Moira Synergies and Matchups

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On this page, we list the good and bad matchups for Moira. More specifically, we list the heroes that Moira synergizes well with, the heroes that counter Moira, and those that Moira is strong against.

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Synergies for Moira


Brigitte & Moira

Brigitte Brigitte and Moira are some of the later heroes added to the Overwatch universe, and their playstyle synergy is near impossible to deny. When Moira is paired with Zenyatta or Ana, it becomes apparent that Moira's positioning is nowhere near theirs. While healers typically stick together in Overwatch, Moira had a hard time making friends until Brigitte came along. Brigitte and Moira are both "frontline" healers who can deal with incoming damage in a number of ways. Their abilities feed off of one another to create a team composition that can heal tanks for days. In a vanilla fight with no ultimates, a team composition with Brigitte and Moira can typically outlast enemy damage and come out with a victory. The only downside with this pair of healers is that their ultimates are both non-defensive when compared to other supports, making fights against ultimates difficult to win.


Reaper & Moira

Reaper The duo that somewhat represents Frankenstein and Frankenstein's Monster (as lore states that Moira's work on Gabriel Reyes turned him into Reaper) is a straightforward pairing. Reaper's Hellfire Shotguns Icon Hellfire Shotguns deal a massive amount of damage, but Reaper does lack a solid gap-closer ability that allows him to get into viable range. Although he does have Wraith Form Icon Wraith Form, if you are using this ability to get to enemies to deal damage, you are typically playing him wrong. However, Moira changes all that. Since Moira is a frontline healer, she can support Reapers who want to stay close to enemy tanks and deal damage. Between Reaper's self-sustain passive, The Reaping Icon The Reaping, and Moira's Biotic Grasp (LMB) Icon Biotic Grasp (LMB), killing Reaper is a difficult feat.


Reinhardt & Moira

Reinhardt Although Moira is one of the more difficult healers to kill, she still needs protection, especially when she is on the frontline. Reinhardt's Barrier Field Icon Barrier Field is the best form of protection for Moira, as she can freely move behind his shield while her and her team push forward. While Reinhardt helps Moira stay safe, Moira keeps Reinhardt alive. Reinhardt has one of the largest hitboxes in the game, and his shield is typically a conduit for damage. Therefore, Reinhardt requires burst healing when his shield breaks or when he tries to swing his Rocket Hammer Icon Rocket Hammer. Moira's Biotic Grasp (LMB) Icon Biotic Grasp (LMB) is one of the most potent healing abilities in the game, and a huge relief for a Reinhardt who needs to recharge his Barrier Field. When you take into account the fact that Moira can preemptively throw out a defensive Biotic Orb Icon Biotic Orb when Reinhardt's shield breaks, she is arguably one of the best supports in keeping Reinhardt strong and in the fight.


Moira Counters


Hanzo & Moira

Hanzo Hanzo is an interesting pick against Moira for a number of reasons. Some of the biggest counter-abilities against Moira are instant-kill potential and range. Hanzo happens to have both of these things thanks to this Storm Bow Icon Storm Bow. Additionally, Hanzo can use Storm Arrows Icon Storm Arrows to fight off Moira if she uses Fade Icon Fade to gap close on him. Lastly, Hanzo can use Dragonstrike Icon Dragonstrike in small corridors or on objectives to counter Moira's Coalescence Icon Coalescence. Although Dragonstrike has low kill potential against Moira, it can keep Moira's Coalescence at bay and use up a chunk of the ultimate's channel time.


Mei & Moira

Mei Moira's healing abilities are potent, but only in certain distances and groupings. In fact, Moira works best when allies stick together and are able to move as a unit. Anytime Moira's team is split from one another, her potency is drastically reduced. However, Mei counters clumping team compositions in a variety of ways. First, Mei's Ice Wall Icon Ice Wall separates enemies, causing Moira's allies to be unceremoniously cutoff from each other. Even if Mei can trap and kill one tank with her Ice Wall, Moira's viability will take a direct hit. Second, Mei's Endothermic Blaster Icon Endothermic Blaster works wonders against large clumps of enemies, as it has the ability to freeze multiple opponents simultaneously. Third, Mei's Blizzard Icon Blizzard forces enemies to scatter in different directions lest they be frozen, a reality that directly counters the power of Coalescence's area of effect potential. Speaking of Coalescence, Mei's Ice Wall can simply block Moira's ultimate for a potential 4.5 seconds, which is more than half of Coalescence's channel time.


Roadhog & Moira

Roadhog Roadhog is not as strong against Moira as the other counters, but he is arguably the best tank to counter her abilities. Moira naturally leads her allies to choose a team composition that stick close together. Although Roadhog does not have much, he has two things to counter slow-moving and team-dependent compositions: Chain Hook Icon Chain Hook and Scrap Gun Icon Scrap Gun. Scrap Gun deals massive single target damage, a problem for a team with low mobility. While Moira's team moves in, Roadhog sits back and breaks down enemy barriers with little to no effort. Once a barrier does give way, Roadhog uses his second favorite tool, Chain Hook. Once an enemy is exposed, Roadhog can simply pluck them from the team and pull them into his own team. No matter what Moira tries to do, she can rarely save an ally from an onslaught of bullets. Additionally, Roadhog can use his Chain Hook to pull Moira out of her Coalescence Icon Coalescence if she gets too close.


Moira Is Strong Against


Genji & Moira

Genji Genji may be a cyber-ninja, but Moira has unlimited biotic energy that can work wonders against Genji's kit. Genji is not known for his burst damage; in reality, he is known for harassing enemies from afar before going all in to seal a kill with Swift Strike Icon Swift Strike. However, Moira's Biotic Grasp (RMB) Icon Biotic Grasp (RMB) keeps herself healed while Genji tries to deal damage from afar with his Shuriken Icon Shuriken. If Moira is injured enough to die from Swift Strike, she can use Fade Icon Fade at the perfect time to dodge Genji's blade. Additionally, if Genji uses his Dragonblade, Moira can use her Coalescence Icon Coalescence to heal targeted allies through the ultimate. Coalescence is so potent against Dragonblade because Moira does not have to be near the targeted ally to actually perform her healing. Other supports may have to stay close to their ally to heal them through Dragonblade, a maneuver that puts them at at risk of being targeted by Genji's fury. However, the distance on Moira's Coalescence allows her to heal her team while staying a good distance away from Genji.


Winston & Moira

Winston Winston is a traditional dive tank, using his Jump Jet Icon Jump Jet and Tesla Cannon Icon Tesla Cannon to pounce on unsuspecting healers. However, Moira's kit allows to stay alive in the face of a Winston attack. Moira can use Fade Icon Fade immediately after Winston jumps in to change her positioning. If Moira does not have Fade, she can use her defensive Biotic Orb Icon Biotic Orb and Biotic Grasp (RMB) Icon Biotic Grasp (RMB) to keep herself healed up until allies can help her out or until she can run with Fade Icon Fade. Although Winston does disrupt Moira's plans, his abilities are not nearly as powerful against her as they are against some other healers.

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