Make it cheap #4 Budget Aggro/Tempo Rogue

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I couldn't find a Standard Aggro Rogue deck, so I created one tested it a bit and here we go :)

Total Arcane Dust cost: 1360



It plays mostly like any other aggro rogue decks (the Icy Veins Guide written by Pesty is very thorough, if you want to read it you can find it here)

Being a cheap deck it's of course weaker. You might want to end the game early the longer it lasts the harder it'll get with this version of an aggro rogue deck. If you get your board cleared while having only few cards in hand you will have a hard time to win the game unless your opponent is already on low health and you have still something like Southsea Deckhand + Cold Blood and/or Eviscerate. The inclusion of Snowflipper Penguin (which can easily be replaced with Wisp) is not because it's a cheap card (dust) but to combo with your other cards.

Your focus should be to do damage to the enemy hero but you should still keep your opponents side of the board in check by making value trades then keep hitting the hero.

Have fun :)

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