever deck usually slams. When you get this space in heavy matchups, draw 3 usually beats everything.

Bloodmage Thalnos surely helps to turn the tides in your favor, but mind this - only when you get some removal with him. Alone he is barely functional. I'll get to Feral Rage soon enough.

So, Thalnos is good but not great because sometimes draws don't cooperate, and that's where powerful top-end single-card defense comes into play : Ancient of War, Hell yeah! However, it definetly is not omnipotent - 7 mana is a lot, plus the amount of premier removal in the metagame had grown significantly, and even 10-health is not impossible to muscle through. What is also important - it always gets me in Hunter matchups - is that even when I can navigate through early game, stabilize and actually start winning, I'm at a health deficit that I have no way to reduce. Inevitability is on their side, and the lone piece of healing in my deck is Feral Rage that I've probably spent killing something already. And Rexxar is not the only SMOrc that can point red arrows through Taunts, mind it.

That's why Moonglade Portal I believe should be played. It is healing, it's a spell, it's not a brick in heavy matchups and it's a "1 card stabilize" sort of stuff that also feels the curve between your removal + durdle and haymakers. If you want it (and I think I made argument why you want it) than Feral Rage and Thalnos can be left at home.

As for the version presented in the guide, I think Soul of the Forest can be left out - because I also suggest Arcane Giants instead of Emperor Thaurissan and Onyxia. This discussion is going to take even more space, but TLDR I believe Emperor to be too durdly and Onyxia to suffer collateral damage from a lot of cheap AoE effects in the meta, even though deck already has favorable targets for it and "second wave" sounds nice. Just hope they don't run run 2-Ofs. Giants are cool dudes that sorta fix deck's problem about deploying your cards after you drew a bunch.

Edit 1 : a good reader can easily see that the context and examples of my argument imply that all I play against is either Shaman or Hunter, which is a tragic truth. Perhaps I am wrong about it all in the long run, but good God, these classes are popular.

Edit 2 : I am also not a very smart person who wrote all this thinking this is the Yogg Token Thread. You can disregard everything in this post at will as these are untrue statements, especially the last paragraph.

Edited by Paracel

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@ParacelIf you draw your removals, you combo them with Bloodmage Thalnos. If you don't draw them, you simply play him for cycle.

Ancient of War is in the deck, but I see you already know, judging from the edit #2.

Using Feral Rage to clear means that you won't need healing as often since you won't get hit multiple times by the same minion, such as Twilight Elder or Frothing Berserker. These minions are actually special - if they stay on the board for too long, their value rises a lot. Additionally, Feral Rage has better synergy with Violet Teacher and Fandral Staghelm.

I guess addressing the last paragraph is not important or even relevant since you "discarded" that one yourself.

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Yeah, Ancient of war is good, I run it even in Yogg-powered variants. I just wanted to stress out that Moonglade Portal is an important piece of the puzzle. Even when your spell synergy is rather low, like with this deck, it is functional. 

The most funny thing, though, is just when I made up this rather reasonable explaination of why I don't want Thalnos and want a Portal, I logged in, played the old version and just steamrolled a bunch of games on the back of Thalnos. He was Kreygasm level of good.

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