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Rogue Funny Deck - Copy of the copy of the copy of the....

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grettings icy veins!

want to share a new funny deck xD

Bite weed 8/8 turn 3? we got this!

i'm going to try a FULL GIANT rogue deck. due to Mimic Pod and Thistle Tea we can stack up and tech also for another type of GIANT , while we tech for the standard giant Arcane Giant , using the two cards above we can also tech for : Mountain Giant 

while we tech for giants we will fullfill the board with tougher Edwin VanCleef and Biteweed.


Here it is the list without Mountain Giant because i have to craft and test it.

Counterfeit Coin x2

Preparation x2

Backstab x2

Hallucination x2

Bladed Cultist x2 (not sure... it can be swapped with everything you want)

Biteweed x2

Jade Shuriken x2 (this really can summon a 4/4 without any other jade cards. events , this deck is randomized events)

Shiv x2

Eviscerate x2

Mimic Pod x2

Fan of Knives x2

Edwin VanCleef x1

Sherazin, Corpse Flower x1 (we do not run much creatures in the deck , but mid late we play lots of cards. LOTS i mean LOTS of cards.)

Vilespine Slayer x2 

Thistle Tea x2

Arcane Giant x2

Have fun!


This is actually winning against hunter face decks.


Mulligan --> just search spells. SHIV got priority over everything. hero power too. (not always)

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