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Kathy and the Dinos

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This is similiar to Secret Hunter with the addition of Kathrena package and Rexxar DK, it has both good early game and great late game with huge damage from charges and DK hero power.

It has only 3 legendaries that are necessary to make the deck works and not exchangable with anything else.

1x Candleshot

2x Secretkeeper

2x Wandering Monster

2x Freezing Trap

2x Cat Trick

2x Eaglehorn Bow

2x Animal Companion

2x Kill Command

1x Unleash the Hounds

2x Deadly Shot

2x Flanking Strike

2x Spellbreaker

2x Lesser Emerald Spellstone

1x Seeping Oozeling

1x Deathstalker Rexxar

2x Charged Devilsaur

1x Kathrena Winterwisp

1x King Krush


As you can see the only beasts in the deck are 7/7 or 8/8 with charge so the result of recruit is easy to predict, note that Charged Devilsaur when summoned by recruit can hit face directly since not activate the battlecry.

The aim of the deck is either win with Wolves from spellstone and early beast summons or charging face with big dinos so stall enough until you can do so if your early game is worse than opponent. 

Seeping oozeling will always copy Kathrena deathrattle unless you have her in your hand so don't keep Kathrena at 1st turn but keeping Oozeling is fine since it will swing the game if not silenced when played at turn 6.

The deck is pretty solid and that's what I'm playing mostly in K&C.


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I was playing a very similar deck and I like the idea but it is not as good as I was hoping.

Ofc if things go as planned it's doing fine and hitting hard but on average I found it too inconsistent.

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