The Stockade Quests Guide

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This guide lists all the quests you can do in the Stockade dungeon: Alliance quests, class quests, profession quests, quests you need to get before entering the dungeons, and quests you get inside the dungeons. The idea is to help you do all the quests in a single run of the dungeon.

For more information about the dungeon, please refer to our detailed Stockade dungeon guide.

There are a number of quests available to Alliance players in the Stockade, which are picked up both inside and outside the dungeon. For Horde players, there are no quests in this dungeon whatsoever.

The list of quests available in this dungeon is as follows, with their level requirement.

  • Alliance Icon A [22] Crime and Punishment
  • Alliance Icon A [22] Quell The Uprising
  • Alliance Icon A [22] The Color of Blood
  • Alliance Icon A [22] The Fury Runs Deep
  • Alliance Icon A [16] The Stockade Riots
  • Alliance Icon A [22] What Comes Around...

In order to be able to complete every quest in this dungeon, you will need to be at least Level 25, due to the pre-requisite for The Fury Runs Deep.


Quests Started Outside the Stockade

The quests started outside of the dungeon are as follows:

  • Crime and Punishment (requires Level 22) — kill Dextren Ward and collect his hand. This quest is given by Councilman Millstipe in Darkshire, Duskwood.
  • Quell The Uprising (requires Level 22) — kill 10 Defias Prisoners, 8 Defias Convicts, and 8 Defias Insurgents. This quest is given by Warden Thelwater just outside of the instance.
  • The Color of Blood (requires Level 22) — collect 10 Red Wool Bandana Icon Red Wool Bandanas from mobs inside the instance. This quest is given by Nikova Raskol, who can be found walking around the Old Town of Stormwind City.
  • The Fury Runs Deep (requires Level 22) — kill Kam Deepfury and return his head to Motley Garmason in the Wetlands, who gives you the quest.
  • The Stockade Riots (requires Level 16) — kill Bazil Thredd and collect his head. This quest follows on from killing Edwin VanCleef in the Deadmines. It is a chain started by picking up An Unsent Letter Icon An Unsent Letter.
  • What Comes Around... (requires Level 22) — kill Targorr the Dread and collect his head. This quest is given by Guard Berton in Lakeshire.

The Fury Runs Deep

While this quest is fairly easy to complete, the pre-requisite for it is very difficult to complete without finding a group to do it. Also note that, despite the main quest being obtainable at Level 22, the pre-requisite The Dark Iron War requires Level 25, so you will need to be Level 25 to complete the main dungeon quest.

You will need to complete The Dark Iron War in order to pick this quest up. This quest takes place in the Wetlands (you can pick it up from the same questgiver, Motley Garmason) and requires you to kill a number of Dark Iron Dwarf mobs in the area.

The mobs are elites and, without a tank or a class with a pet, you will struggle to kill them. If you cannot find a group to do this quest, you can simply skip it and The Fury Runs Deep completely.


The Stockade Riots

The Stockade Riots is part of a long quest chain that begins in the Deadmines.

  • The Unsent Letter
  • Bazil Thredd
  • The Stockade Riots
  • The Curious Visitor
  • Shadow of the Past
  • Look to an Old Friend
  • Infiltrating the Castle
  • Items of Some Consequence
  • New chain unlocks here upon completion of last quest.
  • The Attack!
  • The Head of the Beast
  • Brotherhood's End
  • An Audience with the King

When you kill Edwin VanCleef, he will drop An Unsent Letter Icon An Unsent Letter, which will start the first quest of the chain.

The Stockade Riots is completed fairly early on in the chain, but it is worth finishing the full chain, as well as the second chain that unlocks upon its completion. Doing so will reward you with an excellent ring, as well as a large amount of experience for a fairly simple chain.


Quests Started Inside the Stockade

There are no quests that start inside the dungeon.


Notable Quest Loot from The Stockade

While it is not rewarded directly from any of the quests in this dungeon, Seal of Wrynn Icon Seal of Wrynn can be obtained from a quest chain that leads on from The Stockade Riots. This chain starts with The Attack!, which is given by Tyrion after you complete the chain of The Stockade Riots.



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