WoW Classic Subtlety Rogue Leveling Talent Build from 1 to 60

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On this page, you will find our Level by Level Subtlety Rogue leveling guide for WoW Classic. Make sure to use the slider to make the guide adapt to your level. For more general leveling information, please refer to our Rogue leveling guide. We also have a Sword Rogue leveling guide.

If you were looking for TBC Classic advice, please refer to our TBC Classic Combat Rogue leveling guide.


Subtlety Rogue Level by Level Rotation, Talents, and Trainer Skills

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Level: 60

Talent Tree for Leveling up as a Subtlety Rogue

Your first talent unlocks at Level 10.

Subtlety Rogue Talents Level 10 to 19
Subtlety Rogue Talents Level 10 to 19
Subtlety Rogue Talents Level 20 to 29
Subtlety Rogue Talents Level 20 to 29
Subtlety Rogue Talents Level 30 to 39
Subtlety Rogue Talents Level 30 to 39
Subtlety Rogue Talents Level 40 to 49
Subtlety Rogue Talents Level 40 to 49
Subtlety Rogue Talents Level 50 to 60
Subtlety Rogue Talents Level 50 to 60
  1. Levels 10 & 14 — 5 points in Opportunity Icon Opportunity
  2. Levels 15 to 19 — 5 points in Camouflage Icon Camouflage
  3. Levels 17 to 19 — 3 points in Improved Gouge Icon Improved Gouge
  1. Levels 20 to 21 — 1 points in Ghostly Strike Icon Ghostly Strike
  2. Levels 22 to 24 — 3 points in Improved Ambush Icon Improved Ambush
  3. Levels 25 to 27 — 3 points in Serrated Blades Icon Serrated Blades
  4. Levels 27 to 29 — 2 points in Improved Sap Icon Improved Sap
  1. Levels 30 & 31 — 1 points in Hemorrhage Icon Hemorrhage
  2. Levels 31 & 32 — 1 points in Preparation Icon Preparation
  3. Levels 32 to 33 — 1 points in Improved Sap Icon Improved Sap
  4. Levels 34 to 35 — 2 point in Heightened Senses Icon Heightened Senses
  5. Levels 35 to 39 — 5 point in Deadliness Icon Deadliness
  1. Level 40 & 41 — 2 points in Remorseless Attacks Icon Remorseless Attacks
  2. Levels 42 & 46 — 5 points in Malice Icon Malice
  3. Levels 46 to 48 — 3 points in Murder Icon Murder
  4. Levels 49 — 1 point in Improved Eviscerate Icon Improved Eviscerate
  1. Level 50 — 1 point in Relentless Strikes Icon Relentless Strikes
  2. Levels 51 to 52 — 2 points in Improved Eviscerate Icon Improved Eviscerate
  3. Levels 52 & 57 — 5 points in Lethality Icon Lethality
  4. Levels 58 to 59 — 2 point in Vile Poisons Icon Vile Poisons
  5. Levels 60 — 1 points in Cold Blood Icon Cold Blood

Rotation for Leveling up as a Subtlety Rogue

The main difference in the Subtlety Rotation is the fact that Backstab Icon Backstab and Ambush Icon Ambush require a Dagger, meaning you have access to these two abilities.


Rotation for Leveling up as a Subtlety Rogue

You start with Sinister Strike Icon Sinister Strike, Eviscerate Icon Eviscerate, and Throw Icon Throw, with the ability to buy Stealth Icon Stealth from your class trainer when you get 10 Copper (which you can choose to wait with until Level 4).

  1. Use Eviscerate Icon Eviscerate at 5 combo points.
  2. Use Ambush Icon Ambush to initiate combat whenever possible and you are stealthed.
  3. Use Ghostly Strike Icon Ghostly Strike on cool down.
  4. Use Backstab Icon Backstab to initiate combat if you cannot stealth and to build combo points.
  5. Use Gouge Icon Gouge whenever you can in order to minimize the damage that you will take. You can pool Energy, use Gouge, then go behind your target to Backstab Icon Backstab them.
  6. Use Vanish Icon Vanish if your threat is too high and you are in danger of pulling aggro.
  7. Use Sinister Strike Icon Sinister Strike to build combo points if you cannot get behind your target until you learn Hemorrhage Icon Hemorrhage which will replace Sinister Strike.
  8. Use Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice if the target is about to die and you will be switching to a different target.

Summary of Trainer Skills for Subtlety Rogue

Using abilities like Gouge Icon Gouge, Cheap Shot Icon Cheap Shot, and Kidney Shot Icon Kidney Shot is useful on mobs as well as players. It is highly recommended that you buy these abilities if you are on a PvP server.

At level 16 your class trainer will offer you a quest to unlock the Pick Lock Icon Pick Lock skill.


Rogue Quests and Weapons

While leveling, you will want to always be on the lookout for ranged upgrades. Most of your damage will dome from Auto Attacks and certain abilities will scale off of your weapon damage, meaning a weapon upgrade will increase your kill speed by substantially more than any other upgrade. Rogues also get a huge power spike when they complete their level 20 class quest and get access to Poisons and Thistle Tea, which will be very strong for leveling. Below are links to our guides on Weapons and Class Quests for Rogues.


How to advance as a Rogue at Level 60

Well done on hitting maximum level in WoW Classic! Now that leveling is over, you can learn more about level 60 gameplay by reading our DPS Rogue Guide, which covers every facet of gameplay at 60 in detail.

The best individual pages to read through are as follows.

  • The DPS Rogue Talent builds guide has the best builds for Level 60 covered. We propose builds for all specializations, with a focus on Combat for raiding.
  • Our PvP Rogue guide is where you can find the best PvP builds for Rogue.
  • Goldmaking Guide for Rogues is a page with details on where / how to farm gold quickly as a Rogue when you are Level 60.
  • The DPS Rogue Rotation guide is where you can read on how to optimize your PvE damage and how to prioritize your abilities.
  • DPS Rogue Stats guide contains detailed information on all Rogue stats, including a list of their priority for damage dealing.
  • Our Gear guide for DPS Rogues lists all the optimal pieces of gear that you will want to farm at Level 60, in order to optimize your damage with a pre-BiS list for those trying to gear up for raiding.


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