Season of Discovery Fury Warrior DPS Talents and Runes

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On this page, you will find out the best PvE talents for your DPS Fury Warrior in WoW Classic — Season of Discovery, as well as advised runes.


Fury Warrior DPS Talent Build

As the current maximum level in Phase 3 is 50, you will be able to have a fleshed out talent build missing only 10 talents when compared to the end game 60 builds.

Fury Warrior Talent Build

Fury is typically known for dual-wielding (DW) and this playstyle is supported by the tree with talents such as Dual Wield Specialization Icon Dual Wield Specialization, with this being the first phase of SoD where dual-wielding is performing well ahead of two-handed styles!

The tree itself is quite straightforward, as most talents are simply not very useful for adding damage. Ultimately what you want is obtaining goodies such as Death Wish Icon Death Wish and Flurry Icon Flurry in the Fury tree, and combining them with Deep Wounds Icon Deep Wounds in the Arms tree for maximum damage.

  • Gloves — Single-Minded Fury Icon Single-Minded Fury
  • Pants — Consumed By Rage Icon Consumed By Rage
  • Chest — Flagellation Icon Flagellation
  • Waist — Blood Surge Icon Blood Surge
  • Feet — Enraged Regeneration Icon Enraged Regeneration or Rallying Cry Icon Rallying Cry
  • Head — Taste for Blood Icon Taste for Blood
  • Wrist — Wrecking Crew Icon Wrecking Crew

Single-Minded Fury Icon Single-Minded Fury is a great passive damage increase when you are dual-wielding. Blood Surge Icon Blood Surge enables free Slam Icon Slams during your rotation and the strong Consumed By Rage Icon Consumed By Rage buff can be reliably kept up with proper Rage management.

Flagellation Icon Flagellation has fantastic uptime once you unlock Berserker Rage Icon Berserker Rage at level 32, making it an easy pick.

The decision on Enraged Regeneration Icon Enraged Regeneration or Rallying Cry Icon Rallying Cry depends on the encounter: if you have a specific use planned for Rallying Cry, then use it, otherwise Enraged Regeneration is more generically helpful.

Unfortunately none of the three new head runes matters much for PvE damage as using Rend Icon Rend for the Overpower Icon Overpower proc from Taste for Blood Icon Taste for Blood is a DPS loss in the simulation tool.

Finally, Wrecking Crew Icon Wrecking Crew is a simple passive buff, which is much easier to take advantage of than Rampage Icon Rampage.

More Engravings are likely to come out as we reach higher level caps, so make sure to keep a tab on our general Warrior Rune guide below to learn what they do, and where to find them:


Notable Fury Warrior Talents

Cruelty Icon Cruelty is a staple of all kinds of Warriors, as trading one talent point for 1% extra chance to critical strike is usually a good deal.

Unbridled Wrath Icon Unbridled Wrath suits dual wielding well, as the more often you attack, the more often you activate this talent for extra Rage.

Piercing Howl Icon Piercing Howl can provide a reliable source of soft crowd control in an emergency. Whether it is because the tank lost aggro on some enemies or because you need to run away to recover health, Piercing Howl will make things more manageable.

Improved Battle Shout Icon Improved Battle Shout is a nice damage boost for a full party of melee players. If you are able to provide it at little cost to your performance, it is a good idea to do so.

Improved Cleave Icon Improved Cleave is not quite as impactful as it sounds, since the damage increase only applies to the extra damage applied by Cleave Icon Cleave and not the whole attack. Still, it can be better than the alternatives for DPS, as long as you have another alternative in your group to replace Improved Battle Shout Icon Improved Battle Shout.

Enrage Icon Enrage is mostly taken to reach Flurry Icon Flurry, as you should rarely be hit with critical strikes while dealing damage.

Improved Slam Icon Improved Slam used to be good in a two-hander Fury build but with the new runes Blood Surge Icon Blood Surge and Precise Timing Icon Precise Timing, you will usually be casting instant slams, making it useless.

Flurry Icon Flurry increases your damage substantially, as long as you are dealing critical strikes regularly. With good enough gear, you will eventually be able to keep this up nearly 100% of the time.

Death Wish Icon Death Wish is a large damage increase cooldown which also makes you more vulnerable. Use it as many times as possible within a fight, but try to save your final usage for the Execute Icon Execute phase for maximum results, as long as its effect ends before you run out of targets to hit.

Bloodthirst Icon Bloodthirst provides an extra attack to further increase your damage, with a little bit of regeneration sprinkled in. Unfortunately there are not enough talent points left to reach it this phase while also keeping the critical Deep Wounds Icon Deep Wounds.


Notable Arms Warrior Talents

Tactical Mastery Icon Tactical Mastery is required for stance swapping to work, as you would lose all Rage every time you swap stance, otherwise. As a Fury Warrior, stance dancing is mostly used for utility purposes.

Anger Management Icon Anger Management generates 1 Rage every 3 seconds, which is not clear at all from reading its tooltip. This makes it a decent Rage generating talent.

Deep Wounds Icon Deep Wounds is especially powerful in Season of Discovery as multiple critical strikes will all contribute towards making the debuff tick for more, rather than just refreshing an existing debuff. This makes it the single largest contributor to Fury Warrior DPS in the level 50 bracket!



  • 08 Apr. 2024: Removed Rampage based on new theorycrafting.
  • 01 Apr. 2024: Updated talents, runes and explanation text for Phase 4.
  • 13 Feb. 2024: Meta rune adjustments.
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  • 09 Dec. 2023: Added new recommended talent build, focused on buffing allies with Improved Battle Shout.
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