Torbjörn Synergies and Matchups

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On this page, we list the good and bad matchups for Torbjörn. More specifically, we list the heroes that Torbjörn synergizes well with, the heroes that counter Torbjörn, and those that Torbjörn is strong against.

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Synergies for Torbjorn


Reinhardt & Torbjorn

Reinhardt Reinhardt is arguably one of the best characters to pair with Torbjorn for a couple of reasons. First, Reinhardt's Barrier Field Icon Barrier Field helps Torbjorn stay near the frontline and deal massive close-range damage to enemy tanks and damage heroes. If Torbjorn is playing in the backline, Barrier Field helps protect his turret and gives him freedom to go for long-range Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun shots. Second, Torbjorn can place his Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret near Reinhardt's position to deal damage to enemy barriers and to defend against enemy flankers. Third, Molten Core Icon Molten Core is a great weapon against enemies who are trying to overrun Reinhardt.


McCree & Torbjorn

McCree McCree is one of the best duelists in the game, as his Peacekeeper Icon Peacekeeper allows him to take a fight at practically any distance. This is good news for Torbjorn, as he and McCree can play together and fend off enemy flankers. Additionally, Torbjorn has a glaring lack of crowd control abilities, but McCree's Flashbang Icon Flashbang can help both heroes fight off dive compositions. When you add Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun and Overload Icon Overload into the mix, it is hard pick one character without the other.


Zenyatta & Torbjorn

Zenyatta Similar to McCree, Zenyatta is a backline hero who does best when not directly dealing with enemies. As Zenyatta has no crowd control or mobility abilities, he becomes a huge target of enemy flankers. However, with Torb's Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret, flankers either have to either kill the turret before they commit to a fight (thus, announcing their presence in the backline) or commit to a fight without killing a turret, significantly hampering the time they have to take out Zenyatta. In addition to the turret, Torbjorn himself is rather deadly thanks to his Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun and Overload Icon Overload. As a result, Winston and other dive characters have to be cautious of diving when Torbjorn is playing with Zenyatta.


Torbjorn Counters


Widowmaker & Torbjorn

Widowmaker Widowmaker's long range weapon, Widow's Kiss Icon Widow's Kiss, deals massive amounts of damage from ranges where Torbjorn and his turret are ineffective. For example, Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret has a maximum range of 40 meters, but Widow's sniper deals damage from any distance. As stated on his playstyle page, Torbjorn's positioning is crucial to his success. Unfortunately for him, Widowmaker's Grappling Hook Icon Grappling Hook allows her to reach high ground areas that bypass Torbjorn's turret. Once in position, Widowmaker can easily take out Torbjorn and his turret while he is focused on the frontline or on enemy flankers.


Pharah & Torbjorn

Pharah Pharah's kit has a number of benefits against Torbjorn. First, Pharah's Rocket Launcher Icon Rocket Launcher can easily destroy Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret, and thanks to the turret's maximum range, Pharah can often kill it without getting shot by it. Second, Torbjorn is known for his ability to defend choke points and objectives, but Pharah can use her Jump Jet Icon Jump Jet and Hover Jets Icon Hover Jets to break through choke points and deal damage from behind the enemy frontline. Third, Pharah's Rocket Launcher Icon Rocket Launcher deals good damage against armor, and Torbjorn relies on Overload Icon Overload's armor to stay alive. Fourth, Pharah is hard to hit with the primary fire of Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun, but it should be noted that Torbjorn can take Pharah out if he can consistently land shots. Fifth, Molten Core Icon Molten Core is practically useless against Pharah when she is in the air (which is 95% of the time).


Zenyatta & Torbjorn

Zenyatta Zenyatta is arguably one of the better healers to play against Torbjorn for the following reasons. First, Zenyatta is typically in the backline of his own team, and Torbjorn is not a flanker, which means Zenyatta typically has no fear of getting picked by Torbjorn. Second, Zenyatta's Orb of Destruction Icon Orb of Destruction deals massive amounts of damage against Torbjorn, especially when Torbjorn is marked with Orb of Discord Icon Orb of Discord. Third, Zenyatta's Orb Volley Icon Orb Volley can easily take out Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turrets around corners. Last, Zenyatta's Transcendence Icon Transcendence is one of the most powerful abilities to counteract Torbjorn's Molten Core Icon Molten Core. Transcendence will nullify Molten Core's damage completely, and as Molten Core is typically used against enemies in a tight area, Zenyatta should have no problem healing all those affected by the ultimate.


Torbjorn Is Strong Against


Winston & Torbjorn

Winston Winston's main goal is to harass and kill the enemy backline. However, if Torbjorn is playing back with his healers, he is a direct counter to Winston. Torbjorn, unlike Roadhog and Reaper, does not have to play on the frontline to help his team. In fact, his Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun and Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret can deal plenty of ranged damage. Because of his ranged damaged, Torbjorn can sit with the backline and babysit his allies. When Winston tries to Jump Pack Icon Jump Pack in, Torbjörn can turn on Overload Icon Overload and either break through Winston's Barrier Projector Icon Barrier Projector or kill Winston outright. In addition to the strength of Torbjorn's positioning and firepower against Winston, players must also realize the ineffectiveness of Tesla Cannon Icon Tesla Cannon against Torbjorn. Due to armor Torbjorn gains from Overload Icon Overload, Tesla Cannon should barely pose a threat to his life. Additionally, Tesla Cannon deals minimal damage against Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret, making Winston a poor pick against Torbjorn regardless of the circumstances.


Doomfist & Torbjorn

Doomfist Doomfist is arguably one of the biggest threats in the Overwatch universe thanks to his mobility and his ability to take out unsuspecting enemies. Fortunately, Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret is an easy flanker detector. Doomfist is especially susceptible to Torbjorn's turret because he has no long-range damage with which to take it out. Therefore, if Doomfist wants to attack, he has to either rely on teammates to kill the turret for him, or to risk taking turret damage the whole time he is attacking the enemy backline. Thanks to Overload Icon Overload, Torbjorn is a scary target for Doomfist to focus, as Torbjorn's Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun can shred through his The Best Defense... Icon The Best Defense... shields and health pool. It is also crucial to note that Rocket Punch Icon Rocket Punch is not an instant kill against Torbjorn, even at full damage capacity. Therefore, Torbjorn can easily tank the punch and kill Doomfist after the fact.


Brigitte & Torbjorn

Brigitte Brigitte brings her team together through abilities like Inspire Icon Inspire, Rally Icon Rally, and her own Barrier Shield Icon Barrier Shield. However, Torbjörn counters these abilities through his high-powered damage. First, Torbjorn's Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun melts through enemies getting healed from Inspire, as not many heroes can last long when taking shotgun shells at point blank range. Second, Overload Icon Overload allows Torbjorn to destroy Barrier Shield Icon Barrier Shield in a matter of seconds, and it also allows him to tank Brigitte's low-damage attacks. Third, Molten Core Icon Molten Core is a direct counter to Rally Icon Rally; as the lava eats through armor faster than regular health, it forces the enemy team to either split from one another or face a fiery death together, and it slows down an enemy assault on an objective or choke point.

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