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Patch 8.1.5 Class & Leveling Guides

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The third part of Tides of Vengeance is live and we wanted to highlight our updated Class and leveling guides for easier leveling of the new Allied Races.

The wait is finally over! Kul Tiran Humans and Zandalari Trolls are available for play and we've reviewed and updated our Class and leveling guides for a smoother leveling experience.

If you completed all unlock requirements prior to Patch 8.1.5 launch, you can start the questline to recruit them right away when the patch goes live in your region.

6D5HKWY2GULD1465340163386.png Death Knight

KONFY3G21NRT1465340163602.png Mage

4K4NG17DH5OC1465340163651.png Rogue

742W2C4VQJ651465340163518.png Demon Hunter

MD3875H6PEN31465340163613.png Monk

TGVJ0Y6O051R1465340163670.png Shaman

BIML5YS7P8XA1465340163522.png Druid

FTPZBBV8LWHM1465340163625.png Paladin

Y65BR5SJIAKM1465340163689.png Warlock

3AP8QPDFMH191465340163595.png Hunter

MMF2M70OD4PY1465340163646.png Priest

Q21ASBT2SDXX1465340163697.png Warrior

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16 hours ago, Benix said:

what best class for making as zandalari ? what u guys thinking ? i think druid can be good

I personally prefer leveling allied races as Hunters, since they have tanking pet, to avoid to die in useless ways like pulling to many mobs and not being able to handle them  (I always macro misdirection to target my tanking pet and cast it before pulling large packs).
And also because I like the class

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8 hours ago, Sesyl91 said:

I personally prefer leveling allied races as Hunters, since they have tanking pet, to avoid to die in useless ways like pulling to many mobs and not being able to handle them  (I always macro misdirection to target my tanking pet and cast it before pulling large packs).
And also because I like the class

Agreed, would be amazing as hunters! I would either chose that (and most likely will) Or druids  because of their unique forms! 

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48 minutes ago, Templhaven said:

So, you give us the 8.1.5 leveling guide, but nothing's been updated for rogue assassination since 2/23/19. What gives?

The guide is currently correct for 8.1.5 (as far as I am aware, no changes were necessary), and Assassination will be added shortly by Grayhound, the main guide's writer.

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    • By Starym
      US/OC reset day saw a couple more Za'qul kills and Limit re-clearing back to Azshara, and almost immediately getting one of their lower % tries so far, followed by the best try overall. JTH pushed really hard and managed to overtake Method in raw %, as three new guilds started their own journey on the final boss.
      First off we gained more candidates for that potential World First, as Alpha, Aversion and FatSharkYes managed to down that huge Za'hurdle and claimed spots 6-8 on 7/8. We now have 4 guilds from the EU, 3 from Asia and 1 from the US progressing on Queen Azshara, with the Asian guilds once again putting in an amazing performance, as they have one more day until their reset.

      Ji Tian Hong specifically had a huge day of progress, as they managed to pass Method and get the Queen down to 58%, 2% lower than Method and only 6% more than Limit at the time. The guild has so far been on point with their clear speed, on par with Method's and with this new push on day 8 they've staked their claim as a definite contender for World First, certainly in the same league as Limit and Method.
      Method spent the day exhausting their Heroic splits to maximize their gear for this reset, along with some (comparatively) light Azshara pull action, as the EU reset arrives very soon. Limit's reset had already occurred and they went through the raid relatively without incident, taking a dozen or so tries on Lady Ashvane and a few breaks to do Heroic splits before Za'qul, to arrive at Azshara once more around 2 hours before their usual raid end. The second pull of the new reset on her was damn impressive already, with a 53%er, only 1% off their very best try at that point. With Method's reset coming up, however, Limit may have purposefully slow-rolled their Mythic re-clear and peppered it with Heroic splits, specifically to deny Method any additional information before the EU reset. If Limit had just rushed back to Azshara and had half a raid day to progress on her, they'd have to go with their best strategy or they'd simply be wasting too much time - as it turned out, however, they just did a a couple of hours worth of pulls as they arrived at her late, and possibly still kept some secrets regarding either composition or strategy to themselves, so Method wouldn't have that info during their Mythic re-clear, which would determine their gear distribution there.
      Despite all that, however, they did stay up a little longer than usual, managing to beat their previous best by some 2%, in this 49.8% try, on pull No. 219. Breaking the 50% barrier gave them a big new piece of information, namely that the adds enrage under 50% instead of under 40 as expected, casting twice as fast:

      Timestamp: 18:53:12
      And so the EU reset is here, with the Asia one still being around half a day away, and when all three guilds from all three regions are finally caught up to the re-clears and Heroic splits for this week, we'll see just how far they can get the final boss of the Palace down. Limit are almost certain to finally pull out all the stops and go hardcore at the Queen later today, as they've practiced plenty and it's now time for some proper progress. Method should be at that same point in the evening, and we might see some serious percentage drops then. Meanwhile, JTH will also be going at it very hard, albeit with only the first week's worth of gear, but they've shown tremendous dedication and skill, so they might just catch up to even Limit, despite their disadvantage.
      In closing, let's just take a look at where all the Azshara guilds stand at the moment, %-wise:
      Limit: 49.8% Ji Tian Hong: 58% Method 60.2% Pieces 64.4% Alpha: 88% Aversion: 92.1% FatShakYes: 93.6%
      Header image source: Alex Heath.
    • By Starym
      The first hotfixes of the reset are here and we have nerfs for the final two bosses of the Eternal Palace, Za'qul and Azshara, as well as some Operation: Mechagon tuning, in addition to several item and quest fixes!
      July 23 (source)
      Added some additional underwater wildlife for the Blackwater Behemoth achievement Intro to Marine Biology . Dungeons and Raids
      Azshara’s Eternal Palace Za’qul, Harbinger of Ny’alotha Players who enter the Delirium Realm are now immune to the effects of  Crushing Grasp for a few seconds. Fixed an issue that caused Arcane Intellect and Power Word: Fortitude buffs to be removed from players entering the Delirium Realm. Queen Azshara Players who are targeted by Charged Spear should no longer be valid targets of Static Shock. Players with Static Shock should no longer be valid targets of Charged Spear. Battle of Dazar’alor Stormwall Blockade Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Rogues who used Shadowstep on Laminaria to be ported behind the boss and into the Roiling Tides. Operation: Mechagon K.U.-J.0. Increased the time between Air Drop and Venting Flames by 5 seconds. Decreased the cooldown of Air Drop by 2 seconds. Increased the size of the safe zones behind the Junk Cubes that prevent players from taking damage from Venting Flames. Items
      The Cursed Lover's Ring damaging debuff no longer interrupts its wearer from consuming food or drink items. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Remote Guidance Device ’s on-use effect to trigger twice. Fixed a bug that sometimes Gloves of Incomparable Beauty ’s proc effect to break its wearer out of stealth. Heart of Azeroth Arcane Heart Fixed a bug that caused some damage and healing effects to go uncounted by this Azerite Trait. Damage and healing counted to activate Omnipotence is no longer counted while Omnipotence is active. Quests
      Players who are on both "Shores of Fate " and "Payment in Kind " can now complete "Payment in Kind" properly. Fixed an issue where some Rogues could not interact with the injured soldiers required to complete "Fear No Evil ". World Quests
      The largest of Queen Azshara's prized jellyfish have been placated after stunning a great many players who missed their jumps occasionally, and will now allow players to jump on them more consistently during "Jumping Jellies ". Previous hotfixes.
    • By Stan
      We have 7 guilds sitting at Mythic Azshara right now, the Arcanite Heart Azerite trait hotfix is live and the events this week include Arena Skirmishes and the Comp Stomp PvP Brawl.
      Table of Contents 
      Mythic World First Race Hotfixes Mythic Keystone Affixes Weekly Quests Nazjatar World Boss World Events Mythic World First Race 
      We currently have seven guilds sitting at Mythic Azshara. US guilds are clearing Mythic Palace for the second time now. Maintenance is coming to EU on Wednesday.
      We have a fresh round of hotfixes out with this week's maintenance. First, Blizzard's increasing tank threat generation tied to Essences and the second change is related to the Arcanite Heart Azerite trait.
      Mythic Keystone Affixes 
      This week's affix rotation includes:
      Fortified Sanguine Grievous Beguiling Weekly Quests 
      Win 10 Arena Skirmish battles for "The Arena Calls" to receive Aspirant's Equipment Cache, 750 Artifact Power, and 65 Conquest. Collect 36,000 Azerite from Island Expeditions for Azerite for the Alliance & Azerite for the Horde to receive 3,500 Azerite and 1,500 reputation with Honorbound/7th Legion. Nazjatar World Boss 
      Players can kill Ulmath, the Soulbinder located in Nazjatar this week. The boss drops ilvl 415 loot.
      Liara's Spire Tyr'mar's Greatsword Willbinder's Halberd Merciless Pincher Moon Priestess' Baton Netherdancer's Knife Temple Guardian's Saber Ulmath's Soulseeker Cloak of Restless Spirits Enthraller's Bindstone World Events [Return to Top]
      Arena Skirmishes Bonus Event (July 24th - July 31st)
      Blizzard (Source)
      Sharpen your swords and reinforce your boards, because you’re called to the PvP Arena for the hectic mayhem of Skirmishes.
      All week, from anywhere in Azeroth, open the Group Finder (default hotkey: i), select the Player vs. Player tab on the bottom of the window, and then under Casual, choose Arena Skirmish and JOIN BATTLE. You’ll be matched up with teammates and provided with opponents to kill in the Arena. You can also queue for a Premade group or create your own group within the Premade tab. 
      Look for the following all week long:
      Chronicler Shoopa in Zuldazar and in Boralus has a quest for you–The Arena Calls. Or, if you forget to pick it up there, you can start it from within the Adventure Journal. Quest requirement: Win 10 Arena PvP Skirmishes Reward: A PvP loot box Passive buff: +50% honor gains from Skirmishes If you’ve been looking to make some Honor gains, this is the week to do it!
      The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. The in-game calendar can serve as your one-stop reference for the event schedule. The Adventure Guide also offers a direct link to active Bonus Events, allowing you to easily accept any associated quests.
      PvP Brawl: Comp Stomp (July 24th - July 31st)
      Blizzard (Source)

      Jump into Arathi Basin for a head-to-head for battle against AI opponents in this classic battle.
      You can find a list of all world events for the month of July 2019 here.
    • By Starym
      Tanks are getting a threat boost in an upcoming hotfix (presumably today), through the Essence system. As the DPS specs gain quite a bit of damage with their essences, this caused tank threat to sometimes come out lacking, and so each essence slot unlock will now also increase threat generation for tank specs!
      Tank Threat (source)
      We’re working on a hotfix today that will cause all tank specializations to now generate additional threat, via increases granted at each of the three Essence slot unlocks.
      At each of the three Essence slot unlocks, damage-dealing specializations are gaining an increase in their damage output that is substantial enough to sometimes unintentionally disrupt tanking. This change should keep threat generation, relative to DPS, on par with where it was earlier in the expansion.
    • By Starym
      The last day of the US/OC reset was pretty uneventful for the top 2, but we did get a third contender for the title, and a very exciting one, as Asian guild Ji Tian Hong downed Za'qul World 3rd and joined Limit and Method on Queen Azshara! We now have all three regions represented in the top 3, which is just amazing, especially when you consider the 2 day disadvantage JTH had over the US and 1 day over EU.
      The highlight of the day was obviously the JTH kill, as they plowed through the raid, which started during the EU night on Wednesday, meaning it took them some 4 and a half days to get to the final boss, almost exactly the same as it took Method and half a day slower than Limit. The guild also did an interview with the Red Bull stream event and it was very informative:

      Timestamp for mobile: 15:31:39
      We also got some more information on Limit's missing VoDs from Sunday, as it appears there is indeed some strategy hiding going on, as Limit also removed comms from their streams at the half way mark of their day. We also saw all VoDs from Sunday disappear, first from GM Max's channel, then Red Bulls, and then later from all other raiders as well. Now, it could be a simple raid composition/strategy hiding thing, or perhaps they discovered something very specific that they really don't want other guilds to find out remains to be seen, but it's certainly very interesting. Considering the US reset coming up soon this may indicate Limit have a really good strategy prepared but need more gear to pull it off, as they still pushed today to stay sharp, with no new low %, and also went back to farming more loot in Heroic splits for a while. Here's one of the lower tries of today, at 55%:

      As for Method, no comms has been a thing since they started streaming their progress, but their VoDs are still there. They spent today going at Azshara fairly hard, only getting 5% lower then the previous day as a result, but definitely ironing out some strategy ideas and shoring up their execution. Here's their best pull so far, at 64.2%:

      Timestamp for mobile: 10:38:40
      There were also two more Za'qul kills as the EU and Asia presence on Azshara grew, with Pieces and AFK R taking the final two top 5 spots on 7/8!
      And so the first week is done for the US/OC guilds and Limit will be heading for the re-clear later today, but will the second week's worth of gear be enough to push the boss 52% further down? Could we be looking at a 3-week, Kil'jaeden-style race this time around? In any case, it's about to get a whole lot more exciting as not only are Limit and Method whittling the boss down little by little, but JTH joined the fray and we have 3 resets coming up in the next 2 days, and we'll see just how big of a factor that extra gear is in the Palace.

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