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The Instant Mill ! (druid wild)

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Goal is to draw your, perhaps mostly entire deck and make your opponent draw 18 cards in a row from it after swap.

The combo is: Juicy Psychmellon hope for Aviana so you can play Emperror while she is at hand. In order to not fail on that, there still is one Innervate.

After deck is drawn, or not entire depends on how fatigue draw you want your opponent to take. In order - Aviana; Kun (refresh mana crystals); Togwaggle; Ixxlid; Djinni; Faceless (copy Djinni); Naturalize (on Togwaggle); Djinni; Faceless (copy Djinni); Naturalize (on any of your minions except Djinni).

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Kinda guide for proper usage.

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