Season of Discovery Balance Druid DPS Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities

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On this page, you will learn how to optimize the rotation of your Balance Druid, in WoW Classic - Season of Discovery. We also have advanced sections about cooldowns, procs, and others in order to minmax your damage efficiency.



We will present the skill rotation of a Balance Druid as a priority list. This is not an exact sequence in which abilities should be cast. Instead, whenever you must choose between using different skills, try to use the one at the top of the list first.

Our list assumes you are running the recommended build from the talents page and are playing a (currently maximum) level 40 character. If you are still leveling, please refer to the leveling-specific rotation located in the table of contents.

While they are extraordinarily powerful, explosives such as Heavy Dynamite Icon Heavy Dynamite will not be detailed in the rotation. Usually, you will want to use them as soon as the tank has solid threat on the target. The main exception is when you are facing multiple or particularly dangerous (such as enraged) enemies at some point in the fight. Saving explosives to carry you and your group through these moments (and possibly do a ton of AoE damage in the process) is probably worth it.


Single-Target Rotation

  1. Use Starsurge Icon Starsurge on cooldown, preferably with the Eclipse Icon Eclipse 30% critical strike buff provided by Starfire Icon Starfire;
  2. Maintain Sunfire Icon Sunfire on the target if it will live for 9 seconds longer;
  3. Use Starfire Icon Starfire whenever it is buffed by Wrath's Eclipse Icon Eclipse buff or you have Nature's Grace Icon Nature's Grace;
  4. Use Wrath Icon Wrath as a Mana-free filler that enables Starfire's Eclipse buff.

Multi-Target Rotation

For the most part you will be following the single-target damage rotation, with the difference that Hurricane Icon Hurricane should be used when it will be hitting 6 or more targets during its channel and Sunfire Icon Sunfire should be applied to each available target, rather than a single one.


Cooldown Usage

Druids do not currently have any DPS cooldowns.


Ability Usage

Rebirth Icon Rebirth is currently the only combat resurrection of WoW Classic Season of Discovery and should be used on any party member that dies in a fight, with priority for the tank.

Innervate Icon Innervate is a potent Mana cooldown and should be used on any (Spirit-based, preferably) Mana user running low, especially healers.

Remove Curse Icon Remove Curse can be used to dispel curse effects from party members and this should be done as soon as possible in most situations.

Cure Poison Icon Cure Poison can be used to dispel poison effects from party members and, just like Remove Curse, should be done as soon as possible in most situations.


Mastering Your Druid

In this section, we will dive a bit deeper into the core mechanics and various abilities of Balance Druids. Understanding these topics is an important step to truly mastering the specialization.


Mana Management

A Druid's primary resource is Mana. It is important that you understand how Mana is generated, so you can effectively manage and use it.

Mana has a maximum capacity based on your Intellect, and starts full by default. Mana is slowly used by your spell casting, and does not regenerate naturally if you have cast something in the last 5 seconds. However, using certain talents, such as Reflection Icon Reflection, allows a part of your Mana regeneration (which scales based on Spirit) to continue during this period, and Innervate Icon Innervate will let you regenerate Mana normally while casting. Items that restore X Mana per 5 seconds, such as Smoked Sagefish Icon Smoked Sagefish are also active at all times.

Your goal in any fight, is to kill the enemy before your Mana is completely gone. This is made much easier by the SoD rune Fury of Stormrage Icon Fury of Stormrage which causes your Wrath Icon Wrath spell to be free, and the new Dreamstate Icon Dreamstate rune also helps a lot, as you will be dealing a lot of critical strikes due to Eclipse Icon Eclipse.



  • 12 Feb. 2024: Added info on Hurricane usage.
  • 11 Feb. 2024: Updated for Phase 2 with the new runes in mind.
  • 14 Dec. 2023: Improved AoE rotation for added clarity.
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