Warlock DPS Season of Mastery Phase 3/4 Gear

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items from Tier 2 / Blackwing Lair and Zul'Gurub for your Warlock DPS in WoW Classic's Season of Mastery. For pre-raid gearing advice, please refer to our Warlock DPS Pre-Raid Gearing and Best in Slot guide for the Season of Mastery.


Warlock Season of Mastery Best in Slot (BiS) List for Phases 3/4

This is the gear we recommend you to chase while doing the phase 3 and content, specifically the newly added raids of Blackwing Lair and Zul'Gurub. This guide will assume that you are playing either the SM/Ruin build or the DS/Ruin build for raids, meaning Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt is your primary source of damage.

Warlock's Tier 2, Nemesis Raiment is a decent set with better stats than the tier 1, but ultimately does not provide enough incentive to utilize over the other off-pieces from the raid. There will be a couple of pieces in the BiS list, but overall the set is a downgrade from what you could potentially be wearing.

The list below contains gear from: raids, epic PvP sets (above rank 11) and world bosses, as well as some gear from dungeons and quests, when warranted.

Slot Item Source
  • Mish'undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer Icon Mish'undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer
  • Spellweaver's Turban Icon Spellweaver's Turban
  • Nemesis Skullcap Icon Nemesis Skullcap
  • **Champion's Dreadweave Cowl Icon Champion's Dreadweave Cowl
Neck Choker of the Fire Lord Icon Choker of the Fire Lord Ragnaros in Molten Core
  • Nemesis Spaulders Icon Nemesis Spaulders
  • Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal Icon Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal
  • **Champion's Dreadweave Spaulders Icon Champion's Dreadweave Spaulders
  • Cloak of Consumption Icon Cloak of Consumption
  • Cloak of the Brood Lord Icon Cloak of the Brood Lord
  • Sapphiron Drape Icon Sapphiron Drape
  • Bloodvine Vest Icon Bloodvine Vest
  • Nemesis Robes Icon Nemesis Robes
  • Robe of Volatile Power Icon Robe of Volatile Power
  • Bracers of Arcane Accuracy Icon Bracers of Arcane Accuracy
  • Dryad's Wrist Bindings Icon Dryad's Wrist Bindings
  • Felheart Bracers Icon Felheart Bracers
  • Nemesis Gloves Icon Nemesis Gloves
  • Ebony Flame Gloves Icon Ebony Flame Gloves
  • Atal'ai Gloves Icon Atal'ai Gloves of Shadow Wrath
  • Nemesis Belt Icon Nemesis Belt
  • Mana Igniting Cord Icon Mana Igniting Cord
  • Sash of Whispered Secrets Icon Sash of Whispered Secrets
  • Bloodvine Leggings Icon Bloodvine Leggings
  • Fel Infused Leggings Icon Fel Infused Leggings
  • Bloodvine Boots Icon Bloodvine Boots
  • Nemesis Boots Icon Nemesis Boots
  • Snowblind Shoes Icon Snowblind Shoes
  • Band of Forced Concentration Icon Band of Forced Concentration
  • Mindtear Band Icon Mindtear Band
  • Band of Dark Dominion Icon Band of Dark Dominion
  • Rune Band of Wizardry Icon Rune Band of Wizardry
  • Don Mauricio's Band of Domination Icon Don Mauricio's Band of Domination
  • Ring of Spell Power Icon Ring of Spell Power
  • Neltharion's Tear Icon Neltharion's Tear
  • Talisman of Ephemeral Power Icon Talisman of Ephemeral Power
  • Briarwood Reed Icon Briarwood Reed
  • Eye of the Beast Icon Eye of the Beast
Staffs Staff of the Shadow Flame Icon Staff of the Shadow Flame Nefarian in Blackwing Lair
  • **High Warlord's Spellblade Icon High Warlord's Spellblade
  • Azuresong Mageblade Icon Azuresong Mageblade
Off-hands Scepter of Interminable Focus Icon Scepter of Interminable Focus Sothos and Jarien in Stratholme
Wands Skul's Ghastly Touch Icon Skul's Ghastly Touch Skul in Stratholme

*These items have random suffixes. You will be looking for of Shadow Wrath, which gives +Shadow Spell Damage. Since you need both the item and the correct suffix to drop, these are often hard to farm, so make sure you have reasonable alternatives until you can get the correct drop.

**While we are only listing the Horde versions of the PvP set and PvP reputation gear, equivalent versions can be found on the Alliance side, with the same requirements, cost and stats.


Other Best in Slot Lists

As this list is meant to be used for Warlocks in WoW Classic's Season of Mastery, we have created separate gear lists for those interested in optimizing themselves for the "main" branch of Classic instead. If you are not playing in the Season of Mastery, it is recommended that you consult this gear hub instead. In case you still need it, we have also included a link to our Phase 1/2 Season of Mastery gear list.



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