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Make it cheap #2 Budget Cannibal Warlock

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A few days ago I posted a cheap priest deck. I have no idea how many actually have been interested in it but maybe we had some none registered visitors who knows. So here another deck. Again inspired by Chump but I had a similar deck before. Compared to Chumps' version I replaced 2x Twilight Summoner with 2x Spawn of N'Zoth (beause Epics are not budget :D) and I didn't want to craft Forbidden Ritual myself so I've put in 2 commons instread, Mortal Coil and Zealous Initiate.

It's technically a Zoo but it plays differently which is a nice change to the "we know it all" stuff :)

Total Arcane Dust Cost: 1500

Deck Code: AAECAf0GBMQIxQmNrQLKywINMNkHwgi0rAL2rgKNrwLnwQKrwgK0xAKXywL3zQKmzgKJ4gIA


This deck is basically a Zoo, you can find a well written guide here, but maybe somewhat slower and less reliable due to the fact that you need to combo with your deathrattle cards but the value you get out of them should make up for it. As with any Zoo deck you want to put early pressure on your opponent and establish board control with cheap minions and playing on curve.

In your starting hand you want to see a couple of 1 mana minions and a 2 (and/or maybe a 3 mana cost) mana cost to put something on the board and plan for your next turns. Flame Imp is always a good choice as well as Sanguine Reveler and a 1, 2 or maybe a 3 mana deathrattle minion to combo with. Against more aggressive decks a Voidwalker could be a good choice as well, against slower decks you might consider to keep a Devilsaur Egg. To be able to play a Darkshire Councilman on turn 3 is great too.

You have good tools to maintain board control (besides the minions you already have) like Volatile Elemental which has great synergy with your cannibal cards like Ravenous PterrordaxUnwilling Sacrifice is a bit like Deadly Shot and needs accurate play to be not a waste but the potential value you can get out of it is great. And later in the game Despicable Dreadlord helps a lot to maintain board control.

Have fun :)

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I like general idea of this deck so I tryed create it as close to this original version as this possible. Sad was need to replace few cards, bec I didn't have them and all of them was from Old Gods expansion, so I decided that is a bit too late to use my last dust for cards from expansion what will leave standard so soon. But I would like to have all cards what I missed. :( Before this topic I didn't play with my Warlock too much (I just ignored this class for some reasons). I think that is very nice version of cheap deck for beginners with lack of dust imo, and small replacements is possible too if general idea saved. But everyone(not only beginners) could try to get some fun. Synergy of cards, all sweet combos is something with what I enjoy after few games. :) So I would recommend to try this deck. Btw nice you added guide, short description is always useful. ^^

And well to be honest I really think maybe I could craft all cards what I don't have from original version of this deck, I even able to ignore that they will be wild soon. :D Still don't know what I will do, but I want this deck as it is. ^^

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