Retribution Paladin DPS Season of Mastery Phase 3/4 Gear

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items from Tier 2 / Blackwing Lair for your Retribution Paladin in WoW Classic's Season of Mastery. For pre-raid gearing advice, please refer to our Retribution Paladin DPS Gearing and Best in Slot guide.


Retribution Paladin Season of Mastery Best in Slot (BiS) List for Blackwing Lair

This is the gear we recommend you to chase while doing the first raids in the game: Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair.

Paladin's Tier 1, Lawbringer Armor is designed to not be a set meant for Retribution Paladins. However, the Tier 2 set Judgement Armor is great for Retribution Paladins, as it comes with great stats and tons of spell damage and it is basically free of competition.

Most of your BiS setup in this phase will come from pieces from Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, or even just dungeon gear in some slots. Sadly, competition for lots of these pieces will be quite high, since Warriors will want them as well, so be prepared to spend some time obtaining them. As an alternative for many of the contested Warrior items, using the Rank 10 PVP set Lieutenant Commander's Redoubt or the Field Marshal's Aegis from PVP rank 12 and 13 is a very good alternative.

The list below contains gear from: raids, epic PvP sets (above rank 11), as well as some gear from dungeons and quests, when warranted.

Slot Item Source
  • Field Marshal's Lamellar Faceguard Icon Field Marshal's Lamellar Faceguard
  • Judgement Crown Icon Judgement Crown
  • Lionheart Helm Icon Lionheart Helm
  • The Eye of Hakkar Icon The Eye of Hakkar
  • Onyxia Tooth Pendant Icon Onyxia Tooth Pendant
  • Drake Talon Pauldrons Icon Drake Talon Pauldrons
  • Judgement Spaulders Icon Judgement Spaulders
  • Field Marshal's Lamellar Pauldrons Icon Field Marshal's Lamellar Pauldrons
  • Truestrike Shoulders Icon Truestrike Shoulders
  • Cloak of Draconic Might Icon Cloak of Draconic Might
  • Puissant Cape Icon Puissant Cape
  • Cape of the Black Baron Icon Cape of the Black Baron
  • Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape Icon Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape
  • Field Marshal's Lamellar Chestplate Icon Field Marshal's Lamellar Chestplate
  • Judgement Breastplate Icon Judgement Breastplate
  • Savage Gladiator Chain Icon Savage Gladiator Chain
  • Cadaverous Armor Icon Cadaverous Armor
  • Berserker Bracers Icon Berserker Bracers
  • Judgement Bindings Icon Judgement Bindings
  • Wristguards of Stability Icon Wristguards of Stability
  • Marshal's Lamellar Gloves Icon Marshal's Lamellar Gloves
  • Judgement Gauntlets Icon Judgement Gauntlets
  • Flameguard Gauntlets Icon Flameguard Gauntlets
  • Devilsaur Gauntlets Icon Devilsaur Gauntlets — Use the 2-set if you need extra hit
  • Onslaught Girdle Icon Onslaught Girdle
  • Judgement Belt Icon Judgement Belt
  • Therazane's Link Icon Therazane's Link
  • Marshal's Lamellar Legplates Icon Marshal's Lamellar Legplates
  • Judgement Legplates Icon Judgement Legplates
  • Legguards of the Fallen Crusader Icon Legguards of the Fallen Crusader
  • Sentinel's Lamellar Legguards Icon Sentinel's Lamellar Legguards
  • Cloudkeeper Legplates Icon Cloudkeeper Legplates
  • Devilsaur Leggings Icon Devilsaur Leggings — Use the 2-set if you need extra hit
  • Chromatic Boots Icon Chromatic Boots
  • Judgement Sabatons Icon Judgement Sabatons
  • Marshal's Lamellar Boots Icon Marshal's Lamellar Boots
  • Bloodmail Boots Icon Bloodmail Boots
  • Circle of Applied Force Icon Circle of Applied Force
  • Don Julio's Band Icon Don Julio's Band
  • Painweaver Band Icon Painweaver Band
  • Quick Strike Ring Icon Quick Strike Ring
  • Band of Accuria Icon Band of Accuria
  • Drake Fang Talisman Icon Drake Fang Talisman
  • Hand of Justice Icon Hand of Justice
  • Blackhand's Breadth Icon Blackhand's Breadth
  • Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros Icon Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
  • Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood Icon Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood
  • Grand Marshal's Claymore Icon Grand Marshal's Claymore
  • Bonereaver's Edge Icon Bonereaver's Edge
  • Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds Icon Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds
  • The Unstoppable Force Icon The Unstoppable Force
  • Obsidian Edged Blade Icon Obsidian Edged Blade
Libram Libram of Fervor Icon Libram of Fervor BoE world drop, bought off the Auction House

Other Best in Slot Lists

As this list is meant to be used for Retribution Paladins in WoW Classic's Season of Mastery, we have created separate gear lists for those interested in optimizing themselves for the "main" branch of Classic instead. If you are not playing in the Season of Mastery, it is recommended that you consult this gear hub instead. In case you still need it, we have also included a link to our Phase 1/2 Season of Mastery gear list.

In addition, because Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, and Onyxia's Lair may require the use of additional Fire Resistance, we have a separate guide below to optimize your gear for this stat if necessary.



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