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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play Torbjörn on each map, as well as a general ranking of Torbjörn's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for Torbjorn


Torbjorn on Hanamura

Torbjorn has always been a strong defensive pick on Hanamura, as his abilities and high damage-per-second output makes him a strong hero on both point A and point B. On A, players typically want to set up their turret on high ground. They can set up their turret just outside the mega health pack room, or they can set up on the bridge that crosses between the two two-level buildings to the left of the point.

On point B, Torbjorn can set up on a number of high ground positions. He can either set up on the bridge overlooking the point if the enemy goes directly to the objective, or he can set up on third level of the multi-tiered temple.


Torbjorn on Eichenwalde

Known as one of the deadliest choke points in the game, attackers cringe at the sight of the first Eichenwalde bridge. Torbjorn is a great addition to a defensive team attempting to hold objective A. Setting up a turret behind a Reinhardt or Orisa barriers is clearly the best option, but there are a number of high ground areas (especially after point A) that can be used as great vantage points.


Worst Map for Torbjorn


Torbjorn on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Torbjorn succeeds by using vantage points to set up his turrets, but Watchpoint is such a large map that Torbjorn's turret ends up being out of range for a variety of different fights. Whether on attack or defense, Widowmaker and Hanzo will undoubtedly get picked on the opposing team, which means Torb's turret is likely to get picked off before it can have an impact on the game. Lastly, many teams run dive compositions on Watchpoint, and an overwhelming group of enemies can force Torbjorn to be ineffective against the opposition.

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