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Best Decks Wild / Standard

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In standard, definitely jade druid.  Like no question that they it is the strongest deck.  Aggro druid is also very strong, not because the deck is super duper amazing , but because everyone mulligans for jade druid, so you kind of steal a lot of free wins (in otherwords the deck is actually a lot better then its power level would otherwise dictate because so many people mulligan poorly for the match up).  Ramp druid and mid range token druid are pretty good as well, I would put them below the other two druid decks, since ramp druid can have some consistency issues and token druid, while strong, will probably lose a little of its power as the meta gets older and more people start playing around Spreading Plague + Bolster Bear.  Aside from that, both Big Ez priest and Singleton priest are strong, Big Ez priest has some consistency issues, but is capable of stealing games from literally anyone, where as highlander priest is just so god damn strong with Shadowreaper Anduin (like seriously your win rate goes up by more then 10% if this card is played, it is stupid strong), you can run either a cycle heavy Lyra sort of version that just goes for the death knight win, or you can go for a more greedy control version with N'Zoth (the cycle version is probably better, but I like the greedy control one because, you know, its me).  Quest mage is also pretty meta, strong match ups vs most of the meta decks, but still sort of hard to play.  If you want to play aggro, pirate warrior and token shaman (I would avoid lists with Green Zombie Jesus in them, while he is seen in almost every list the results have been less then inspiring, on average you lose more games when you play him then when you don't, but statistics like that can be a little misleading, since the difference is very small, and could just be people playing it poorly, but I personally don't really think he is that strong) are still pretty good, but not amazing, and the mid rangey murloc paladin decks are also still doing well.  If you want to go a little off meta, miracle rogue, control paladin, control warlock, tempo warrior, and what ever you want to call the pseudo-elemental/control mage decks that run Frost Lich Jaina are all solid decks (control paladin is definitely the weakest out of the ones I listed since it has some trouble with jade druid but you can still grind them out with Skulking Geist, still a pretty unfavorable match up but by no means unwinnable).

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Thx a lot!

There are quite a lot of Jade-Druid decks


Any thoughts about these decks?  Any experiences if one works better then the other?



This (or very similiar) seems to be one of the most played versions - but it is the most expansive too.

(I miss 4 legendaries + 2 epics -> too expensive for my taste)



I miss 2 legendaries + 1 epic - doable.



Missing 1 legendary + 2 epics



Missing 1 legendary



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18 minutes ago, WedgeAntilles said:

Malfurion the Pestilent and Fandral Staghelm are very powerful and therefore important. Ultimate Infestation is a powerhouse for jade druids right now. Without it, I would recommend Ultimate Jade druid and add a combination Primordial Drakes, Tar Creepers, Druids of the Claw and possibly one copy of Moonglade Portal, based on what you usually face on ladder. 

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Yeah, the 3 cards you mention are very strong.

Guess I'll have to plunder my dust-reserves to craft them or at two out of the 4 cards. Quite a lot of dust, but it is much better compared to some other decks (which would require approx. 8k dust for me).


Thx for your advice!



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Just a small sum up:

I played some games (29:10) and went from 22 to 11 - quite slow going because I managed to fuck it up quite often after getting a winning streak.

But of course you encounter quite good decks already on rank 20.  (Priests, Aggro / Jade Druid, Miracle Rogue...)

A year ago you could go with a Tier 1 deck from 20 to 10 with next to no loss.


The deck is absolutly fun to play, I realy like it a lot.

Haven't encounered a single Pirate Warior yet, but some aggro Hunters. Did very well against them.

Generally spoken (if this is possible after just 40 games) it seems like you have a good chance of winning no matter what your opponent plays. Aggro / Control...

I encountered 3 games with somebody playing the card that destroys the 1-mana-spells. (Can't remember the name.)

I lost 1 and won 2 -> even against this "anti-jade" card you can win.


Great deck, great advice from you two!

The dust was well invested, thx a lot!!

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I managed Rank 5 now, but I changed the deck a little bit. (Since I found e.g. Feral Rage a great card sometimes, but often it was sitting dead in my hand)


I added Medivh, the Guardian and did some small other changes.

He works very well.

I use this deck now (don't know how to copy a whole deck)


- 1 x Ultimate Infestation

- 1 x The Black Knight

(I dont have them, at least not twice)

+ Gadgetzan Auctioneer

+ Gluttonous Ooze


On Auctioneer seems like kind of a solid swap for the second Infestation.

The Black Knight is a tech card, I don't have him and swapped him for the Ooze.


Two cards I am not totally sure of:

Gluttonous Ooze + Mind Control Tech

Both are a little bit situational, but both are halfway decent plays for turn 3 too.

Sometimes a Silence would be very useful, and I wonder if I should change one of the cards to Spellbreaker - but he is a very bad play for turn 4.


Generally speaken:

There are quite a lot of Druid Decks (Spreading Plague is used quite often too - and it is a good card) and all of them seem very powerful.

Not sure if one deck is realy a lot "better" then another. Obviously it depends which enemies you face.


And I have a lot of fun playing the Jade-Druid.

The dust was well invested, especially since I already got a return of nearly +300 dust for the monthly reward. (I was on rank 8 before the new expansion and was stuck there.)

That's roughly 10% of my investment :)

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