Season of Discovery Demonology Warlock DPS Leveling

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Welcome to our leveling guide for Demonology Warlock. Here, you will learn how to efficiently level your Warlock in Classic - Season of Discovery.


Demonology Warlock Leveling Talents

Demonology Warlocks are known as the tankiest casters in the game. You have multiple talents to make not just you, but your pet harder to kill, while having a large Sacrifice IconSacrifice shield from your Voidwalker when in danger. You will also have Fel Domination Icon Fel Domination for those emergency situations and need to pull another Voidwalker out. Most importantly you can turn into a Demon yourself with the infamous Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis rune, making you extremely hard to kill.

Demonology is all about survivabilty, with you and your demons being the tankiest that could possibly be. Thereforth you're taking the talents that help you achieve that. Start by putting five points into Demonic Embrace Icon Demonic Embrace for the 15% Stamina. This will help give you a ton of extra health. After that put two points into Improved Healthstone Icon Improved Healthstone to make your Healthstones give you more health when you use them(and use them often!.) Then drop down and put three points into Improved Voidwalker Icon Improved Voidwalker. This will make you get a larger Sacrifice IconSacrifice absorb whenever you need to sacrifice your Voidwalker. Which pet you use is up to you between the Voidwalker or the Succubus/Incubus. The Voidwalker is better for safety, thanks to the sacrifice shield and it also has an AoE taunt that can quickly gather mobs for you. If you choose to use the Succubus/Incubus, then you can put three points into Improved Sayaad Icon Improved Sayaad instead of Improved Voidwalker Icon Improved Voidwalker. After that put one point into Improved Health Funnel Icon Improved Health Funnel. Then put one point into Fel Domination Icon Fel Domination to reduce the casting time the next time you summon your demon. This is helpful for whenever your demon dies. This talent also synergizes extrememely well with another talent called Master Summoner Icon Master Summoner that you will end up taking. After that put five points into Fel Stamina Icon Fel Stamina to give your demon 15% more Stamina, making them tankier and making Soul Link Icon Soul Link last longer. Then put two points into Master Summoner Icon Master Summoner to get that quick summon back whenever your demon dies, like we mentioned earlier. Next you'll want to put five points into Unholy Power Icon Unholy Power to make your demon do 20% more damage. Next up put one point into Demonic Sacrifice Icon Demonic Sacrifice, which won't be used, but you need in order to later unlock Soul Link Icon Soul Link. Then put five points into Master Demonologist Icon Master Demonologist, which will reduce all physical damage done to you and your demon by 10% for some magnifiscent damage reductions. Lastly put your final point into the infamous Soul Link Icon Soul Link. This makes it so 30% of all damage you take will be taken by your demon instead. This talents provides insane mitigation and will help you survive. This will also buff both you and your Voidwalkers damage by 3%.


Rune Engravings

  • Gloves — Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis
  • Pants — Demonic Pact Icon Demonic Pact
  • Chest — Master Channeler Icon Master Channeler
  • Belt — Shadow and Flame Icon Shadow and Flame
  • Boot — Demonic Knowledge Icon Demonic Knowledge

Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis is mandatory if you want to level as Demonology. This Transform into a Demon, increasing Armor by 500%, reducing the chance you will be critically hit by 6%, increasing your threat by 100%, increasing mana gained from Life Tap by 100%, transforming the functionality of some of your abilities, and granting some new abilities: Searing Pain Icon Searing Pain is now instant, Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt becomes Shadow Cleave, a Shadow melee attack that hits up to three nearby enemies, but has a 6 second cooldown, Fear Icon Fear turns into a spell called Menace Icon Menace and is now your taunt and will taunt the target to attack you for 3 seconds and has a 10 second cooldown. You'll be in the form forever while leveling, with the added bonus of being very hard to kill if you're leveling on a PvP server.

Master Channeler Icon Master Channeler is amazing for leveling as Demonology. This rune will make your Drain Life Icon Drain Life a DoT, rather than a channel. This is nice because you can put this up with your other DoT's and be able to wand, Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt, spam your instant cast Searing Pain Icon Searing Pain thanks to Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis or do whatever else you want to.

Shadow and Flame Icon Shadow and Flame is a nice Belt rune since after you put your DoTs up you will find yourself using Searing Pain Icon Searing Pain since it's instant cast, meaning everytime it crits, you will get this rune to proc.

Demonic Knowledge Icon Demonic Knowledge is great rune for Affliction as this simply increases your spell damage by 10% of your current demons total Stamina and Intellect. For example, if your pet has 50 Stamina and 50 Intellect, that equates to a total of 100, therefore you would gain 10 spell damage. This is also buffed by Blessing of Kings Icon Blessing of Kings. The other options in this rune slot are really weak and won't really ever be used. Shadow Flame IconShadow Flame is an AoE ability and Dance of the Wicked Icon Dance of the Wicked is a tanking rune.

You've got a few options for leg runes and to be honest none of them are insanly good. I like Demonic Pact Icon Demonic Pact since whenever your pet crits, it will buff you for 10% of whatever your spell damage is. This is a nice passive buff that you'll get and make you do more damage. The other runes on this slot are far less impactful.

More Engravings are likely to come out as we reach higher level caps, so make sure to checkout our general Runes guide to get a better understanding of what all tools you have available to your Paladin.


Leveling as an Demonology Warlock

Leveling as an Demonology Warlock is rather straighforward. Make sure you're in your demon form from Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis and send your demon in, put up a Corruption Icon Corruption, Immolate Icon Immolate and Drain Life Icon Drain Life, which is now a DoT thanks to the Master Channeler Icon Master Channeler rune, then wand or spam Searing Pain Icon Searing Pain until the enemy dies. Use your Voidwalkers Sacrifice IconSacrifice when needed and in danger.