Season of Discovery Holy Priest Healer Gear and Best in Slot

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On this page, you will find the best PvE gear and best in slot items for your Holy Priest Healer in WoW Classic - Season of Discovery.


Holy Priest Season of Discovery Best in Slot

This is the gear we recommend as the best possible items available in each phase of Season of Discovery for your Healing Priest. This list assumes a stat priority of:

Healing Power > MP5 > Spirit > Intellect > Crit

For more information on the stats that you should be looking for, check out the stats page listed below.


Phase Best in Slot

div class="image_block_header_buttons"> Molten Core Phase 4 Sunken Temple Phase 3 Gnomeregan Phase 2 Blackfathom Depths Phase 1

Molten Core (Phase 4) Holy Priest Best in Slot

Helm Crystal Adorned Crown Icon Crystal Adorned Crown Azuregos
Neck Heart of Golemagg Icon Heart of Golemagg Golemagg the Incinerator in Molten Core
Shoulders Mantle of Prophecy Icon Mantle of Prophecy Sulfuron Harbinger in Molten Core
Back Hide of the Wild Icon Hide of the Wild Leatherworking
Chest Virtuous Robe Icon Virtuous Robe Tier 0.5 quest line
Wrists Vambraces of Prophecy Icon Vambraces of Prophecy Multiple bosses in Molten Core
Hands Gloves of Prophecy Icon Gloves of Prophecy Gehennas in Molten Core
Waist Girdle of Prophecy Icon Girdle of Prophecy Multiple bosses in Molten Core
Legs Pants of Prophecy Icon Pants of Prophecy Magmadar in Molten Core
Feet Boots of Prophecy Icon Boots of Prophecy Shazzrah in Molten Core
Rings Cauterizing Band Icon Cauterizing Band
Mark of the Dragon Lord Icon Mark of the Dragon Lord
Multiple bosses in Molten Core
Overlord Wyrmthalak in Lower Blackrock Spire
Trinkets Shard of the Flame Icon Shard of the Flame
Shard of the Scale Icon Shard of the Scale
Ragnaros Molten Core
Onyxia in Onyxia's Lair
Weapon Benediction Icon Benediction The Eye of Divinity Icon The Eye of Divinity quest chain
Wand Stick of the South Sea Icon Stick of the South Sea 50 Tarnished Undermine Real Icon Tarnished Undermine Real

Sunken Temple (Phase 3) Holy Priest Best in Slot

Helm Visage of the Exiled  Icon Visage of the Exiled Sunken Temple
Neck Perfectly Preserved Dragon's Eye  Icon Perfectly Preserved Dragon's Eye Sunken Temple
Shoulders Mantle of Insanity  Icon Mantle of Insanity Tailoring
Back Featherskin Drape  Icon Featherskin Drape Sunken Temple
Chest Benevolent Prophet's Vest  Icon Benevolent Prophet's Vest Sunken Temple
Wrists Atal'ai Medicine Man's Wrists  Icon Atal'ai Medicine Man's Wrists Sunken Temple
Hands Gloves of the Fallen Atal'ai Prophet  Icon Gloves of the Fallen Atal'ai Prophet Sunken Temple
Waist Dawnspire Strap  Icon Dawnspire Strap Sunken Temple
Legs Benevolent Prophet's Leggings  Icon Benevolent Prophet's Leggings Sunken Temple
Feet Benevolent Prophet's Sandals  Icon Benevolent Prophet's Sandals Sunken Temple
Rings Drakeclaw Band of the Blood Prophet  Icon Drakeclaw Band of the Blood Prophet
Seal of the Sacrificed Icon Seal of the Sacrificed
Sunken Temple
15 Silver Massacre Coin  Icon Silver Massacre Coin
Trinkets Acolyte's Void Pearl  Icon Acolyte's Void Pearl
Miniaturized Combustion Chamber  Icon Miniaturized Combustion Chamber
Blackfathom Deeps
Main-Hand Witch Doctor's Stick of Mojo  Icon Witch Doctor's Stick of Mojo Sunken Temple
Off-Hand Drakestone of the Blood Prophet  Icon Drakestone of the Blood Prophet Sunken Temple
Ranged Weapon Nightmare Trophy  Icon Nightmare Trophy Sunken Temple

Gnomeregan (Phase 2) Holy Priest Best in Slot

Helm Gneuro-Linked Arcano-Filament Monocle  Icon Gneuro-Linked Arcano-Filament Monocle Tailoring
Neck Pendant of Homecoming  Icon Pendant of Homecoming Gnomeregan
Shoulders Synthetic Mantle  Icon Synthetic Mantle Gnomeregan
Back Cloak of Invention  Icon Cloak of Invention Gnomeregan
Chest Hyperconductive Shimmershirt  Icon Hyperconductive Shimmershirt Gnomeregan
Wrists Dryad's Wrist Bindings Icon Dryad's Wrist Bindings Warsong Gulch Exalted
Hands Dreamweave Gloves  Icon Dreamweave Gloves Tailoring
Waist Mech-Mender's Sash  Icon Mech-Mender's Sash Gnomeregan
Legs Hyperconductive Pantaloons  Icon Hyperconductive Pantaloons Gnomeregan
Feet Hyperconductive Sandals  Icon Hyperconductive Sandals Gnomeregan
Rings Blood Covenant Seal  Icon Blood Covenant Seal
Hypercharged Gear of Innovation  Icon Hypercharged Gear of Innovation
5 Silver Blood Coin  Icon Silver Blood Coin
Trinkets Acolyte's Void Pearl  Icon Acolyte's Void Pearl
Gniodine Pill Bottle  Icon Gniodine Pill Bottle
Blackfathom Deeps
Weapons Defibrillating Staff  Icon Defibrillating Staff Gnomeregan
Wand Izzleflick's Inextinguishable Igniter  Icon Izzleflick's Inextinguishable Igniter Gnomeregan

Blackfathom Deeps (Phase 1) Best in slot

This list is made up of dungeon/world drops, world event rewards and quest rewards.

Helm Rakkamar's Tattered Thinking Cap  Icon Rakkamar's Tattered Thinking Cap Blackfathom Deeps
Neck Jagged Bone Necklace  Icon Jagged Bone Necklace Blackfathom Deeps
Shoulders Magician's Mantle Icon Magician's Mantle World drop bind on equip
Back Caretaker's Cape Icon Caretaker's Cape Silverwing Sentinels Honored
Chest Twilight Invoker's Robes  Icon Twilight Invoker's Robes Blackfathom Deeps
Wrists Mindthrust Bracers Icon Mindthrust Bracers World drop bind on equip
Hands Black Fingerless Gloves  Icon Black Fingerless Gloves Blackfathom Deeps
Waist Belt of Arugal Icon Belt of Arugal Archmage Arugal in Shadowfang Keep
Legs Soul Leech Pants  Icon Soul Leech Pants Blackfathom Deeps
Feet Extraplanar Spidersilk Boots Icon Extraplanar Spidersilk Boots/Spidersilk Boots Icon Spidersilk Boots Tailoring
Rings Lorekeeper's Ring Icon Lorekeeper's Ring
Signet of the Twilight Lord  Icon Signet of the Twilight Lord
Silverwing Sentinels honored
Blackfathom Deeps
Trinkets Acolyte's Void Pearl  Icon Acolyte's Void Pearl
Rune of Duty Icon Rune of Duty
Blackfathom Deeps
Silverwing Sentinels/Warsong Outriders friendly
Weapons Rod of the Ancient Sleepwalker  Icon Rod of the Ancient Sleepwalker Blackfathom Deeps
Wand Phoenix Ignition  Icon Phoenix Ignition Blackfathom Deeps


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