Razorfen Downs Quests Guide

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This guide lists all the quests you can do in the Razorfen Downs dungeon: Alliance quests, Horde quests, class quests, profession quests, quests you need to get before entering the dungeons, and quests you get inside the dungeons. The idea is to help you do all the quests in a single run of the dungeon.

For more information about the dungeon, please refer to our detailed Razorfen Downs dungeon guide.


Razorfen Downs has a fairly small number of quests, with multiple neutral quests starting inside the dungeon. The full list of quests available to players is as follows, along with their level requirements.

  • Alliance Icon A [39] Bring the Light
  • Horde Icon H [28] An Unholy Alliance
  • Horde Icon H [37] Bring the End
  • Alliance Icon A/Horde Icon H [28] A Host of Evil (started just outside the dungeon)
  • Alliance Icon A/Horde Icon H [32] Extinguishing the Idol (started inside the dungeon)
  • Alliance Icon A/Horde Icon H [32] Scourge of the Downs (started inside the dungeon)

Alliance players will need to be at least Level 39 to complete all of the quests in the dungeon, while Horde players will need to be at least Level 37.


Quests in Razorfen Downs


Alliance-only Quests

There is only 1 Alliance-only quest in this dungeon, Bring the Light. This requires you to kill Amnennar the Coldbringer and is started by Archbishop Benedictus in the Cathedral of Stormwind City.

This quest requires Level 39 to be picked up.


Horde-only Quests

There are 2 Horde-only quests in this dungeon.

  • An Unholy Alliance (requires Level 28) — collect Ambassador Malcin's head. He can be found in multiple locations outside the dungeon, in the initial thicket you have to move through to enter the instance. This quest is given by Varimathras in Undercity.
  • Bring the End (requires Level 37) — collect the skull of Amnennar the Coldbringer. This quest is given by Andrew Brownell in Undercity.

An Unholy Alliance

In order to complete An Unholy Alliance, players will first need to have completed a quest from Razorfen Kraul.

After killing the final boss of the dungeon, players will loot Small Scroll Icon Small Scroll, which will start the quest An Unholy Alliance. Take the scroll to Varimathras in Undercity and he will send you to the quest in this dungeon.


Neutral Quests

There are 3 neutral quests that are available to both Alliance and Horde players. 2 of these 3 are part of a mini-escort chain.

  • A Host of Evil (requires Level 28)— kill 8 Death's Head Cultists, Razorfen Thornweavers, and Razorfen Battleguards. This quest is given by Myriam Moonsinger near the entrance to the dungeon.
  • Extinguishing the Idol and Scourge of the Downs (require Level 32) — these quests are picked up in the dungeon just before fighting Mordresh Fire Eye. You must free Belnistrasz and he will offer this escort quest. Follow and protect him while he works to shut off the idol. Once this quest is completed, Plaguemaw the Rotting will spawn.

Notable Quest Rewards from Razorfen Downs



Item Quest Slot
Amberglow Talisman Icon Amberglow Talisman Bring the Light Neck
Vanquisher's Sword Icon Vanquisher's Sword Bring the Light Weapon


Item Quest Slot
Amberglow Talisman Icon Amberglow Talisman Bring the End Neck
Vanquisher's Sword Icon Vanquisher's Sword Bring the End Weapon


Item Quest Slot
Dragonclaw Ring Icon Dragonclaw Ring Extinguishing the Idol Ring


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