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On this page, you will find out how to properly play Torbjörn. From general playstyle advice, to more specific advice like ultimate usage or combos, we tell you everything we think matters to master your hero.

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Introduction to Torbjorn

Torbjörn is undoubtedly a defensive damage hero who should typically stay with backline heroes like healers and other damage heroes. As Torbjorn's abilities are not skill-based (Overload Icon Overload is a buff and Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret is an instant cast turret), he does not rely on chaining combos to deal damage. For Torbjorn, we need to focus on positioning and Molten Core Icon Molten Core use.


Torbjorn and Positioning

Positioning as Torbjorn is arguably the most crucial aspect of his playability. Pushing too far up as Torbjorn will get him overrun, while staying too far back makes him a non-threat in most scenarios. Therefore, as Torbjorn, playing with the team is a necessity to his success.

There are two primary ways to play Torbjorn, one is to stay with the backline while the other is to stay with the tanks. Choosing between the options is usually objective and team composition based.


Playing in the Backline

If you are playing in the backline, it is likely that your team is on defense and you are attempting to control an objective. As a backliner, your goal is to keep your healers safe and to take out flankers as quickly as possible. If Tracer or Genji are on the other team, your number one priority is to keep them off of your supports with your Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun and your Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret.

You will want to place your turret in a position where the enemy team cannot pick it off from afar, but where it is still watching your backline. That means putting the turret in a corner or on a high ground position overlooking your backline. You will want to use your primary fire when enemies approach your backline, and switch to your secondary fire when enemies are engaging in close quarters combat. If an enemy is committed to the fight, or if you become the focus of their attacks, feel free to use Overload Icon Overload to keep yourself in the fight and to increase your deadliness.

When playing in the backline, you will probably use Molten Core Icon Molten Core to keep enemies from rushing an objective or as a zoning ability to keep an enemy off of your healers.


Playing on the Frontline

On the frontline, you are likely playing on offense or on a defensive choke point. You will be sticking with your tanks wherever they go, utilizing the secondary-fire of your Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun to deal massive damage to enemy barriers and enemy tanks.

You will place your turret behind ally barriers, and you will use Overload Icon Overload to deal massive frontline damage. When using Overload, do not be afraid to venture from your defenses to secure a kill on a tank, but do so with caution. Do not overextend and get yourself killed.

When playing on the frontline, Molten Core Icon Molten Core should be used to stop enemies from running through a choke point when they use a defensive ultimate like Brigitte's Rally Icon Rally or Lúcio's Sound Barrier Icon Sound Barrier. It can also be used to secure checkpoints on objectives when playing on offense.


Using Molten Core

Molten Core Icon Molten Core is an interesting damage ultimate in that it is a zoning ability rather than an outright damage-dealing ability. With that said, it is difficult to determine when to use Molten Core Icon Molten Core thanks to its damage-dealing potential. However, their are clear times when using Molten Core is a bad idea.

You should not use Molten Core when:

  • Your team is down two people (unless you are stalling).
  • Your team is up two people.
  • An enemy Zenyatta is using Transcendence Icon Transcendence.
  • In a duel (typically).
  • When an enemy D.Va is using Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix.

You should use Molten Core when:

  • Enemies are diving your team.
  • Enemies are attempting to rush a choke point.
  • Enemies are attempting to capture an objective.
  • Wrecking Ball is attempting to stall an objective with Grappling Claw Icon Grappling Claw.
  • Enemies are rushing in with a defensive ultimate (Brigitte's Rally Icon Rally, Lúcio's Sound Barrier Icon Sound Barrier, NOT Zenyatta's Transcendence Icon Transcendence since it out heals the damage of the lava).
  • Attempting to capture an objective.
  • Attempting to push through a choke point.
  • An ally Zarya uses Graviton Surge Icon Graviton Surge and no other team member has an ultimate.
  • Attempting to deny an enemy ultimate like Genji's Dragonblade Icon Dragonblade and Winston's Primal Rage Icon Primal Rage

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