Deadmines Quests Guide

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This guide lists all the quests you can do in the Deadmines dungeon: Alliance quests, Horde quests, class quests, profession quests, quests you need to get before entering the dungeons, and quests you get inside the dungeons. The idea is to help you do all the quests in a single run of the dungeon.

For more information about the dungeon, please refer to our detailed Deadmines dungeon guide.

There are a number of quests available to Alliance players in the Deadmines, which are picked up both inside and outside the dungeon. For Horde players, there are no quests in this dungeon whatsoever.

The list of quests available in this dungeon is as follows, with their level requirement.

In order to be able to complete every quest in this dungeon, you will need to be at least Level 16; if you also need to complete the Paladin-only quest, you will need to be at least Level 20.


Quests Started Outside the Deadmines

The quests started outside of the dungeon are as follows:

There is also the quest Collecting Memories, but we strongly suggest skipping this, as it is extremely time consuming.


Collecting Memories

Collecting Memories can be a very time consuming quest to complete due to the drop rates and respawn timers of the mobs, but if you wish to complete it anyway, you should pick it up from Wilder Thistlenettle in the Dwarven Distrct of Stormwind. You will need to be at least Level 14 to pick it up.

The quest requires you to kill the undead mobs that are found directly outside of the instance. These mobs will drop Miners' Union Card Icon Miners' Union Cards and you will need to collect 4 of them for the quest.


The Defias Brotherhood

The Defias Brotherhood is a long chain that starts with Gryan Stoutmantle at Sentinel Hill in Westfall. You can start this chain of quests at Level 14, but you are unlikely to finish it until Level 18 or higher, unless you are carried through the dungeon by a higher level player.

The chain of quests focuses on collecting information about the Defias Brotherhood before asking you to meet with a Defias traitor. The traitor will show you the location of the hideout and, in the final part of the chain, Gryan will ask you to enter the hideout and kill Edwin VanCleef.

The full chain of quests is listed below.

  1. The Defias Brotherhood
  2. The Defias Brotherhood
  3. The Defias Brotherhood
  4. The Defias Brotherhood
  5. The Defias Brotherhood
  6. The Defias Brotherhood
  7. The Defias Brotherhood

Oh Brother...

Oh Brother. . . is picked up from Wilder Thistlenettle in the Dwarven District of Stormwind City. There is no prerequisite to this quest other than being above Level 15.

You will need to kill Foreman Thistlenettle and collect his badge. He is located outside of the instance, in the mine shafts that lead to the instance entrance.


Red Silk Bandanas

Red Silk Bandanas can only be picked up from Scout Riell once you have completed the Defias Brotherhood chain that is listed above. This quest will become available at the same time as the quest to kill VanCleef and also has a level requirement of 14 to pick it up.

You will need to gather 10 Red Silk Bandana Icon Red Silk Bandanas by killing Defias NPCs in the Deadmines instance.

If you do not want to complete the instance and only want to complete this quest, you can also kill Defias NPCs that are located just outside of the instance. We recommend doing it once you find a group for the Deadmines, as there are more than enough bandanas for your whole party.


Underground Assault

Underground Assault is part of a short chain that begins with Speak with Shoni that send players from Ironforge to Stormwind City to speak with Shoni the Shilent. You will need to be Level 15 to pick up this quest.

If you are already in Stormwind City, you do not need to complete the chain and can simply go to Shoni in the Dwarven District directly.

This quest will require you to retrieve the Gnoam Sprecklesprocket Icon Gnoam Sprecklesprocket from Sneed's Shredder, one of the bosses in the instance.


Quests Started Inside the Deadmines

There is only 1 quest that is started inside the dungeon and it can only be started once you have reached Level 16.

After killing Edwin VanCleef, you can loot An Unsent Letter Icon An Unsent Letter. This will start the quest The Unsent Letter, which will need to be delivered to Baros Alexston in the Cathedral Square of Stormwind. This will lead to a chain of quests that send the player to The Stockade dungeon in Stormwind.


Class Quests in the Deadmines

There is only 1 class quest that takes place partly in the Deadmines and it is for Paladins.

The Test of Righteousness requires Paladins to retrieve a number of items for Jordan Stilwell in Ironforge, so that he can craft a weapon for them.

This quest is part of a chain that can only be started once you have reached Level 20. The chain is as follows.

  1. The Tome of Valor
  2. The Tome of Valor
  3. The Tome of Valor
  4. The Tome of Valor
  5. The Test of Righteousness
  6. The Test of Righteousness
  7. The Test of Righteousness

This chain will reward Paladins with a solid weapon, Verigan's Fist Icon Verigan's Fist, upon completing the final step.

Only one of the required items for The Test of Righteousness is located in the Deadmines, the Whitestone Oak Lumber Icon Whitestone Oak Lumber, which is dropped by the Goblin Woodcarvers working near Sneed.

The other items are found in Loch Modan (Jordan's Refined Ore Shipment Icon Jordan's Refined Ore Shipment), Shadowfang Keep (Jordan's Smithing Hammer Icon Jordan's Smithing Hammer), and Blackfathom Deeps (Purified Kor Gem Icon Purified Kor Gem).


Notable Quest Loot from the Deadmines


Alliance-only Loot

Item Quest Slot
Tunic of Westfall Icon Tunic of Westfall The Defias Brotherhood Chest
Chausses of Westfall Icon Chausses of Westfall The Defias Brotherhood Legs
Staff of Westfall Icon Staff of Westfall The Defias Brotherhood Weapon

Paladin-only Loot

Item Quest Slot
Verigan's Fist Icon Verigan's Fist The Test of Righteousness Weapon


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