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"No Spells" Mage And "Another Class" Rogue Cards Spoiled

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The archetypes for Mage and Rogue and starting to become clear with these 4 new spoilers.


Both Mage and Rogue have gained some clarity as to what their class themes will be in The Witchwood. Rogue is getting another couple of cards which focus on random cards from other classes, while Mage is getting a few powerful minions which work best in a no/low minion-count deck:




With Swashburglar rotating, Blink Fox is going to have to pull some serious weight as the new defacto "another class" card generator. Swashburglar largely saw play as a tool for pulling Patches the Pirate pre-nerf and as a cheap Combo enabler, but Blink Fox will do neither of those things. However, its stats are much more respectable on their own. I think that the average tempo/midrange Rogue is going to have better things to do on Turn 3 than Blink Fox, but if there's a need for "another class" card generators Blink Fox should fit the bill.




Need a reason to play "another class" Rogue? Well, this is it! Tess Greymane is the big payoff card for the archetype, looking to fill the shoes that Lilian Voss never could. It's big, it's expensive, and it's only going to be remotely playable in a dedicated "another class" deck (I really need a better name for this archetype), but it should be pretty excellent in that deck. This positions Tess as one of the riskier Legendary crafts we've seen so far, as there is no way of knowing if the only deck she works in will be a playable one or not. My gut says that there are a few too many totally random effects for a deck like this to ever be consistent, but the payoff for the archetype is there with Tess Greymane.




Looking for a reason to play Book of Specters? Archmage Arugal is a great one, and I have a hard time imagining a world where this card's powerful effect doesn't earn it some play time. Archamge Arugal probably isn't great when played on curve (your opponents won't be dumb enough to leave this card alive very long), but I still think there should be plenty of ways to take advantage of this in combination with Book of Specters.

The first thing I think of with Archmage Arugal is throwing it in a Leyline Manipulator based OTK Mage, where you can use it as a supplementary tool to Simulacrum for creating copies of Sorcerer's Apprentice. The weakness of the Leyline Manipulator OTK Mage when compared to the Open the Waygate version was its total reliance on drawing Simulacrum to create copies of Sorcerer's Apprentice, a problem which Archmage Arugal is happy to help with. With Cabalist's Tome rotating, Open the Waygate suddenly becomes an incredibly unreliable combo piece, and Leyline Manipulator will likely have to take its spot as the engine card for OTK Mage. It's way too hard to say if Archmage Arugal will be consistent enough at creating copies of Leyline Manipulator and Sorcerer's Apprentice to make OTK Mage a powerful deck, but I expect that this will be one of the first places that people will turn to with this exciting new card.

The next place that people will look to play the Archmage in is a "No Spells" deck, which is Mage's answer to Spell Hunter from the previous expansion. The community was quick to write off Spell Hunter, but the deck has proven itself to be the best Hunter deck from the Kobolds & Catacombs meta. Perhaps "No Spells" Mage can do the same in The Witchwood?




If there's a No Spells Mage deck to be hand, it will almost certainly be Elemental-focused and include a few copies of our new friend Bonfire Elemental. Mage has a number of powerful Elemental cards in its arsenal from Journey to Un'Goro, including Pyros and Steam Surger. Bonfire Elemental is the perfect curve card to supplement Servant of Kalimos in the 5 spot, and works excellently with Archmage Arugal. It's also a reason to play Lesser Ruby Spellstone, a card which saw absolutely no play in the Kobolds & Catacombs meta. As a long-time fan of Blazecaller and Elemental Shaman. I'd love nothing more than for No-Spells Elemental Mage to become the next big thing!

Which of these new cards are you most excited for? Let us know in the comment section, and be sure to check out Witchwood Hub for more spoilers from the upcoming expansion!

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According to Trump, I have not actually checked the math myself, the expected value with book of specters if you have 8 spells in your deck is 2.41 cards which is incredibly good.  I could see an elemental value/grinder mage with arugal and 8 spells in it.  You would probably run something like 2 books, 2 polys, 2 glyphs, a flame strike and a ruby spell stone.  Then your Jainia, your arugal, and 20 other minions.  You can pretty much jam every good elemental into that, plus Elise, syndragosa, hell even toki might actually (not even as a joke) work in that deck.  Doll master + arugal + book seems pretty funny as well, but that might be reaching unless you jam a bunch of death rattles in your deck.


As for the rogue cards, eeeeeeeh.  It isn't going to work.  Going to be fun, but probably a tier 4 deck at best.  Rogues just don't have the tools to support a long term value strategy.  I'll probably still try it.  Also I believe the archtype is called burgle rogue.  

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The rogue cards seem to be meme, reminds me of Yogg. Hell even if there will be a viable "other class cards" rogue, "Add Rogue?" , "Thief Rogue?", "have no own good cards rogue?" it will not run the legend due to it's randomness and being not only unreliable but might also backfire a lot.

I was a fan of elemental decks, both shaman and mage, since Un'goro was released and even though they have never been top tier I really enjoyed to play them and did that a lot. These cards (and ofc in combination) are the first cards that are exciting me.

Even if ele mage will not become strong in the meta it will definitely be enjoyable for me to play it.

Edited by Caldyrvan

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16 minutes ago, Caldyrvan said:

Hell even if there will be a viable "other class cards" rogue

This is not possible. Yogg was one card, just one. You play your own deck, then if you are about to lose, you drop him, and hope he wins the game. He does sometimes.

Burgle rogue is like playing arena. Your cards are randomly given to you by the game. You don't get to choose (except Hallucination). So one game, it gives you crazy good cards, whatever you need at any given moment. Next game, it is a bunch of cards you can't even play (Sense DemonsShield SlamTotemic Might and etc.) What you want to do?

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58 minutes ago, VaraTreledees said:

As for the rogue cards, eeeeeeeh.  It isn't going to work.  Going to be fun, but probably a tier 4 deck at best.  Rogues just don't have the tools to support a long term value strategy.  I'll probably still try it.  Also I believe the archtype is called burgle rogue.  

Yeeaaahhh...pretty much.

I tried "Burgle-Rouge" at some point, because I thought it might be fun. But mainly because of one thing it wasn't: when you play against another rouge, half of your deck stops working. So...if I want to steal stuff and beat (or annoy) my opponent with it, then I play priest.

Oh, but there is one thing: Blink Fox is super-cute!!! Awwwww

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Well, playing Elemental Mage you aren’t going to be running out of cards in a hurry. Not sure you tended to before anyway though... But still, arugel+specter is a pretty crazy combo in a deck with only a few spells.

Kinda hope the casino burgle rogue thing isn’t viable. It’s fun but so much rng, will get frustrating to play against if it’s any good.

Edited by Bozonik
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It should be noted that Tess works like pre-nerf Yogg, meaning she'll keep triggering even if she kills herself. Class cards have a much higher chance of giving you minions than spells do, so comparing it to Yogg is not really accurate. She could get huge value assuming you steal good minions. Don't know if rogue playstyle will ever allow this, however. Also, her wording says Replay; does that count as play? Shadowstepping Tess would then do some really funny things.

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I will try out a Burgle rogue, but I am not sure it will be much better then current decks. More fun though, Tess seams like being more dependable then Yogg-Saron (then again, moments such as Yogg filling the board with minions then casting Doom and milling you to death made him hilarious in my guild's tournaments). Hopefully Blizzard will ban Tess from official tournaments rather then nerf her for everyone if she proves to be a "I have pretty much lost, I may as well try this" card.

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I was toying around a bit with a more minion based ele mage deck and it sucks. The new cards will make little difference. You already have a good supply of card and minion generation getting even more you can't play will not help. The elementals are, besides their battlecry, a low threat for their mana cost and without spells you have a hard time to keep the board in check.

Aggro decks will just overrun you before you can get a serious board and control decks will just laugh.

You don't have the aggressive potential like paladin or hunter. No board clear and defensive/healing potential like priest. You have no minion buffs, besides very few neutral options.

Maybe you can try to play a huge number of strong neutral minions instead, maybe with a lot of taunts but I never liked such neutral and/or pure taunt decks and other classes can do that much better.

It's ofc possible that I am doing something wrong or I am just a bad player. We will see if the card draw and minion generation with the new cards will change it but maybe, as I said, this will do better outside of an ele deck.

Edited by Caldyrvan

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      Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Hearthstone pal? Celebrate the season with the new Winter Veil Wonder Bundle, available from December 19 until January 7 for $24.99! Included in this bundle:
      The new Dame Hazelbark Druid Hero and Card Back 30 Card Packs – 6 packs each from Saviors of Uldum, Rise of Shadows, The Witchwood, The Boomsday Project, and Rastakhan’s Rumble
      The Arena draft pool has been updated: Basic Classic Blackrock Mountain The Grand Tournament One Night in Karazhan Knights of the Frozen Throne Rastakhan's Rumble Descent of Dragons Game Improvements and Bug Fixes
      Echo Copies of cards with the Echo keyword can no longer cost less than (1). Full Arcane Dust refunds will be available for the following cards until December 19: SN1P-SN4P (Normal Only) Glinda Crowskin (Normal and Golden) Sound the Bells (Normal and Golden) Dev Comment: This change is targeted at a very popular deck in Wild that utilizes SN1P-SN4P along with the Echo mechanic to generate extremely large minions or near infinite damage. This change should put a stop to that interaction while having very limited impact on the average use case for Echo cards. Glinda, SN1P-SN4P, and Sound the Bells were the three cards that took advantage of generating 0-cost copies through Echo, so we've opted to refund all three of those cards as a result. Zephrys improvements Fixed a bug where minions with both Stealth and Taunt (such as Wardruid Loti) weren’t properly accounted for. Fixed a bug where weapons would sometimes be offered as a removal option against Stealthed minions. Druid Choose One cards now account for having the ‘Choose Both’ effect Fixed a bug where Starfall could be offered as removal against a single minion. Fixed a bug where Earth Shock was incorrectly offered as removal against targets that were reduced to 1 health by Shrink Ray or Equality. Adjusted how Zephrys values enemy Deathrattles. Fixed a bug with lethal calculations including Rush minions not eligible to attack heroes. Fixed several bugs involving certain cards not being offered: King Krush Faceless Manipulator Shadow Madness Doomhammer Battlegrounds Fixed an issue where tripling Replicating Menace could add the incorrect stats to the target Mech when magnetized. Fixed an issue where tripling Replicating Menace did not double its card effects. Fixed an issue where Ice Block could trigger during the Recruit phase. Fixed an issue where players could sometimes not recruit a minion during their first Recruit phase. Fixed an issue where Poisoned Blade would get replaced by Ancient Blades instead of getting +1 Attack. Shirvallah is now discounted by spells that get countered, but will no longer be discounted by spells that are paid for with health. Fixed an issue where minions summoned from Deathrattle effects would sometimes not appear in the correct position. Fixed an issue where taking Fatigue damage would improperly extend the current turn. Shadow Reflections generated by Valeera the Hollow now function properly if discarded and then created by Soulwarden. Fixed an issue where shapeshifted Druid cards had a last known in-hand cost equal to 0, which triggered Darklight Torch when looking at even cost cards. Shapeshifted Druid cards now retain their pre-transformed cost. Buffs made to C'thun while it is still in the deck (and not from Ritual cards) now count towards all "If your C'thun as at least 10 attack..." effects. Fixed an issue with Curator, in the One Night in Karazhan Adventure, where Rush minions would forget to check if the opposing hero had Taunt when looking for valid targets. Fixed an issue where the client was not considering cards that read a value from a variable rather than the card text when determining spell damage. The damage itself was calculated correctly but the visual indication of spell damage was missing.
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