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Hearthstone Omnotron Defense System

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Because of the unfair hero ability giving lots of board presence and card advantage I figured: Why bother? And went straight for Omnotron's face with a pretty standard Hunter deck.

Most valuable card in this match would be: Explosive Trap on turn 2. It kills his first two tokens and whatever he played until this turn and gives you all the time you need to assemble a deadly hand for yourself.

This worked for me on the 3rd try.

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Guest Jason

Face Hunter actually works well on Heroic as well. Beat him 1st try, dropping explosive trap on turn 2 really sets him back.

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This is the cheapest deck I beat Heroic Omnotron Defense System with.

Omnotron's deck contains some mech synergies with Cogmaster, Mech Warper and Tinkertown Technician. His Hero Power has a symmetrical effect and can partially be turned against him: Arcanotron will buff your removal spells and Toxitron will kill Omnotron's own 1 HP minions (and buff your minions with Enrage effects).
Electron might be used to reduce the cost of your spells, but is too dangerous to be left on the board for more than one turn. Magmatron always has to be killed quickly.
Omnotron does not have much removal spells and relies on his Hero Power, which half the time will not be too dangerous, while the other half will be very challenging.

F2P Mage (0 Dust)
Difficulty: medium (may take up to 10 tries)

2x Arcane Missiles
2x Arcane Explosion
2x Frostbolt
2x Murloc Tidehunter
2x River Crocolisk
2x Arcane Intellect
2x Flamewaker
2x Chillwind Yeti
2x Fireball
2x Polymorph
2x Water Elemental
2x Darkscale Healer
2x Gurubashi Berserker
2x Boulderfist Ogre
2x Flamestrike

Turn 1: pass.
Turn 2: 2-drop.
Turn 3: Arcane Missiles or Arcane Explosion, buffed by Arcanotron.
Turn 4: 4-drop.
Turn 5: Flamewaker, Arcane Intellect (costs 0 mana because of Electron), Fireball (costs 1).
Turn 7: Polymorph Magmatron
Play Water Elemental before Gurubashi Berserker to bait out Earth Shock. Let the Berserker be buffed by Toxitron.



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Guest enoch



Awesome and simple deck. I had tried multiple times with the popular mage decks, but had failed every time. This only took me the second try.

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Guest Fientje

I tried with Sottles deck first but could not get him down. After 5 tries I used the deck above by Bob21117 and got them down on my first try.

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I tried with Sottles deck first but could not get him down. After 5 tries I used the deck above by Bob21117 and got them down on my first try.

Glad to hear that! :D

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I first attempted this boss with mage and then shaman. Didn't manage to win after a couple attempts with those, so I switched to my Silence Druid just for the heck of it. Surprisingly, my druid beat Omnotron on its first attempt.





Granted, it was a very close fight, but with double Savage Roar on a few minions (including one Ancient of Lore), I was able to do quite a bit of damage in one go. I feel that three out of the four trons help you more than they do him. (Magmatron's ability is about even, but the fact that it's an 8/8 body bearing down on you weighs more heavily in his favor.) Toxitron aids in killing off his minions. Arcanotron makes spells like Swipe exponentially more deadly. Even Electron should be more beneficial to you. His deck contains only a few spells, and they are all cheap to begin with. One observation worth reporting is that he likes to use Earth Shock on his Toxitron to avoid killing off his board. I smiled at that little bit of cleverness programmed into the defense system.

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Guest Braunz

i used Shaman 


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      Deck code / link: 
      We could instead also try and drop all the duplicates from the list and convert it into a Reno deck, as the deck was already playing a lot of one-offs. That gives us just enough room for one of each of these bad boys, which together with Reno will up the turnaround potential of the deck at the cost of a little bit of consistency. Doing so we can end up with this list:
      Deck code / link: 
      Why not use both and make it a Reno-thal deck? Prescience and Windchill will try to compensate for the loss of card draw from droping one copy of Gorloc Ravager and Famished fool. We are adding in Convincing Disguise to have still enough evolve effects around. The idea of including Bracing Cold and Far Sight is to hopefully discount From De Other Side or the evolve cards so we make use of any leftover bodies in the same turn. Ozumat’s in here not just to get us up to 40 cards, but because it’s a near guaranteed board clear combo with From De Other side, if you manage your hand and board space just right, that leaves you with all its appendages afterward.
      Deck code / link: 
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