Restoration Shaman TBC Pre-Patch BiS Gear Guide

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On this page, you will find the best in slot items for your Restoration Shaman during the pre-patch of the Burning Crusade.


Gearing Strategy for Restoration Shamans in the TBC Classic Pre-patch

While this list focuses on the best gear possible for established players, the time available to gear up within the pre-patch for newly boosted or leveled characters is extremely short, and as such your best bet if you are part of that group is to spam queue PvP for good gear that is also easy to get.

You may also want to complement that gear with our Classic era pre-raid best in slot list, which has plenty of strong options that do not require a large raid group to obtain.


TBC Classic Pre-patch Restoration Shaman Best in Slot

The tier 2 three-piece bonus is heavily nerfed from 30% extra Chain Heal IconChain Heal healing from jumps to just 5% in the TBC Classic pre-patch and is no longer worth sacrificing stats for.

Shamans Tier 3, The Earthshatterer is a pure healing set, and has almost perfect itemization in all pieces, making it a great set to use for its stats alone. You will also gain:

  • 2 pieces: Reduces the mana cost of your totem spells by 12%. This is a decent Mana gain when you are replacing your totems often in speed runs or while Totem Twisting.
  • 4 pieces: Increases the mana gained from your Mana Spring Totem IconMana Spring Totem by 25%. The more uptime you have on your Mana Spring totem, the more benefit you gain from this bonus, but it will always represent a small mana gain, regardless.
  • 6 pieces: Your Healing Wave IconHealing Wave and Lesser Healing Wave IconLesser Healing Wave spells have a chance to imbue your target with Totemic Power. This means a 10% chance to buff 28 Mp5 on Shamans, Priests, Druids and Paladins, 80 Spell Damage on Mages and Warlocks, 140 Attack Power on Rogues and Hunters and 700 Armor on Warriors. These buffs are great, but the proc rate is low and you should be using Chain Heal IconChain Heal for the most part, limiting its benefit.
  • 8 pieces: Your Lightning Shield IconLightning Shield spell also grants you 15 mana per 5 sec. while active. This is a solid bonus with 100% uptime, but using 8 pieces of Tier 3 will prevent you from using the exceptional Tier 2 chain heal 3 piece bonus, which is generally not recommended.

In order to make the best use out of long cooldown trinkets, such as Zandalarian Hero Charm Icon Zandalarian Hero Charm and Scarab Brooch Icon Scarab Brooch, swap them into your gear set when they are off-cooldown and replace them with others during their cooldown.

Slot Item Source
  • Earthshatter Headpiece Icon Earthshatter Headpiece
  • Amulet of the Fallen God Icon Amulet of the Fallen God
  • Earthshatter Spaulders Icon Earthshatter Spaulders
  • Cloak of Clarity Icon Cloak of Clarity
  • Earthshatter Tunic Icon Earthshatter Tunic
  • Earthshatter Wristguards Icon Earthshatter Wristguards
  • Anub'Rekhan and Grand Widow Faerlina in Naxxramas
  • Earthshatter Handguards Icon Earthshatter Handguards
  • Grasp of the Old God Icon Grasp of the Old God
  • Earthshatter Legguards Icon Earthshatter Legguards
  • Earthshatter Boots Icon Earthshatter Boots
  • Ring of the Earthshatterer Icon Ring of the Earthshatterer
  • Band of Unanswered Prayers Icon Band of Unanswered Prayers
  • Eye of the Dead Icon Eye of the Dead
  • Rejuvenating Gem Icon Rejuvenating Gem
  • Spire of Twilight Icon Spire of Twilight
  • Hammer of the Twisting Nether Icon Hammer of the Twisting Nether
  • Shield of Condemnation Icon Shield of Condemnation
  • Totem of Life Icon Totem of Life

Other Top Pre-patch Gear for Restoration Shamans

While the list above contains the absolute best gear setup, you are unlikely to quickly gather all of it. We provide more options below, some which are very close to the best and some which are just much easier to get!

Slot Item Source
  • Stormcaller's Diadem Icon Stormcaller's Diadem
  • Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat Icon Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat
  • Crystal Adorned Crown Icon Crystal Adorned Crown
  • Deviate Growth Cap Icon Deviate Growth Cap
  • Creeping Vine Helm Icon Creeping Vine Helm
  • Necklace of Necropsy Icon Necklace of Necropsy
  • Jin'do's Evil Eye Icon Jin'do's Evil Eye
  • Angelista's Charm Icon Angelista's Charm
  • Amulet of the Shifting Sands Icon Amulet of the Shifting Sands
  • Stormcaller's Pauldrons Icon Stormcaller's Pauldrons
  • Wild Growth Spaulders Icon Wild Growth Spaulders
  • Pauldrons of Elemental Fury Icon Pauldrons of Elemental Fury
  • Ternary Mantle Icon Ternary Mantle
  • Animist's Spaulders Icon Animist's Spaulders
  • Mantle of the Desert's Fury Icon Mantle of the Desert's Fury
  • Cloak of Suturing Icon Cloak of Suturing
  • Shroud of Pure Thought Icon Shroud of Pure Thought
  • Hide of the Wild Icon Hide of the Wild
  • Drape of Benediction Icon Drape of Benediction
  • Stormcaller's Hauberk Icon Stormcaller's Hauberk
  • Robes of the Exalted Icon Robes of the Exalted
  • Earthfury Vestments Icon Earthfury Vestments
  • Bracelets of Royal Redemption Icon Bracelets of Royal Redemption
  • Burrower Bracers Icon Burrower Bracers
  • Loomguard Armbraces Icon Loomguard Armbraces
  • Abyssal Mail Armguards Icon Abyssal Mail Armguards (of Restoration)
  • Wasphide Gauntlets Icon Wasphide Gauntlets
  • Gloves of Dark Wisdom Icon Gloves of Dark Wisdom
  • Gloves of the Messiah Icon Gloves of the Messiah
  • Gloves of Ebru Icon Gloves of Ebru
  • Earthshatter Girdle Icon Earthshatter Girdle
  • Corehound Belt Icon Corehound Belt
  • Regenerating Belt of Vek'nilash Icon Regenerating Belt of Vek'nilash
  • Eyestalk Waist Cord Icon Eyestalk Waist Cord
  • Empowered Leggings Icon Empowered Leggings
  • Salamander Scale Pants Icon Salamander Scale Pants
  • Scaled Leggings of Qiraji Fury Icon Scaled Leggings of Qiraji Fury
  • Stormcaller's Leggings Icon Stormcaller's Leggings
  • Stormcaller's Footguards Icon Stormcaller's Footguards
  • Boots of Pure Thought Icon Boots of Pure Thought
  • Treads of the Wandering Nomad Icon Treads of the Wandering Nomad
  • Boots of Epiphany Icon Boots of Epiphany
  • Greaves of Ten Storms Icon Greaves of Ten Storms
  • Pure Elementium Band Icon Pure Elementium Band
  • Cauterizing Band Icon Cauterizing Band
  • Band of Unanswered Prayers Icon Band of Unanswered Prayers
  • Ring of the Martyr Icon Ring of the Martyr
  • Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight Icon Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight
  • Fordring's Seal Icon Fordring's Seal
  • Shard of the Scale Icon Shard of the Scale
  • Warmth of Forgiveness Icon Warmth of Forgiveness
  • Hibernation Crystal Icon Hibernation Crystal
  • Scarab Brooch Icon Scarab Brooch
  • Draconic Infused Emblem Icon Draconic Infused Emblem
  • Zandalarian Hero Charm Icon Zandalarian Hero Charm
  • Enamored Water Spirit Icon Enamored Water Spirit
  • Staff of the Shadow Flame Icon Staff of the Shadow Flame
  • Staff of Rampant Growth Icon Staff of Rampant Growth
  • Shadow Wing Focus Staff Icon Shadow Wing Focus Staff
  • Scepter of the False Prophet Icon Scepter of the False Prophet
  • The Widow's Embrace Icon The Widow's Embrace
  • Fang of Korialstrasz Icon Fang of Korialstrasz
  • High Warlord's Battle Mace Icon High Warlord's Battle Mace
  • Lok'amir il Romathis Icon Lok'amir il Romathis
  • Claw of Chromaggus Icon Claw of Chromaggus
  • Death's Bargain Icon Death's Bargain
  • Sartura's Might Icon Sartura's Might
  • Wormscale Blocker Icon Wormscale Blocker
  • Lei of the Lifegiver Icon Lei of the Lifegiver
  • Red Dragonscale Protector Icon Red Dragonscale Protector
  • Brightly Glowing Stone Icon Brightly Glowing Stone
  • Sapphiron's Right Eye Icon Sapphiron's Right Eye
  • Totem of Rebirth Icon Totem of Rebirth
  • Totem of Sustaining Icon Totem of Sustaining

Shaman Weapons

Since weapons are such a broad topic, we have written a full guide about Shaman weapons down below.



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