Retribution Paladin TBC Pre-Patch BiS Gear Guide

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On this page, you will find the best in slot items for your Retribution Paladin during the pre-patch of the Burning Crusade.


Gearing Strategy for Retribution Paladins in the TBC Pre-Patch

While this list focuses on the best gear possible for players who have been continuously playing Classic, the time we have in the pre-patch is extremely short, so not all this gear will be able to be acquired. Consider some of the alternatives listed including PvP gear, as the ranking requirement is removed from High Warlord/Grand Marshal gear.

Please consider checking out our Classic era pre-raid BiS gearing list as well when figuring out what gear you are looking for, as most of the pieces listed on there are easily farmable.


Naxxramas Retribution Paladin BiS

This is the gear we recommend for Retribution Paladins in the Naxxramas patch. Naxxramas is the final destination of the original World of Warcraft, and as such carries the best gear and the most difficult bosses.

Paladins Tier 3, Redemption Armor one of the most highly sought after sets in the game but it unfortunately offers very little benefit for Retribution and we will not be using it in an optimal set up.

Slot Item Source
  • Avenger's Crown Icon Avenger's Crown
  • Tier 2.5 piece found in AQ40
  • Stormrage's Talisman of Seething Icon Stormrage's Talisman of Seething
  • Avenger's Pauldrons Icon Avenger's Pauldrons
  • Tier 2.5 piece found in AQ40
  • Shroud of Dominion Icon Shroud of Dominion
  • Avenger's Breastplate Icon Avenger's Breastplate
  • Tier 2.5 piece found in AQ40
  • Wristguards of Vengeance Icon Wristguards of Vengeance
  • Gauntlets of Annihilation Icon Gauntlets of Annihilation
  • Girdle of the Mentor Icon Girdle of the Mentor
  • Avenger's Legguards Icon Avenger's Legguards
  • Tier 2.5 piece found in AQ40
  • Avenger's Greaves Icon Avenger's Greaves
  • Tier 2.5 piece found in AQ40
  • Circle of Applied Force Icon Circle of Applied Force
  • Band of Unnatural Forces Icon Band of Unnatural Forces
  • Slayer's Crest Icon Slayer's Crest
  • Hand of Justice Icon Hand of Justice
  • Sapphiron in Naxxramas
  • General Angerforge in Blackrock Depths
  • Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros Icon Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
  • Might of Menethil Icon Might of Menethil
Libram Libram of Fervor Icon Libram of Fervor BoE world drop, bought off the Auction House

Alternative Gear for Retribution Paladins

Slot Item Source
  • Lionheart Helm Icon Lionheart Helm
  • Field Marshal's Lamellar Faceguard Icon Field Marshal's Lamellar Faceguard
  • Judgement Crown Icon Judgement Crown
  • Helm of Endless Rage Icon Helm of Endless Rage
  • Onyxia Tooth Pendant Icon Onyxia Tooth Pendant
  • The Eye of Hakkar Icon The Eye of Hakkar
  • Drake Talon Pauldrons Icon Drake Talon Pauldrons
  • Field Marshal's Lamellar Pauldrons Icon Field Marshal's Lamellar Pauldrons
  • Truestrike Shoulders Icon Truestrike Shoulders
  • Defiler's Plate Spaulders Icon Defiler's Plate Spaulders
  • Cloak of Concentrated Hatred Icon Cloak of Concentrated Hatred
  • Cloak of Draconic Might Icon Cloak of Draconic Might
  • Puissant Cape Icon Puissant Cape
  • Deathguard's Cloak Icon Deathguard's Cloak
  • Savage Gladiator Chain Icon Savage Gladiator Chain
  • Field Marshal's Lamellar Chestplate Icon Field Marshal's Lamellar Chestplate
  • Gorosh the Dervish in Blackrock Depths
  • Rank 13 PvP set
  • Hive Defiler Wristguards Icon Hive Defiler Wristguards
  • Berserker Bracers Icon Berserker Bracers
  • Wristguards of Stability Icon Wristguards of Stability
  • Gauntlets of the Righteous Champion Icon Gauntlets of the Righteous Champion
  • Flameguard Gauntlets Icon Flameguard Gauntlets
  • Marshal's Lamellar Gloves Icon Marshal's Lamellar Gloves
  • Ossirian's Binding Icon Ossirian's Binding
  • Onslaught Girdle Icon Onslaught Girdle
  • Therazane's Link Icon Therazane's Link
  • Legguards of the Fallen Crusader Icon Legguards of the Fallen Crusader
  • Marshal's Lamellar Legplates Icon Marshal's Lamellar Legplates
  • Cloudkeeper Legplates Icon Cloudkeeper Legplates
  • Chromatic Boots Icon Chromatic Boots
  • Marshal's Lamellar Boots Icon Marshal's Lamellar Boots
  • Band of Accuria Icon Band of Accuria
  • Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight Icon Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight
  • Circle of Applied Force Icon Circle of Applied Force
  • Quick Strike Ring Icon Quick Strike Ring
  • Drake Fang Talisman Icon Drake Fang Talisman
  • Blackhand's Breadth Icon Blackhand's Breadth
  • Heart of Wyrmthalak Icon Heart of Wyrmthalak
  • Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom Icon Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom
  • Dark Edge of Insanity Icon Dark Edge of Insanity
  • Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood Icon Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood
  • Grand Marshal's Claymore Icon Grand Marshal's Claymore
  • The Untamed Blade Icon The Untamed Blade
  • Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds Icon Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds
Libram Libram of Hope Icon Libram of Hope Isalien in Dire Maul East, the boss is summoned for a quest in your tier 0.5 questline


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