Season of Discovery Protection Warrior Tank Talents and Runes

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On this page, you will find out the best PvE talents for your Protection Warrior Tank in WoW Classic — Season of Discovery, as well as advised runes.


Protection Warrior Talent Build

As the current maximum level is only 40, the talents you can pick from are very limited, but expect this page to drastically expand as the level cap increases.

Protection Talent Build

This build maxes out a mix of damage reduction and threat increasing talents available at Level 40, including Defiance Icon Defiance, which can be put into more defensive or damage increasing talents if threat turns out to not be an issue whatsoever.

Utility points went into Improved Revenge Icon Improved Revenge, Concussion Blow Icon Concussion Blow, and Improved Taunt Icon Improved Taunt as stuns are expected to work well in leveling and Level 40 end game content, allowing you to control enemies more easily.

  • Gloves — Devastate Icon Devastate
  • Pants — Consumed By Rage Icon Consumed By Rage (DPS) or Furious Thunder Icon Furious Thunder (AoE Threat)
  • Chest — Flagellation Icon Flagellation (DPS) or Warbringer Icon Warbringer (Mobility)
  • Waist — Focused Rage Icon Focused Rage
  • Feet — Enraged Regeneration Icon Enraged Regeneration or Rallying Cry Icon Rallying Cry or Intervene Icon Intervene

Devastate Icon Devastate is a great rune for single target tanking, adding significant damage to your Sunder Armor Icon Sunder Armor routine.

Consumed By Rage Icon Consumed By Rage can have almost permanent uptime if you manage your Rage carefully, making it a great damage and threat increase, but Furious Thunder Icon Furious Thunder is stronger for tanking multiple small enemies, such as the ones found in dungeons.

Past Berserker Rage Icon Berserker Rage unlock, Flagellation Icon Flagellation has fantastic uptime and is a great DPS and threat multiplier, but Warbringer Icon Warbringer provides great quality of life for quickly moving during a battle and picking up stragglers, especially as Taunt Icon Taunt is melee range in WoW Classic.

Focused Rage Icon Focused Rage allows you to use Devastate Icon Devastate even more freely, while also enabling spare rage for utility and Heroic Strike Icon Heroic Strike dumping.

Finally, Enraged Regeneration Icon Enraged Regeneration is a rare Warrior self-heal ability, which combos well with Last Stand Icon Last Stand, allowing you to gain a massive amount of health back if needed.

More Engravings are likely to come out as we reach higher level caps, so make sure to keep a tab on our general Warrior Rune guide below to learn what they do, and where to find them:


Notable Protection Warrior Talents

The meat and potatoes of a Warrior tank, Protection has the best density of defensive and threat related talents and, thus, should almost always be heavily invested in.

Shield Specialization Icon Shield Specialization, besides being a requirement for the specialization-defining Improved Shield Block Icon Improved Shield Block, both increases your block chance and grants you Rage when you block, which you will tend to do very often during your sword and board days.

Anticipation Icon Anticipation is not quite as good as it might look at first glance. While 10 Defense is a strong defensive boost, it comes at the cost of 5 precious talent points, which can generally be better spent elsewhere.

Toughness Icon Toughness is another example of a talent that looks better on paper than what it actually is. Only your armor value from items is increased, yet you get much of your armor from raid buffs and consumables. Still, it is a better defensive talent than Anticipation Icon Anticipation.

Improved Shield Block Icon Improved Shield Block, ironically, is your best defensive one pointer, but is also one of the worst Warrior talents to place any extra points in, beyond the first. Being able to block two attacks every 5 seconds with Shield Block Icon Shield Block, instead of one, allows you to effectively become critical strike immune, without requiring good gear, against most bosses, since they will not be able to swing twice before you refresh Shield Block. Since Shield Block already lasts as long as its cooldown by default, and is removed once you take two hits, increasing its duration is effectively pointless.

Last Stand Icon Last Stand is a strong defensive cooldown, on a cooldown of only 10 minutes. This is short when you consider that a Warrior's staple, Shield Wall Icon Shield Wall, can only be used every 30 minutes.

Improved Revenge Icon Improved Revenge is another deceptively powerful defensive tool, as you should be able to cast Revenge Icon Revenge on cooldown when facing the trash mobs that can be stunned by its effect to begin with. Its only, yet major, weakness, is that bosses are typically immune to stuns.

Concussion Blow Icon Concussion Blow is a strong stun that you can use to lock an enemy down, while you focus your threat-building efforts on a different enemy, allowing your party members to go all-out.

Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam is a powerful attack that causes a lot of threat and also dispels a magic effect on the target 50% of the time. While this is rarely useful, it is good to have a passive magic dispel from enemies that self-buff.



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