Brigitte Maps

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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play Brigitte on each map, as well as a general ranking of Brigitte's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for Brigitte


Brigitte on Temple of Anubis

A melee hero's paradise, Temple of Anubis has all the tight corridors a support with a flail could want. Healing your team can be accomplished with minimal effort due to the map's playstyle and close combat engagements. The Temple's lack of open space helps Brigitte close in on enemies to score Inspire Icon Inspire hits and Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash charges. Brigitte's Rally Icon Rally can help the team come together for a final push on Point B, an otherwise difficult endeavor when playing in Solo Queue.


Brigitte on Hanamura

Known as one of the deadliest Choke Points in the game, Attackers dread Hanamura due to its brutal and unforgiving layout. There have been endless debates about what support heroes are best when trying to walk past the heavily-fortified gate, but at this point, Brigitte easily claims her spot as the number one option. Her Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash allows her to force an enemy Reinhardt to lower his Barrier Field Icon Barrier Field to expose him to ally attacks. Her Inspire Icon Inspire will heal allies as they try to push their way through the door in a coherent and orderly manner (a feat rarely accomplished.) Her Whip Shot Icon Whip Shot can be used to push enemies away from the door, forcing them to take a stand further back or to risk moving up to be overwhelmed. If all else fails, Brigitte's Rally Icon Rally is a useful tool to break through the gate (and for an elongated fight on point B).


Worst Map for Brigitte


Brigitte on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

If you try to use a melee only hero on a three-story map layout that once housed all the members of the Overwatch squad, you are going to have a bad time. Trust us, just no. (Unless your team is committed to a Bastion strategy, then Inspire Icon Inspire that robot as if you were the head coach of a high school sports team.)

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