Season of Discovery Fury Warrior DPS Gear and Best in Slot

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On this page, you will find the best PvE gear and best in slot items for your DPS Fury Warrior in WoW Classic - Season of Discovery.


Fury Warrior DPS Season of Discovery Best in Slot

We recommend using the gear listed below for Phase 2 as your main goal in the current phase of Season of Discovery. Also, as many people still run Blackfathom Deeps regularly to level up and are likely to have a lot of good gear from there equipped, the Phase 1 list can also be found below for reference.

These lists assume a stat priority of:

Weapon DPS > Weapon Skill > Hit Chance > Critical Strike > Strength or Attack Power > Agility > Stamina

For more information on the stats that you should be looking for, check out the stats page listed below.

To help with presentation clarity, items that have Alliance and Horde versions with similar acquisition methods but different names will only have one of the versions listed in the tables below.


Phase Best in Slot

Gnomeregan Phase 2 Blackfathom Depths Phase 1

Gnomeregan (Phase 2) Fury Warrior Best in Slot

This list is made up of Gnomeregan raid drops, world drops, profession gear, quest rewards and dungeon drops.

  • Tempered Interference-Negating Helmet  Icon Tempered Interference-Negating Helmet
Neck Gnomeregan Peace Officer's Torque  Icon Gnomeregan Peace Officer's Torque Mekgineer Thermaplugg in Gnomeregan
  • Troggslayer Pauldrons  Icon Troggslayer Pauldrons
  • Drape of Dismantling  Icon Drape of Dismantling
  • Insulated Chestguard  Icon Insulated Chestguard
  • Power Depleted Chest  Icon Power Depleted Chest which drops from multiple bosses in Gnomeregan
  • Berserker Bracers  Icon Berserker Bracers
Hands Machinist's Gloves  Icon Machinist's Gloves Electrocutioner 6000 in Gnomeregan
  • Hyperconductive Goldwrap  Icon Hyperconductive Goldwrap
  • Power-Assisted Lifting Belt  Icon Power-Assisted Lifting Belt
Legs Insulated Legguards  Icon Insulated Legguards Power Depleted Legs  Icon Power Depleted Legs which drops from multiple bosses in Gnomeregan
  • Highlander's Plate Greaves  Icon Highlander's Plate Greaves
  • Insulated Workboots  Icon Insulated Workboots
  • Protector's Band  Icon Protector's Band
  • Hypercharged Gear of Devastation  Icon Hypercharged Gear of Devastation
  • Gyromatic Experiment 420b  Icon Gyromatic Experiment 420b
  • Avenger's Void Pearl  Icon Avenger's Void Pearl
  • (MH) Mekkatorque's Arcano-Shredder  Icon Mekkatorque's Arcano-Shredder
  • (OH) Sanguine Skullcrusher  Icon Sanguine Skullcrusher
  • Mekgineer Thermaplugg in Gnomeregan
  • Bought with 10x Silver Coins from the Blood Moon PvP event in Stranglethorn Vale
  • Monolithic Bow  Icon Monolithic Bow
  • World drop bind on equip

Blackfathom Depths (Phase 1) Fury Warrior Best in Slot

This list is made up of world drops, quest rewards, dungeon and raid drops. As a rule of thumb, of the Tiger green items are great leveling items for Warriors, as long as they are of high enough item level to be relevant to your current level.

  • Twilight Avenger's Helm  Icon Twilight Avenger's Helm
  • Alliance Icon A Sparkmetal Coif Icon Sparkmetal Coif
  • Horde Icon H Brutal Helm Icon Brutal Helm
  • High level green of the Tiger
  • Elite Shoulders Icon Elite Shoulders
  • World drop bind on equip
  • Traveling Merchants
  • Sergeant's Cloak  Icon Sergeant's Cloak
  • High level green of the Tiger
  • Shimmering Thresher Cape  Icon Shimmering Thresher Cape
Wrists Pugilist Bracers Icon Pugilist Bracers Trash Drop in Razorfen Kraul
Waist Cobrahn's Grasp Icon Cobrahn's Grasp Lord Cobrahn in Wailing Caverns
  • Leggings of the Faithful  Icon Leggings of the Faithful
  • Twilight Avenger's Boots  Icon Twilight Avenger's Boots
  • High level green of the Tiger
  • Honed Darkwater Talwar  Icon Honed Darkwater Talwar
  • Chipped Bite of Serra'kis  Icon Chipped Bite of Serra'kis
  • Naga Heartrender  Icon Naga Heartrender


  • 15 Feb. 2024: Updated for Phase 2 with Gnomeregan gear.
  • 21 Dec. 2023: WSG neck tooltip fixes.
  • 14 Dec. 2023: Adjusted the critical strike value blurb to current meta runes and made green gear references generic rather than specific greens.
  • 11 Dec. 2023: Ring origin typo fix.
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  • 04 Dec. 2023: Revamped BiS with currently known BFD raid items.
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