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Three Paladin Cards Revealed: The Witchwood

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We are covering three new card reveals and they all belong to Paladin!

This first off the schedule reveal was made by Atomix, a Mexican site.


The mana cost for this weapon is ridiculously high. It is difficult to see it fit into Murloc or Silver Hand Paladin. Both of them will lose Rallying Blade, but they will be looking for a cheap replacement and not something that costs 8 mana. People have pointed out that Silver Sword synergises well with Ebon Dragonsmith, which is a Dragon; along with the recently revealed Cathedral Gargoyle, Dragon Paladin may actually become a thing. Only time will tell.

The second Paladin card of the day was made by Dr. Mark Sheep (Taiwanese streamer) on YouTube. His video is in English. Dr. Sheep also explains in his video how the Deathrattle triggers before the Secret, so you can't get Bellringer Sentry back with Redemption and also put another Redemption in play.


Well it's been a while since Secret Paladin was relevant in Standard and I am sure this card might bring nightmares to some players. However, the situation isn't the same as it was 2 years ago: Paladin will be left with only its vanilla secrets, since Getaway Kodo is rotating to Wild. Puffin hinted on Reddit that Paladin will get a new Secret in The Witchwood, but it has to be in the power level of Avenge for players to consider it. I just don't see how this nice card can find its way into a Standard deck; even in Wild, though, Mysterious Challenger still does the job more than well.

Lastly, we have a Paladin legendary minion revealed by Geek Culture. In their article, there's a video with gameplay of this card.


Paladin got some cards with healing synergy in Kobolds & Catacombs, but they were not enough for healadin to become relevant. The Glass Knight alone cannot push this archetype, too. Its stats are pretty mediocre for its mana cost, but it's actually harder to remove than it looks. Mage, Rogue and Druid might have it relatively easier than other classes, but this card can be Priest's nemesis. Overall, The Glass Knight might not feel special, but it's not too bad.

Feel free to share your opinion about these three cards. What do you think about the direction Paladin is heading to in The Witchwood?

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An 8 Mana weapon is really a joke even if you can discount it with the dragon, as Zadina mentioned, to play Val'anyr for 6 mana feels awkward sometimes but at least it has 4 attack. I would rather play a Sword of Justice, hope it does not get destroyed and follow up with a Call to Arms.

As Zadina said, there needs to be a good secret to justify the inclusion of Bellringer, as well as to justify the inclusion of secrets in general without making your deck worse.

The Glass Knight: I like the design but it's too bad, I would use it if one of these changes:

  • It would cost 3 mana
  • it had 4/5
  • it would offer an additional ability like taunt or even rush.

Would that be too much? I mean it's a legend. Rallying Blade is rotating out, so sad. It has some synergy with Bolvar, Fireblood but it hardly justifies the inclusion of this.

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Weapon compares similarly to vine cleaver, effect is harder to pull off, but can be more powerful, slightly worse stats, and 1 higher Mana.  I think we're this card shines though is in even paladin.  Most every good paladin card is even, and this card could have a home in that deck, if such a deck exists.


The sentry is bad.  Paladin secrets are bad, putting paladin secrets in your deck is worse.  Unless there is a broken one printed this won't see play.  Mysterious Challenger was good because it thinned 5 cards and created a powerful and awkward board state for your opponent.  This doesn't do that.


The knight looks pretty okay.  Kind of hard to tell.  Stats seem pretty okay, better then the cthun card that saw play, which leads me to believe with a single ticket of the ability, this card would be good.  But that seems a little hard to do, at least with any regularity.

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Struggle to see the weapon being played. It’s terrible if you have no board. Vinecleaver just seems much better. The Sentry isn’t bad, but don’t see it in standard unless strong secrets arrive. I could see it being run in a wild dude paladin that doesn’t want to go all-in on secrets with mc.

I think the glass knight is decent. If you can get the shield replaced with Truesilver a few times, you could get nice value out of it. Doubt aggro wants it though, so unless a more midrange Paladin pops up doubt we’ll see it.

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Weapon usage depends on how slow the meta will be. Val'anyr will see play in a slower meta, and so will the sword. Dude paladin already plays Vinecleaver at 7. It is no surprise. If you can play Sunkeeper Tarim on 6, and coin this out on turn 8, all your minions are 4/4s, which is good. It is situational, but it is early to rule it out.

For the legendary, I will say it will see play. The reason is, Divine Shield is pretty good for keeping the board in check, and this keyword makes health stat kinda irrelevant. Plus, its not like paladin is missing any healing.

Secret card is situational. I mean, Challenger saw play because it thins your deck for 4-5 cards. This will get either 1 or 2. And CtA is always a better card for that purpose. If paladin gets a strong token-synergy based secret (Avenge) this might see play in some form of midrange paladin.

Overall, I don't think the cards are bad. But they are definitely not high on power level.

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