WoW Classic Destruction Warlock Leveling Talent Build from 1 to 60

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On this page, you will find our Level by Level Affliction leveling guide for WoW Classic. Make sure to use the slider to make the guide adapt to your level. For more general leveling information, please refer to our Warlock leveling guide. We also have an Demonology Warlock leveling guide and a Affliction Warlock leveling guide.

If you were looking for TBC Classic advice, please refer to our TBC Classic Warlock leveling guide.



Unlike some classes, Warlock has several viable leveling builds that will give you different strengths while leveling. This Destruction build is all about one thing: Dungeons. If you are planning to level using a spell cleave group that AoE's its way through dungeons, this is the build that you will want to run. As a warning, while it is possible to solo level and quest with this build, it will be far worse than Demonology or Affliction.


Level by Level Rotation, Talents, and Trainer Skills

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Level: 60

Leveling Talent Tree & Build

Your first talent unlocks at Level 10.

Destruction Warlock Talents Level 10 to 19
Destruction Warlock Talents Level 10 to 19
Destruction Warlock Talents Level 20 to 29
Destruction Warlock Talents Level 20 to 29
Destruction Warlock Talents Level 30 to 39
Destruction Warlock Talents Level 30 to 39
Destruction Warlock Talents Level 40 to 49
Destruction Warlock Talents Level 40 to 49
Destruction Warlock Talents Level 50 to 60
Destruction Warlock Talents Level 50 to 60
  1. Levels 10 to 14 — 5 points in Cataclysm Icon Cataclysm
  2. Levels 15 to 19 — 5 points in Aftermath Icon Aftermath

As stated above, this build is primarily for if you plan to level through AoEing dungeons down. Thus, the primary goal of this build is to buff your Hellfire Icon Hellfire as much as possible since it will be the vast majority of damage in dungeons. Cataclysm Icon Cataclysm reduces your Destruction Mana costs while Aftermath Icon Aftermath causes your damaged targets to sometimes get dazed. Controlling the enemies that you are AoEing is one of the most important things in dungeons groups, which makes talents like Aftermath Icon Aftermath quite valuable in a group setting.

  1. Level 20 — 1 point in Shadowburn Icon Shadowburn
  2. Levels 21 to 24 — 4 points in Devastation Icon Devastation
  3. Levels 25 & 26 — 2 points in Intensity Icon Intensity
  4. Level 27 — 1 point in Devastation Icon Devastation
  5. Levels 28 & 29 — 2 points in Destructive Reach Icon Destructive Reach

Shadowburn Icon Shadowburn is a great spell for finishing off low enemies and is worth taking as soon as possible. Devastation Icon Devastation is a solid damage increase, but Intensity Icon Intensity is perhaps the most important talent in this whole build since it will potentially gain you many ticks of Hellfire Icon Hellfire that you would otherwise lose to push back. Destructive Reach Icon Destructive Reach is just a nice quality of life talent that extends your range. Some people like to take Improved Firebolt Icon Improved Firebolt for your Imp instead, but your Imp is limited by Mana, not by cast time, making this only a minor damage increase for your Imp, which will not help you much in dungeons.

  1. Level 30 — 1 point in Ruin Icon Ruin
  2. Levels 31 & 32 — 2 points in Pyroclasm Icon Pyroclasm
  3. Levels 33 & 34 — 2 points in Improved Immolate Icon Improved Immolate
  4. Levels 35 to 39 — 5 points in Emberstorm Icon Emberstorm

Ruin Icon Ruin is one of the best damage talents that you will get, especially for only a single point. Pyroclasm Icon Pyroclasm is an amazing control talent, and will end up stunning the majority of targets that you hit with your Hellfire Icon Hellfire, which will help your spell cleaves ability to control groups quite a bit. The next 2 points should go into Improved Immolate Icon Improved Immolate to work towards Conflagrate Icon Conflagrate, and will help to unlock Emberstorm Icon Emberstorm which is a straight damage increase.

  1. Levels 40 to 42 — 3 points in Improved Immolate Icon Improved Immolate
  2. Level 43 — 1 points in Conflagrate Icon Conflagrate
  3. Levels 44 to 48 — 5 points in Improved Corruption Icon Improved Corruption
  4. Level 49 — 1 point in Improved Life Tap Icon Improved Life Tap

This is the point where the remainder of your talents can really go wherever you would like. Generally Conflagrate Icon Conflagrate is worth taking for the burst and PvP potential, so finishing of the Destruction tree is recommended. After that you should go to Affliction and start taking the standard talents here that are good for every spec, starting with Improved Corruption Icon Improved Corruption and Improved Life Tap Icon Improved Life Tap.

  1. Level 50 — 1 point in Improved Life Tap Icon Improved Life Tap
  2. Levels 51 & 52 — 2 points in Improved Drain Soul Icon Improved Drain Soul
  3. Levels 53 & 54 — 2 points in Suppression Icon Suppression
  4. Level 55 — 1 point in Amplify Curse Icon Amplify Curse
  5. Levels 56 to 58 — 3 points in Improved Curse of Agony Icon Improved Curse of Agony
  6. Levels 59 & 60 — 2 points in Nightfall Icon Nightfall

These remaining points can be used to fill out the generic setup that most builds will take using the beginning Affliction talents. Improved Life Tap Icon Improved Life Tap and Improved Drain Soul Icon Improved Drain Soul offer excellent Mana regeneration, while Suppression Icon Suppression, Amplify Curse Icon Amplify Curse, Improved Curse of Agony Icon Improved Curse of Agony, and Nightfall Icon Nightfall offer excellent damage options.


Leveling Rotation

Your goal should be to get your Imp and Immolate Icon Immolate immediately, which will give you the highest damage output in the game prior to level 10. Eventually you will pick up your Succubus, but with both the Imp and Succubus you should continue with the basic practice of using your DoTs on the target then finishing them off with your wand. Use Life Tap Icon Life Tap as needed for Mana regeneration to try and limit downtime. You should immediately start using your wand as a filler in place of Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt once you get one, which will most likely be anywhere from levels 5 to 14 depending on if you can invest in a Lesser Magic Wand Icon Lesser Magic Wand from the Auction House.

  1. Command your pet to attack the target;
  2. Immolate Icon Immolate;
  3. Curse of Agony Icon Curse of Agony;
  4. Corruption Icon Corruption;
  5. Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt until you get your wand.
  6. Shoot Icon Shoot with your wand;
  7. Conflagrate Icon Conflagrate at the end of your Immolate Icon Immolate;
  8. Shadowburn Icon Shadowburn when the enemy is going to die within a few seconds;
  9. Drain Soul Icon Drain Soul to kill the enemy if you need the Mana from Improved Drain Soul Icon Improved Drain Soul (once you get the talent) or if you need the Soul Shard Icon Soul Shard.

Warlocks have one of the strongest starts in the game. Immolate Icon Immolate is available for purchase for 10 copper from level 1, meaning you should sell your water and food to get it as soon as possible. From there you can do the Warlock quest from your trainer to get your Imp, which you can easily get by level 2 or 3. With your Imp and Immolate, you should have no trouble wreaking havoc on anything in your path for a few levels.

Do your class quest to get your Voidwalker. You will not be using your Voidwalker for normal leveling in this build, but it is a relatively easy quest and you might as well get it for later. Voidwalkers are also great in PvP due to Sacrifice IconSacrifice, which makes it worth having just in case.


Dungeon Rotation

As stated above, this build is primarily for dungeon leveling. You should focus on putting up Immolate Icon Immolate, Corruption Icon Corruption, and Curse of Agony Icon Curse of Agony on multiple targets, but your main damage is going to come once you get Rain of Fire Icon Rain of Fire and Hellfire Icon Hellfire. Hellfire does more damage, but Rain of Fire is much safer to use. During heavy AoE pulls you will exclusively use these abilities for high damage output, preferably using Hellfire whenever possible.


List of Trainer Skills to Buy

All Warlock specs benefit from upgrading the same skills, so our list of skills to buy from trainers is the same, regardless of the spec. For this reason, you will find that list in our general Warlock leveling page.


Weapons and Quests for Leveling Warlocks in WoW Classic

To guide you in your weapon upgrades and the class-specific quests you can do while leveling up, we have two guides that you might find useful.


How to advance as a Warlock at Level 60

Well done on hitting maximum level in WoW Classic! Now that leveling is over, you can learn more about level 60 gameplay by reading our DPS Warlock Guide, which covers every facet of gameplay at 60 in detail.

The best individual pages to read through are as follows.

  • The DPS Warlock Talent builds guide has the best builds for Level 60 covered. We propose builds for all specializations, with a focus on hybrid Destruction/Demo and Destruction/Destruction builds for PvE.
  • Our PvP Warlock guide is where you can find PvP builds for all 3 specializations, as well as various tricks and tips for PvP combat.
  • Goldmaking Guide for warlocks is a page with details on where / how to farm gold quickly as a Warlock when you are Level 60.
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