Classic Priest Goldmaking Guide: The Best Ways to Make Gold

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Welcome to our Goldmaking guide for Priest, where you will learn the best ways to make Gold with a Priest in WoW Classic.


Gold Making Guide for Priests

Earning gold is an incredibly important part of Classic WoW and will be very important for many things. There are large purchases that you will want to make, such as getting your epic mount or getting better gear from the auction house. You will also have lots of reoccurring purchases, such as consumables for raiding and PvP. The bottom line is that gold is important, both for quality of life and for getting important items to help your gameplay. One of the most important things to do once you hit Level 60 for the first time, or even before that, is to work to establish a gold-making source.



Professions in Classic are an important part of levelling and sustaining an income to buy new spells, earn riding training and among other things, getting your first mount. Particularly for your first character, you should look to level your professions as you go, and use them as a source of income where possible.


Best Gathering Professions for Priest

The gathering professions are essentially pure profit and are excellent sources of income while levelling and at max level. As with any profession, they will slow your XP grind down a little as you level them up, but the trade-off is acquiring more gold. Taking one or two of either Skinning, Mining or Herbalism are all great options.

  • Skinning: An easy profession to level as you are already looting corpses from mobs you kill anyway.
  • Mining: Does require you to keep an eye out for and go after mining nodes. Pairs well with Engineering.
  • Herbalism: Does require you to keep an eye out for and go after herb nodes. Pairs well with Alchemy.
  • Fishing: Paired with cooking this can make good gold at higher levels. However, this requires a significant time investment and will slow your levelling down.

Best Crafting Professions for Priest

Crafting professions can supply you with a steady amount of income, however, they require more investment in either time to farm materials, or gold to purchase the materials from other players. Tailoring can be an exception to this and is often taken by priests not using gathering professions as you obtain a lot of the cloth you need from mobs you kill. Enchanting, Alchemy and Engineering are the more popular Priest professions, ahead of the less popular Leatherworking and Blacksmithing.

  • Tailoring: Most materials drop from mobs you kill. You can craft gear to use yourself while levelling and at max level as well as sell cloth cooldowns (Mooncloth Icon Mooncloth).
  • Enchanting: Pairs well with Tailoring as you can Disenchant Icon Disenchant items you craft for more enchanting materials.
  • Alchemy: Pairs well with Herbalism but often will not start making much gold until higher levels.
  • Engineering, Blacksmithing, and Leatherworking: Typically not taken by priests for making gold.
  • Cooking: Paris well with fishing and can earn gold particularly at higher levels.

Gold Farming Spots

Most of the better gold farming locations for Priest come out in later phases of release. Initially, the more generic farming locations are suggested as below however keep in mind where possible you should try to farm with at least one other person such as a Warrior or Mage and heal them as they kill groups of enemies. You can either try to hire yourself out in this way to others by advertising in trade chat or by finding someone you know to farm with and split the profits with.


Arathi Highlands

The Elementals in Arathi Highlands drop Elemental Fire Icon Elemental Fire, Elemental Earth Icon Elemental Earth, and Elemental Water Icon Elemental Water, which are used to craft Fire, Nature, or Frost Protection potions. These potions are very useful for raiding and, in some encounters, they are almost required. Due to how useful these potions are, the reagents can be fairly profitable.


Eastern Plaguelands

Eastern Plaguelands is one of the best places to farm for high-level characters. There are multiple options from regular mobs to killing packs of elites.

Eastern Plaguelands Priest Farming Spots

Tyr's Hand

Tyr's Hand is the Scarlet Crusade fortified south-east section of Eastern Plaguelands (red area). It is a dangerous yet profitable farming location that you should bring at least one other person. Some of the best drops for making gold include Runecloth Icon Runecloth, Major Healing Potion Icon Major Healing Potion, and other profitable grey or BoE items. There is also the Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader Icon Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader that drops from Scarlet Archmages which is a sought after enchant for most melee classes and can be either sold on the Auction House or learnt, if you have Enchanting.



Scattered throughout most of the southern portion of Eastern Plaguelands are Plaguebats (yellow areas). They do have the ability to fear you which can be deadly when near other packs of mobs or you do not have Fear Ward Icon Fear Ward (Dwarf Racial) available. This grind is particularly valuable if you have chosen the Skinning profession.


Other Priest Gold Making Tips


Spells and Profession Purchases

While levelling both your character and your professions it can be tempting to try and buy all of the spells or recipes available from your trainers. Try to avoid this and only obtain the spells you are using to level, and the recipes you need to level your profession and save that extra gold.



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