Broodlord Lashlayer Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot (Updated for the Season of Mastery)

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Broodlord Lashlayer is the third boss you will encounter in Blackwing Lair, and can be found at the end of the Suppression Room after leaving Vaelastrasz's room. You will need to pull him immediately at the end of the gauntlet to stop adds from spawning. Luckily, he is a significantly easier boss than the two preceding fights.

This boss is uniquely the only one to have received no changes to its mechanics in the Season of Mastery


Broodlord Lashlayer Summary by Role



  • You will want at least 2 tanks.
  • Positioning is key. Get in correct positions and do not move. You will want to hold the boss with your back into a corner since he does a knockback ability.


  • The tanks will get a healing reduction debuff, so make sure to keep them topped.
  • You will immediately go from doing the Suppression Room to fighting the boss, so play conservatively and make sure to have enough Mana at the end of the Suppression Room.


  • Two Rogues should stay out of combat while stealthed to keep using Disarm Trap Icon Disarm Trap on the pillars as they come back up.
  • Melee need to make sure to run back and LoS every time the boss is about to cast Blast Wave Icon Blast Wave.

General Tips for Broodlord Lashlayer

  • Getting the boss positioned correctly is the most important part of the fight. Have your tank pull the boss to the corner next to where he is standing, with the tanks wedging themselves into the corner. The boss will knock back the tank occasionally, and this will circumvent that.
  • The melee need to be ready to run back and LoS when Blast Wave Icon Blast Wave is about to go out.
  • Have two Rogues stay out of combat in stealth to keep the traps disarmed.

Strategy for Broodlord Lashlayer

Broodlord Lashlayer is a much easier fight than the two preceding it. To start the fight, you will need to finish making your way through the Suppression Room, which basically just involves moving purposefully while AoEing down whelps, with at least two Rogues staying in stealth to disarm traps in the direction that your raid is traveling. Once you get through the Suppression Room to the end and clear the last wave of whelps you are attacking, you will want to pull immediately, since more adds will keep spawning.

Pull Broodlord Lashlayer into the corner to the right of where he stands. Have your tank wedge themselves into the corner with their back to it to avoid the knock back mechanic that he does. Broodlord himself only has three main abilities, consisting of a cleave, a mortal strike, and Blast Wave Icon Blast Wave. The cleave and mortal strike just mean your tanks will need lots of healing, but the Blast Wave means your melee will need to run back and LoS around a corner when it is being cast.

The other important part of the fight is to not forget about traps. Have two of your Rogues, preferably the same two from the Suppression Room, stay stealthed out of combat to keep using Disarm Trap Icon Disarm Trap on the traps as they reactivate. If you can keep traps under control, position the boss correctly, and keep tanks alive, the fight should prove to be an easy kill.


Important Abilities

  • Blast Wave Icon Blast Wave is a cast that Broodlord Lashlayer will do, exploding to deal lots of Fire damage to anyone nearby. Melee either need to run far away to where ranged are standing, or LoS it around the corner next to him.
  • Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike will debuff your main tank, reducing their healing taken by 50% while active. Just make sure to spam your tank with lots of healing.

Loot from Broodlord Lashlayer


Tier 2 Loot

Lashlayer drops the Feet for each class' Tier 2 set.

Item Slot Class
Boots of Transcendence Icon Boots of Transcendence Feet Priest
Bloodfang Boots Icon Bloodfang Boots Feet Rogue
Sabatons of Wrath Icon Sabatons of Wrath Feet Warrior
Greaves of Ten Storms Icon Greaves of Ten Storms Feet Shaman
Dragonstalker's Greaves Icon Dragonstalker's Greaves Feet Hunter
Judgement Sabatons Icon Judgement Sabatons Feet Paladin
Nemesis Boots Icon Nemesis Boots Feet Warlock
Netherwind Boots Icon Netherwind Boots Feet Mage
Stormrage Boots Icon Stormrage Boots Feet Druid

Non-Tier Loot

Item Slot
Black Brood Pauldrons Icon Black Brood Pauldrons Shoulder
Bracers of Arcane Accuracy Icon Bracers of Arcane Accuracy Wrist
Heartstriker Icon Heartstriker Bow
Lifegiving Gem Icon Lifegiving Gem Trinket (Warrior-only)
Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight Icon Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight One-Handed Sword
Venomous Totem Icon Venomous Totem Trinket (Rogue-only)

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