Mage Dragonflight Leveling Guide from 1 to 70

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Leveling in Dragonflight

Welcome to our Mage leveling guide. Here you will find all you need to know to level up your Mage efficiently. In addition, you may wish to check out our general Leveling guide, complete with detailed information on XP, mounts, addons, consumables, tips, and more. We encourage to read it to increase your leveling speed even more.

Mages are more than capable of solo levelling in Dragonflight. Mages have multiple specs that can kill stuff quickly and get around quickly at the same time. Additionally, Mages have a lot of control which allows them to avoid most damage.


Best Leveling Spec for Mage in Dragonflight

We recommend Frost for most of your Mage Leveling needs. This is because almost all spells of Frost will slow or root your targets, allowing you to kite very easily. It also has a lot of burst damage for low health enemies which allow you to quickly kill most quest mobs.

Both Fire and Arcane are decent leveling specs as well. Especially Arcane when using Heirlooms can very quickly kill individual targets.


Ability Unlocks for Mage Leveling in Dragonflight

You unlock your first ability of interest at Level 2.

  • At Level 2, you unlock Fire Blast Icon Fire Blast. This ability is useful for early leveling, as it does a decent chunk of damage, and can be cast while moving due to being instant.
  • At Level 3, you unlock Frost Nova Icon Frost Nova. This can be used to kite mobs that get too close.
  • At Level 4, you unlock Blink Icon Blink. This further helps with kiting, but it also be used to just get around quicker.
  • At Level 5, you unlock Conjure Refreshment Icon Conjure Refreshment. You use this to generate food you can use to generate mana out of combat if you run out of mana.
  • At Level 6, you unlock Arcane Explosion Icon Arcane Explosion. Especially early on, this is very useful to kill multiple mobs at once. At higher levels, it is still useful to quickly finish off low health targets.
  • At Level 7, you unlock Counterspell Icon Counterspell. This can be used to interrupt enemy spellcasts.
  • At Level 8, you unlock Arcane Intellect Icon Arcane Intellect. You should cast this once every hour to boost your damage.
  • At Level 9, you unlock Slow Fall Icon Slow Fall. This can be used to reduce the falling damage you take.
  • At Level 10, you unlock Polymorph Icon Polymorph, which transforms your target into a sheep. The target cannot do anything while a sheep, but it does heal up quickly while a sheep. Any damage will cancel the effect. This can be used to crowd-control one of the enemies if there is a group of enemies, allowing you to deal with them one at a time.
  • At level 18, you unlock Cone of Cold Icon Cone of Cold, a low damaging AoE spell with an extremely strong slow.
  • At Level 21, you can learn Teleport Icon Teleport spells from portal trainers in major cities. The Teleport spell can be used to transfer yourself to a city of your choosing. This is very useful to quickly get around the world.
  • At Level 24, you you can learn different type of Portal spells from portal trainers in major cities. These are effectively the same as Teleport spells, but your party members can take the Portal as well.
  • At Level 49, you unlock Time Warp Icon Time Warp. This greatly increases your Haste for yourself and any party members. You can only benefit from this once every 10 minutes. This is a very big damage cooldown, and should be used to kill very strong enemies, or in dungeons.

Best Heirloom Items for Mage Leveling in Dragonflight

When purchasing Heirloom Items for Leveling in general, we recommend picking the Heirloom items that have the highest amount of Haste possible. Haste speeds up the spec in almost every way, allowing you to quickly breeze through your rotation, and move on to the next mob more quickly.

Haste is also useful for being a little bit quicker to tag mobs around you. A split second can make the difference between you getting a tag, or losing it to another player.



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