Race Guide to Gnomes

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The Gnomes may be small, but they are one of the most intelligent races on Azeroth, with an extreme proficiency in anything technical. They can be played as Mages, Rogues, Warlocks, and Warriors in World of Warcraft: Classic.



The eccentric, often-brilliant Gnomes are one of the most peculiar races of the world. With their obsession for developing radical new technologies and constructing marvels of mind-bending engineering, it's a wonder that any Gnomes have survived to proliferate.

Thriving within the wondrous techno-city of Gnomeregan, the Gnomes shared the resources of the forested Dun Morogh Peaks with their Dwarven cousins. Though the dwarves of Ironforge also have a propensity for technology and engineering — it is the gnomes who provide the critical, visionary designs for most of the Dwarves' weapons and steam vehicles.

The Gnomes served the Alliance well during the Second War, but strangely, they refused to send any personnel to aid their allies during the Burning Legion's recent invasion. Though their designs helped turn the tide against the Legion, the Dwarves and Humans were shocked by the Gnomes' decision to withhold their courageous troops and pilots.

When the war ended, the Alliance discovered the reason for the Gnomes' sudden withdrawal. Apparently, an ancient, barbaric menace had risen from the bowels of the earth and invaded Gnomeregan. Knowing that their allies' priority was defeating the Burning Legion, the Gnomes decided to make their stand alone. Though they fought valiantly to save their beloved city, Gnomeregan was irrevocably lost.

Nearly half of the Gnomish race was wiped out during the fall of Gnomeregan. The ragged Gnomes that survived fled to the safety of the Dwarves' stronghold of Ironforge. Committed once again to the Alliance's cause, the Gnomes spend their time devising strategies and weapons that will help them retake their ravaged city and build a brighter future for their people.


Racial Mounts

The racial mounts of the Gnomes are Mechanostriders and can be purchased from Milli Featherwhistle in Dun Morogh. There are 7 Mechanostriders available in Classic.





Gnomes can be played as the following classes in Classic.

  • Mage — Gnome is the best race for Alliance Mages in Classic in both PvP and PvE.
  • Rogue — In PvP, Gnomes are the best race for Alliance Rogues due to their Escape Artist Icon Escape Artist. For PvE, there are better choices, such as Human or Night Elf.
  • Warlock — Gnome is the best race for Alliance Warlocks in Classic in both PvP and PvE.
  • Warrior — Gnome Warriors are a solid choice in PvP due to Escape Artist Icon Escape Artist. Beyond this, they have very little benefit to tank or DPS players in PvE.


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