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Shadowlands Alpha 9.0.1 Build 34081: Class Changes

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Blizzard's latest blue post from April 15 contained just a fraction of class changes that went live with the latest Shadowlands Alpha Build 34081, so we've made a more detailed overview. Highlights include new not yet implemented PvP talents for Priests, and Warlocks, Carve Carve & Whirlwind Whirlwind now strike only up to 5 targets as outlined in the AoE changes post, and more.

Death Knight

  • Anti-Magic Zone Anti-Magic Zone - Places an Anti-Magic Zone for 10 sec that reduces spell damage taken by party or raid members by 60 20%.
  • Obliterate Obliterate - A brutal attack with both weapons that deals a total of [ 60 120% of Attack Power ] Physical damage.


  • Bloodtalons Bloodtalons - When you use Shred, Rake, and Ferocious Bite Thrash within 3 sec, the damage of your next 2 Rips or Ferocious Bites is increased by 50%.
  • Survival Instincts Survival Instincts - Charges reduced to 1. The second charge is granted through Rank 2.


  • Carve Carve - A sweeping attack that strikes up all up to 5 enemies in front of you for [ 28% of Attack Power ] Physical damage.


  • Mastery: Elusive Brawler Mastery: Elusive Brawler - Each time you are hit by a melee attack, or hit with Blackout Strike Kick, you gain stacking 8.0% increased Dodge chance until your next successful Dodge. Also increases your attack power by 8.0%.
  • Provoke Provoke - Taunts the target and causes them to move toward you at 50% increased speed attack you.
  • Roll Roll - Charges reduced to 1. The second charge is granted through Rank 2.
    • Roll Roll (Rank 2 added) - Roll now has two charges.
  • Touch of Death Touch of Death - Deals damage equal to 15 35% of your maximum health against players and stronger creatures under 15% health.
  • Zen Meditation Zen Meditation (Rank 2 added) - Zen Meditation is no longer cancelled by moving.


  • Cardinal Mending <NYI> Cardinal Mending NYI (New PvP Talent) - Prayer of Mending now heals the target for 10% of their maximum health, ignoring any healing reduction effects.
  • Divine Ascension <NYI> Divine Ascension NYI (New PvP Talent) - You ascend into the air out of harm's way. While floating, you are only able to cast Holy spells.



  • Surge of Power Surge of Power - Earth Shock Consuming at least 6 stacks of Fulmination also enhances your next spell cast within 15 sec.


  • Amplify Curse <NYI> Amplify Curse NYI (New PvP Talent) - Your next Curse of Recklessness, Curse of  Tongues or Curse of Weakness applies another effect on the enemy.
    • Curse of Recklessness - Movement speed reduced by 500%. 
    • Curse of Tongues - Increase casting time by an additional 500%.
    • Curse of Weakness - Enemy is unable to critically strike.


  • Shield Slam Shield Slam - Devastate, Thunder Clap, Revenge, and Execute have a 30% chance to reset the cooldown of Shield Slam.
  • Whirlwind Whirlwind - Unleashes a whirlwind of steel, striking all up to 5 nearby enemies for [ 41.1% of Attack Power] Physical damage.


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I swear, there's NEVER Paladin changes.   Ever.   The class has been in a near absolute stasis since WoD.

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22 hours ago, Migol said:

I swear, there's NEVER Paladin changes.   Ever.   The class has been in a near absolute stasis since WoD.

No idea what you smoked but give me some, Paladin received one of the most changes in Shadow lands of all specs. 

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53 minutes ago, Cugehock said:

No idea what you smoked but give me some, Paladin received one of the most changes in Shadow lands of all specs. 

Any permanent ones or are you referring to the covenant abilities (IE "borrowed power")?     The only real ones I've seen are the unpruning "additions" and the shift to holy energy for use to all 3 specs?    For prot spec I don't see many true changes at all though, we get auras (IE raidbuffs) back and can use Word of Glory...and that's about it?

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18 hours ago, Migol said:

Any permanent ones or are you referring to the covenant abilities (IE "borrowed power")?     The only real ones I've seen are the unpruning "additions" and the shift to holy energy for use to all 3 specs?    For prot spec I don't see many true changes at all though, we get auras (IE raidbuffs) back and can use Word of Glory...and that's about it?

You were referring to paladins in general, if you've said prot from the get go i would've understood.

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      Players are already coming up with "solutions" to this, however, as one tank explains his strategy:

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      Legendary recipes that drop from dungeons need to be moved to end of dungeon bosses Blizz, can we make memories drop solely off the last boss? Sincerely, everyone. Legendary farm in Dungeon finder is massive issue Blizzard need to change legendary drops from dungeons, tanks keep leaving Legendary items need to be moved to the last boss Make legendary memories 100% drop rate or fix dungeon queuing. This is absurd. Make all dungeon legendary drops come from the final boss in the dungeon. Having some legendaries drop from the 1st boss and some from the last in dungeons was bad game design And many, MANY more. Hopefully Blizzard hotfixes the issue soon, as this is bound to continue throughout the expansion, with alts coming in all the time.
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      Angelicus07 was a victim/winner of a very specific Covenant swapping bug which happened after a crash, as he actually got to keep his old powers (both signature and class abilities) and gained the new ones - meaning he has all 4 from Necrolords and Venthyr!
      Unfortunately for Angelicus07, he's not really having the fun you'd imagine, as the bug also broke his progression in his new Covenant:

      It's actually a very interesting bug in general, as it might just be one of those random things, but it also might indicate potential plans for the future of the expansion. Could we actually be getting more than 1 Covenant later down the line? It would actually make a lot of sense lore and story-wise, as we'll need all we can get to defeat the Jailer, and inter-Covenant cooperation is a big part of the individual Covenant campaigns.
      Now whether that is actually likely is tricky to say, as balancing even one set of abilities will be a challenge, let alone two. It certainly would be a very cool thing to do to ramp up player power later on in the expansion, similar to how we got Essences and Corrupted items in BfA, but in a more organic way.
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