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Aggro Rogue (AKA Tempo Rogue) Deck List Guide

Last updated on Feb 07, 2018 at 12:16 by Pesty 24 comments

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Aggro Rogue, sometimes referred to as Tempo Rogue, is an archetype that relies on Rogue's efficient damage spells such as Cold Blood and Eviscerate to rush down opponents incredibly quickly. When coupled with Charge minions and a stick board presence, it can be incredibly hard to deal with.

As the core cards that shape the archetype are the primarily highly efficient Rogue spells, the rest of the deck can have a high degree of flexibility, making Aggro Rogue a very diverse archetype overall. Some variants aim to further the aggression by utilising Charge minions, Pirates and cards like Shadowstep for additional cheap damage. Where as others opt to use more efficient cards such as Shaku, the Collector or The Curator to play slightly longer games, while still being able to maintain an aggressive playstyle.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Aggro Rogue, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

This Tempo Rogue Deck is a fairly straightforward variant of Tempo Rogue. It takes full advantage of the range of cheap tempo tools used across all variants without committing to any of the various tribes that can be used within the archetype. It is a good place to start for those who wish to learn the archetype before committing to a more polarised tribal variant.

This Tom60229's World Championship Tempo Rogue Deck is a very balanced variant designed to be strong in all matchups. It was used by Tom60229 as part of his lineup to win the 2017 Hearthstone World Championship.

This Surrender's Summer World Championship Tempo Rogue Deck builds on the existing strength of Tempo Rogue variants that take advantage of Prince Keleseth and adds in powerful mid-game threats like Cobalt Scalebane and Cairne Bloodhoof to provide more sustained aggression. This variant was used by Surrender to win the 2017 Summer World Championship.

This BoarControl's Elemental Tempo Rogue Deck builds on the strength of Prince Keleseth Tempo Rogue decks and adds in powerful Elemental synergies to create even more powerful Tempo plays. It was created by professional Hearthstone player BoarControl.

This Asmodai's Rank 1 Legend Tempo Rogue Deck takes advantage of Prince Keleseth in combination with cards like Shadowstep and Shadowcaster to overwhelm opponents with buffed minions. It was used by Asmodai in September 2017 to achieve rank 1 Legend.

This Gyong's Tempo Rogue Deck has a more sustained playstyle by taking advantage of card generation effects to be able to win longer games. With cards like Shaku, the Collector and Hallucination it is able to keep a large number of cards in hand at all times. It was used by Gyong in August 2017 to achieve rank 1 Legend on the Asia server.

This Refachan's Pirate Aggro Rogue Deck focuses on Pirate synergies to put heavy pressure onto opponents. It uses additional weapons to help control the board to allow Pirate minions to freely rush down opponents. It was used by Renfachan in August 2017 to achieve rank 5 Legend on the Asia server.

This Menagerie Aggro Rogue Deck builds on the foundation of Finja Aggro Rogue and adds in multiple Beasts to take advantage of The Curator to add a bit of consisency to the late-game.

This Finja Murloc Aggro Rogue Deck sacrifices a small amount of early-game pressure in order to incorporate the Finja, the Flying Star Murloc package. The changes open up the potential for huge mid-game swing turns that will often be strong enough to immediately win the game.

This Aggro Pirate Rogue Deck takes the standard shell of Aggro Rogue and adds additional Pirates to put more emphasis on tribal synergy. This often results in a high risk high reward playstyle, opening up the possibility of a much more dominant playstyle thanks to Southsea Captain at the risk of failing to get key Pirate cards in play together.

This Pirate Aggro Rogue Wild Deck is a much stronger version of the Standard variant, containing many powerful additions exclusive to the Wild format, with Ship's Cannon being especially powerful. The broader card pool available in the Wild format also means that this variant is even more aggressive and can kill opponents faster than its Standard counterpart.

This Cheap Tempo Rogue Wild Deck is designed to be very cheap to craft while still following the core principles and playstyle of Aggro Rogue. It is a good starting point for newer players that have limited dust to explore the archetype or the Wild format.

1. Aim of the Deck

This archetype aims to use cheap spells such as Backstab and Eviscerate in combination with the Rogue Hero Power to dominate the board during the early-game. The board control can then be swiftly translated into damage by using highly efficient spells such as Cold Blood in addition to Charge minions, leaving opponents in a very unfavourable position and often unable to survive.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

The ability to seize board control in the early-game makes Aggro Rogue a solid tool for shutting down other aggressive decks. The early initiative gained will often result in Aggro Rogue being able to comfortably come out on top in a race for damage. The sheer damage output of the archetype also make it regularly possible to swiftly defeat Control decks before they are able to get a foothold on the board.

Despite utilising cheap spells very efficiently in most situations, the same cards also open up the archetypes weaknesses. Cards like Cold Blood and Shadowstep can sometimes be a huge liability in situations where there are no minions available, such as during the early-game with poor draws, against opponents who are able to keep the board clear of minions, or when looking to topdeck the final few points of damage in the late-game.

3. Key Cards and Crafting

There are three main Legendaries used across Aggro Rogue decks, Edwin VanCleef, Leeroy Jenkins, and Patches the Pirate. Edwin is the highest priority of these, the sheer number of cheap cards used across Aggro Rogue decks means that Edwin will almost always offer great value and even potentially win games alone if left uncontested in the early-game. Leeroy is almost equally useful, providing a huge amount of burst damage to finish games, which can be further boosted by Cold Blood or Shadowstep. Patches naturally fits into Aggro Rogue due to Swashburglar or Southsea Deckhand already being present in all decks, providing an additional boost in tempo to aid in early-game domination.

Vilespine Slayer is the closest thing to a staple Epic card within the archetype, however no more than one copy is required due to the high Mana cost, despite the potential for huge swing turns. Most of the other staple cards for the archetype are cheap to craft and include SI:7 Agent, Eviscerate, Cold Blood, and Southsea Deckhand. All of these cards offer huge spikes in tempo for their Mana cost, usable to control the board in the early-game or as burst damage later on.

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