Brigitte Synergies and Matchups

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On this page, we list the good and bad matchups for Brigitte. More specifically, we list the heroes that Brigitte synergizes well with, the heroes that counter Brigitte, and those that Brigitte is strong against.

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Synergies for Brigitte


Roadhog & Brigitte

Roadhog Who has two thumbs, cannot run fast, and plays super up close to enemies? Roadhog and Brigitte! Roadhog's Kit is all about dealing damage and getting in the enemy team's face while Brigitte is all about protecting allies and getting in the enemy team's face. Therefore, Brigitte and Roadhog arguably make a better duo than the Junkertown buddies. Brigitte's Inspire Icon Inspire is a perfect complement to Roadhog's need for heals and sustain, and Repair Pack Icon Repair Pack will make Roadhog difficult to kill due to the extra 150 health. One of Roadhog's biggest weaknesses is his inability to protect himself from damage, but behind Brigitte's Shield Barrier, Roadhog can waltz into the enemy team while sustaining minimal wounds. Brigitte's Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash is the perfect complement to Hog's Chain Hook Icon Chain Hook, as a well-timed Chain and Bash combo is almost certain to kill any hero in the game. If it does not work, Brigitte can always throw Whip Shot Icon Whip Shot to finish the job. Finally, Brigitte's Rally can turn Roadhog into "Roadgod" due to its ability to grant Roadhog armor in the heat of combat, and can stack Roadhog's health pool to a seemingly insurmountable total of 700.


Moira & Brigitte

Moira Moira's pick rate has historically suffered due to better support choices in the Dive and Mercy metas. However, with the introduction of a tanky support, Moira fans can rejoice in having another aggressive healer who functions best when near tanks and heavy damage dealers. It is not Moira's abilities that make her a good fit with Brigitte as much as their joint need to be "front-line" healers to make a difference. Brigitte has to position herself in the middle of the fray to make an impact, and most supports have a hard time surviving the direct heat of combat. The only outlier to this statement is Lúcio, but his Mobility will take him away from Brigitte's position, which can hinder the whole idea of picking Brigitte in the first place. Therefore, Moira's optimal map Positioning is arguably the closest to Brigitte's. With Brigitte and Moira, the possibility of a slow-moving objective-based team composition may be a reality.


Reaper & Brigitte

Reaper In keeping with the idea of close quarters objective-based combat, no hero is better suited for the task than Reaper. His 250 health, personal sustainability from The Reaping Icon The Reaping and his extreme damage output from Hellfire Shotguns Icon Hellfire Shotguns gels with everything Brigitte has to offer. Brigitte's Barrier Shield Icon Barrier Shield can be Reaper's personal taxi that "drives" him to the enemies he needs to kill. Once at their destination, Brigitte's Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash can stun any enemy it comes into contact with, opening them up to a couple of blasts from Reaper's shotguns. If Reaper gets too low, a quick Wraith Form Icon Wraith Form Repair Pack Icon Repair Pack combo will get Reaper back in the fight in no time. Last but not least, Death Blossom Icon Death Blossom coming from a 350 health Reaper is grade A nightmare fuel, but Brigitte's Rally Icon Rally will make that bad dream a reality.


Brigitte Counters


Pharah & Brigitte

Pharah The best counter to a hero who is slow and has practically no long-range abilities is a Rocket Launcher Icon Rocket Launcher that can rain "death from above". Unfortunately for Brigitte, that counter exists and her name is Pharah. Pharah's ability to Jump Jet Icon Jump Jet away from the fight and shoot at Brigitte while keeping a distance practically makes her invulnerable to Brigitte's attacks. Additionally, Pharah's Concussive Blast Icon Concussive Blast can keep Brigitte away from her allies, forcing teams to wait to advance while Pharah unloads on the top of their heads. In many ways, Pharah's Barrage Icon Barrage is a direct counter to Rally Icon Rally. As Rally is practically a call by Brigitte telling the enemy team that she and her allies plan to move in, Pharah can setup her Positioning to unload her ultimate on overconfident assailants. Barrage deals massive amounts of damage quickly, which means Rally's restorative capabilities are easily thwarted by the mini-missiles.


Sombra & Brigitte

Sombra When a team member cannot use their abilities for 5 seconds, it is bad. When a team member cannot use anything but a flail for 5 seconds, it is real bad. In almost every category, Sombra's Hack Icon Hack completely shreds Brigitte's viability. Hack takes away Brigitte's Barrier Shield Icon Barrier Shield, Whip Shot Icon Whip Shot, Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash, Repair Pack Icon Repair Pack, and her ability to to utilize Rally Icon Rally The only thing Brigitte has against Sombra is the fact that Rally Icon Rally and Inspire Icon Inspire persist through a hack, and that Brigitte is the only support who has Armor, a highly beneficial health type against Sombra's only damage ability, Machine Pistol Icon Machine Pistol. Despite this, Sombra's ability to turn Brigitte into nothing but a melee attack hero for five seconds might be too good to pass up, especially when Tracer and Genji struggle against Brigitte's abilities.


Junkrat & Brigitte

Junkrat Similar to Pharah, Junkrat does not have to be on the front to make an impact on the game. In fact, every Junkrat's dream is to sit on High Ground and use Frag Launcher Icon Frag Launcher to shoot grenades onto enemies below. As Brigitte compositions will typically call for "grounded" heroes, Junkrat may see this as an opportunity to deal massive Area of Effect damage to his opponents. Junkrat thrives on attacking large groups of enemies as they rally around a Point or Payload. With an enemy Brigitte, Junkrat has one more "rallying" point to shoot at with fingers crossed. Additionally, Junkrat's RIP-Tire Icon RIP-Tire can take down or kill a lot of enemies who are sticking near Brigitte as she uses Rally Icon Rally.


Brigitte Is Strong Against


Tracer & Brigitte

Tracer If an enemy Tracer is flying through your ranks and your team is having trouble killing her, Brigitte might be the pick of choice to switch up your composition. Typically, Tracer is a threat to any support who loses sight of their team for longer than a few seconds. However, for Brigitte, Tracer may be nothing more than a nuisance. Tracer needs to get close to enemies to have a significant impact in the game, however, Brigitte has a shield and a flail that warns Tracer to keep her distance. If Brigitte manages to land a Rocket Flail Icon Rocket Flail hit on Tracer, a quick follow-up with Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash and Whip Shot Icon Whip Shot is an instant kill combo. The only difficult part of the process is landing Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash, but with her protective shield and 250 health, Brigitte is able to play patiently, waiting for the right moment to strike.


D.Va & Brigitte

D.Va Brigitte has accomplished what every other support wishes they could do, frustrate a D.Va. The mech queen has been a top rate pick for many seasons of Overwatch, but with Brigitte joining the battle, D.Va may lose some of her power. We are fairly certain that if a Brigitte plays it right, she could actually outduel a D.Va. It would take a long time, and every move would have to be perfect, but the fact that she can hold her own is a far cry from every other support's capabilities in dealing with a D.Va. Brigitte's Barrier Shield Icon Barrier Shield is the ability that makes the difference against a pesky D.Va. Brigitte can whip out her barrier anytime D.Va chooses to use Micro Missiles Icon Micro Missiles, rendering them useless. She can also use her barrier to protect herself against an incoming Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct issued by D.Va. Additionally, Brigitte can Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash any time D.Va tries to push past her shield. The most rewarding part of Brigitte's Kit when fighting D.Va is successfully utilizing Whip Shot Icon Whip Shot. If the gamer girl ever tries to use Boosters Icon Boosters to fly into Brigitte, the support can fend her off with an unblockable flick of her flail. We are hoping that when used, Brigitte will cheekily say "Denied!" in a straight mock of D.Va's overused voice line.

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